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Ben WA Ball and introduce of different Ben Wa Ball or Kegel Ball for you

What is Ben Wa Ball or Kegel Ball

Ben Wa Ball or Kegel ball is the women and men sex toy for the vagina. This is produced for the pelvic floor and women can get maximum sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse or masturbation time. Ben Wa Ball is round marble shaped and it is a light weighted sex toy. Kegel ball or Ben Wa Ball is very unique in shape and it’s very much a soft and comfortable sex toy. Kegel balls are also Bluetooth activated and remote controls based and very much available in today’s market. This type of sex toy is a body-safe sex toy and pelvic floor exercises friendly. This is easy to use without Bluetooth pairing and a connected system also easy. This ensures maximum vibration in your vagina and you can get quick response and pleasure. It has a charging system that you can use for a long time by one single charge- almost 70 minutes. It has different vibrations places.  It is almost convenient for all the users-beginner, intermediate and advanced. Ben Wa ball is very much effective for the lady who has a child. This can reshape the pelvic muscles and create stimulation in your vagina.

Who can Use Ben Wa Ball or Kegel Ball

Ben Wa Ball has different unique sizes and it is effective to reshape the pelvic muscles and make stimulation in your vagina. Before using the Ben Wa Ball, you should choose the perfect size of the ball. And of course, follow your doctor's advice in the following conditions.

1)    If you are pregnant or recovering from just childbirth

2)    If you have pelvic pain or pelvic infection

3)    After gynecological surgery

4)    If you have a menstrual cup

5)    If you have an intrauterine device

If you experience pain in your vagina these types of Kegel balls are the perfect sex toy that brings more pleasure and works as exercise.

How to Use Kegel Ball or Ben Wa Ball

Kegel ball is an easy way to use and you can get a quick pleasure. Here some preparation of using Kegel ball is –

1)    Wash your hands with antibacterial soap.

2)    Clean your Kegel ball with lukewarm water and use antibacterial soap to prevent any harmful effects.

3)    Use some lube and rub this on all the balls. You can easily insert it into your vagina.

4)    Follow the packaging guidelines. 

How to insert Ben Wa Ball

Ben Wa Ball is a very effective sex toy for any adults’ women and it would be a good partner in sex life. The insertion process is also easy and has no chance for a painful experience. Here, we provided some ways of inserting Ben Wa Ball.

1)    Lie down in a suitable place. We suggested spread eagle style is best.

2)    Push it slowly and steadily the first ball.

3)    Kegel ball is connected by a small string or plastic which helps to insert the next ball.

4)    Push the ball into your vagina till pleasure.

5)    If you think it is not suitable, then take time and start to insert it slowly and steadily.

6)    Follow the package guidelines.

Kegel ball or Ben Wa Ball is a scientifically proven sex toy that can bring extra pleasure in any situation. Kegel Balls for the most effective strengthening, turning, and tightening your pelvic muscles.

How to remove Ben Wa Ball from Vagina

The materials of the Ben Wa ball are basically silicone which made it softer and body safe. The removing ways is also easy. We know that Ben Wa Ball is different types – solo and group with one loop.

For the group’s using Ben Wa Ball, you should follow these techniques -

1)    Lay down with a suitable position

2)    Adding more lube to your vaginal opening.

3)    Slowing pull the plastic or string

4)    After removing the Ben Wa Ball, clean the balls with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap.

Separated ball removing techniques

1)    Stand with your feet slightly wider.

2)    Keep your hip slightly distance

3)    Slightly bend your keens

4)    Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push Ben Wa ball out.

If you can’t remove the Ben Wa Ball, keep calm and wait some moment. Use more lube and follow the package instructions. Don’t worry about Ben Wa Ball. This is a full body-safe sex toy.

Best Positions for Kegel Ball or Ben Wa Ball

Spreading the Eagle shape on your both legs would be the best position for using this sex toy. You can use it in different situations. You can use it for masturbation, penetration time. Due to its small size and soft structures, you can carry it anywhere anytime.

How to clean Ben Wa Ball or Kegel Balls

After removing the Kegel ball from your vagina, you should –

1)    Clean them with lukewarm water

2)    Thoroughly clean the Ben Wa Ball with antibacterial soap.

3)    After cleaning by water use a towel to dry.

4)    Ensure dry and keep it in safe places.

Benefits of using Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are the best exercise toys for women. It is also available on market now. Kegel balls have lots of Benefits and body-safe sex toys. It helps to achieve vaginal tightening within a short period of time. Kegel balls reducing bladder. It is also reduced the weakness of the body. Kegel balls can improve continence   It can improve overall sexual activities. The important benefit is that it helps prevent and is safe from urinary continuance. It helps reduce pregnancy discomfort and treat muscle stiffness caused by vaginitis stress disorder. It helps runners’ women with pelvic floor disorders.

Risks of Ben Wa Ball

Ben Wa ball is a very effective pelvic muscle. It is suitable for all especially childbirth ladies. But some things that you should keep in your mind when you are using Ben Wa Ball.

