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A Guide To Lesbian Sex : how to enjoy a mind-blowing sex with other women

Are you about to have your first woman to woman, vulva on vulva sex? As a woman, are you nervous about how to go about it, what to do, what to expect and how best to approach your vulva having lover? Continue reading to learn how to enjoy your first lesbian sex, or bring the spice needed into your woman on woman sexual relationship by learning to listening to your partner, include sex toys like strap-on dildos, vibrators and others in your sexual life and above all, sexual gratification. You might have watched some porn videos to prepare yourself and get ideas on how lesbian sex is done. You should know this, that those women in the porn are actresses, and they are simply doing their jobs. That is their work, and they try their best to make each sex look appealing, arousing and enticing. But, know that this is not always the truth, in real life situations, some actions portrayed and positions they take are not always pleasurable or convenient during real life sex.

It is a common assumption that the sex will be easy because it is lesbian sex, that you are both women does not mean you both have the same genitals, you could be a cis woman and your partner could be a trans woman meaning they have a penis. Aside from this difference in genitals, the human body is complex and unique to each person. Sex also can be in various forms, because it is lesbian sex does not translate into believing that the sex will be simply vulva on vulva, there are other ways of having sex that could involve other things aside from hitting vulva on vulva or finger play. There are several toys such as vibrators, strap-on dildos and massagers that you can include in your sex to enjoy it better.

#1 Masturbation: Understand your body

You need to understand your own body and what works for it before you can be able to have mutual pleasure with another person. Spend time exploring your body, touching your most intimate parts, feel how you react to certain movements and caress. There are several misconceptions around about what feels good and what does not, but because of the uniqueness of each individual, it is important to spend time with your body and understand it.

#2 Communication : You will need to listen to your partner and their body

Ask questions, especially if it is the first time, it is important to communicate before sex and during sex. Listen to your partner. Each person regardless of their sexuality or gender has their individual preferences and this can only be known if you communicate with your partner, learn what they enjoy, what they like to do and also what you like to do, because good sex is a result of good communication between those involved, it is not a one size fit all situation, some practices can seem invasive to a person while another person might enjoy it. It’s simply like that. Be ready to learn and apply.

#3 Be open-minded and adventurous

Sex requires flexibility and there is no strict rule on how a lesbian sex should be, yours and your partner’s pleasure is the most important thing at the end of everything. So, do not feel restricted to try out fantasies. Being adventurous means be ready to experiment, try out territories that you have not reached before. Oral sex, rimming and fingering are adventurous of knowing what your partner enjoy, just be attentive to their body language and also what they say. Following these reactions will enable you to know what you are doing right and what is not working.

#4 Use of sex toys: strap-on dildos and massagers

Sex toys are amazing inventions that have changed the game and brought bliss to the sex life of many. It is even better these days with the dual stimulation massagers and vibrators that are available. Strap-on dildos are quite useful in acting out your fantasy of being a penis owner or this could be the fantasy of your partner, hence, the need for communication. Strap-on dildos with vibration capability are treasures that should be considered for an amazing lesbian sex. This is because as you or your partner, depending on the wearer, penetrates with it, the vibration resonates both into the body of the wearer and the receiver.

#5 Lesbian sex is not restrictive

Do away with the mind-set that lesbian sex is restrictive and you can only do so much, that is not true at all. Lesbian sex just like heterosexual sex has a lot of possibilities and activities in it. You just have to be ready to engage in these activities. Sex does not have a single definition and can mean different things to different people.

Sexual activities that you could perform on your partner (and your partner performs on you)

Breast and Nipple Stimulation : You can rub the nipple between for fingers and stroke them like you would a little ball, be mindful of the sensitivity of your partner so as not to cause pain or over-stimulation which could be off-putting. You can gently suck on the nipples, pull on them and lick them. A bit of teeth may not be bad as long as you remain attentive to your partner’s reaction. Temperature play is also a fantastic way of stimulating the nipples, you can rub ice cubes on them to create a contrasting effect on them. Sex toys like vibrators can be used to stimulate the nipples as well, there are nipple clamps too, although this might be too much for a sensitive nipple.

Vaginal stimulation: while it is safe to assume all lesbian women possess vaginas, all vaginas are not the same, therefore, you have to go gently as you explore your partner vagina. You can start by touching the clitoris and rubbing it. Start slow and if they liked it, you can progress to more adventurous speed, although you might need to alternate the speeds and pressure that you use, it should not become boring. You can play with the areas around the vagina too, the labia. At this point you can introduce your tongue to the mix, kissing the labia and sucking the clitoris can heighten the sensation. Suck on the clit and rotate your tongue on it or the tip. Tease the labia and clitoris with your tongue, your partner reaction will tell you if you are doing something right or not. You can, as well, dip your finger in to locate the G-spot. The G-spot is a tissue patch on the vaginal wall, once you locate it, you can stimulate it by curving your finger and go back and forth on it, almost like you are beckoning on a person to come.  The vaginal is a very erogenous part of the woman’s body, so there is hardly a part of it that not sensitivity in a way, although preference matters a lot during sex.

Stimulation of the erogenous zones: there are several erogenous zones in the body, sometimes your partner could have told you these spots on her body, that is if she is familiar with her body already and knows what she wants. This makes it easy for you to go ahead and massage and stimulate these areas of her body. But, if she does not know her body enough to tell you what turns her on or arouses her, you need to find these zones yourself. Generally, the nape of the neck, the back of the ear, armpits, inner upper arm, inner elbow, thighs, abdomen, groin, foot, ankles and many others. You can stimulate the areas with your mouth by kissing on sucking on them. You can also make use of vibrating sex toys, they are very effective in stimulating erogenous zones. If your partner was not fully aroused or comfortable before, pressure on these areas of the anatomy will definitely make them more receptive. As I said before, you can discover their sweet spot by listening and watching their reaction as you spend time on these parts of them.

Using strap-on dildos and other insertable sex toys

To heighten the sensation, you can try out penetration as well, although you have to take things slow so as not to make your partner uncomfortable, you have to go from the simple to the complex. Their pleasure is just as important as yours. Strap-on dildos are great for fantasy, and they also help heighten the sensation, there are strap-on dildos with vibration patterns, you can get them by clicking here. A combination of penetration and vibration, the resonance alone, is enough to tip you over the edge. Other sex toys include lay-on vibrators, clitoris stimulators or many others. There are several options for you to choose from.


Contrary to the most popular belief about lesbian sex, that scissoring is the only way to enjoy sex between women, that is so far from the truth. Women have more options for sex positions than you could imagine. Here are some of the best sex positions for women.

  1. Missionary

This position is quite popular, both in the homosexual and the heterosexual world. It may be termed the lazy position, but it is a sex position that allows intimacy between lovers, there is a close contact when using this position. The hips are locked together, and you can decide to grind against each other, finger the vulva or bring in a sex toy like the double dildo or a strap-on dildo. This way, the receiving partner can relax and allow the giving partner to do the work. This does not mean the receiving partner cannot participate, she can be involved too by sucking the breasts and caressing it, this position also allow lovers to engage in kissing and to explore the body with the hands. In this position, you can easily reach the G-spot either with the finger or a dildo. 

  1. 69

This position means the lovers lie in such a way that each partner has a full view of the vulva of the other person. In this position, you can finger or suck the vulva of your partner. The position is the perfect example of balance because both women will give and receive when in this position and the more you receive, the more you want to increase your energy to give. 


This is another highly rewarding position that can lead to the best orgasms. The woman sits on top, and straddle the one below, she has full access to the receiver, like this, she can introduce sex toys to use, and as well, finger the vulva. You can also grind on each other by touching clit to clit. 


The receiving partner sits on the face of the giver for her vulva to be kissed, sucked and fingered. All the woman sitting has to do is spread her legs wide and bend her knees.

  1. Spooning

This is the position to take if you just want to take things slow and more intimate. The receiving partner is spooned by the giver. The giving partner can stimulate her breasts, her vulva like this. Other caressing could be done as well. The position is perfect for penetrating with a strap-on dildo from the back or using vibrators or any other sex toys on the woman. It is a position that is ideal for someone feeling self-conscious and would like to not be looked at in the face as they moan or groan in ecstasy.


Lesbian sex is not new or strange, women, through different times in history, have engaged in woman on woman sex. Therefore, there is nothing strange, a little guide in the right direction is what you need, and you will have mind-blowing after mind-blowing sexual experience with your woman, either cis woman or trans woman, the sex can be great if you allow communication between you and your partner, so you can know their desires and fantasies. A great sex is only a great sex because the pleasure is mutual, both persons get the sexual gratification that they want and that is the most important thing. These guidelines are compiled for you to either enjoy the best first sex with a woman or spice up your sexual life. Pleasure and orgasm be unto you.

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