You should follow the squeeze time. Experts advise that 5 seconds at a time is perfect. Keep 5 seconds break between squeezing. Squeezing long-term and can’t take any break you can get pain and harmful effects. For minimizing any risk, you should concern about cleanliness. You should clean your Kegel balls before and after every use period. Bacterial infection is the most concerning issue. Using contaminated Kegel balls can harmfully affect your body.

If you don’t follow the perfect rules, you can face the following risks.

1)    Unusual Odor from vaginal part

2)    Severe pain and discomfort

3)    Unusual discharge

So, keep in mind these risks and be aware of using Kegel balls. Don’t worry. You can get also information from your gynecologist and follow the package guidelines. This is a comparatively body-safe sex toy.

List of the Best Ben Wa Ball or Kegel Ball

LEVETT Silicone Kegel Balls

This is a steel Kegel ball made of silicone materials and a very much soft and body-safe vaginal sex toy. It can respond to users’ movements and bring maximum pleasure during using time. It is a subtle, quiet vibrations system that made women happy and tighter their vagina after birth child and other situations. It has lots of positive sides. It is built by rolling steel ball beads and this ball is soft. It has no leaking chance also. You can use it for better satisfaction and optimal services.

Features of LEVETT Silicone Kegel Balls

  • This is reliable and trustworthy sex ball beads which is doctor recommended also.
  • It has maximum vibrating mode and you can enjoy any mode by your choice.
  • Each Ben Wa ball is equipped with a silicone cord and this silicone cord helps you operate and exercise easier and effectively.
  • It has wireless remote-control services. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere and the distance is up 10 meters.
  • It has a unique design and here uses waterproof features. You can enjoy your time in any place like the bathroom, shower time, swimming pool.
  • This Kegel Ben Wa ball is perfect for any person like young, middle-aged, pregnant, or recovering people. It can be made your life more exciting and don’t worry about the side effects.
  • It is stronger, compact, has no leaking, and prevents stretching.
  • It has a different vibrations mode.

Honeysx.com is a reliable website and supplier of Ben Wa Ball. If you visit this website, you can get a more and more amazing list of sex toys. Here you can get some samples of these products.

LELO Smart Ball Kegel Ball Ben sex toy

Different types of Ben Wa ball exist in the market. This sex toy is used for different purposes. This sex toy can extend your organism time and bring maximum pleasure. The organism is an important issue when use it. Orgasm vibrating ball is basically used for quick pleasure and enjoying sex life. This Ben Wa Ball has six sets of light-weighted beads and all have good combinations in sex time. It has a vibrating mode which provides you extra benefits in sexual intercourse time. This unisex Ben Wa ball has a multi-speed controller which allows you to get vibrating in your G-spot places. So, sex toy beads can be used for foreplay or also strength training for better orgasms during sexual intercourse.

Features of LELO Smart Ball Kegel Ball Ben sex toy

  1. It has a vibration mode
  2. These balls are remote control based.
  3. It is waterproof and reusable. You can use it in any situation and use it again and again.
  4. It has a luxurious design which made you more comfortable.
  5. It has a recharge system with a high-quality lithium battery.
  6. This ball is body-safe and has no health risks.

If you need this awesome ben wa ball, contact with honeysx.com. A sample provided here for your better understanding.

Remote-Controlled Vibration Kegel Ball

This is the first remote control kegel ball ever in the world and already it has gained a good position. It can be rotated and vibrate at the same time. This feature helps to differentiate it from another kegel ball. It has a glossy design and the outside design is also awesome. It is a soft, smooth touchy, and powerful vibration system. It has 10 stimulation patterns that bring distinct pleasure situations when you would use.

Features of Remote-Controlled Vibration ball

  1. It has many virtual features, smoother in shape.
  2. It is made up of silicone and other body-safe sex materials.
  3. It has a waterproof remote-control system.
  4. It has 10 distinct stimulation patterns.
  5. It has a USB system that helps to charge the device for long-term use.
  6. It has an antibacterial surface design and is easy to clean.

Here we offer a sample of these types of sex toys. Honeysx.com can be your reliable sex toy supplier. Chose a better sex toy from that website.


Ben Wa Ball is used for the pelvic floor as well as it can bring sexy stimulation inside your vagina in sexual intercourse. Besides, it brings amazing orgasms and pleasurable experiences.

The Ben Wa ball has lots of advantages especially for women who have faced pelvic disorders. Middle Aged and pregnant or recovering women can’t get enough exercise time and they get pain and discomfort. Their sex life also can be ruined for that. The Ben Wa Ball would be the best solution for those people. It can improve women's sex life and keep the vagina tighter. It helps to strengthen woman’s pelvic floor if they are having any trouble peeing or pooping and if they have had a baby. We hope that if you follow the Ben Wa Ball guidelines and ensure proper use, you definitely can get more pleasure and good sex life.


What is Ben Wa Ball?

Ben Wa Ball is a round-shaped combined or separate ball bead for the vagina. Ben Wa Ball is a sex exercise ball that is lightweight and soft. It has a unique design and uses anti-bacterial materials which protect you from any infection and harmful things.

What are the materials of Ben Wa Ball?

Ben Wa Ball is made of silicone, plastic, rubber, and different antibacterial materials. As a result, this sex toy is body-safe. It is also a waterproof sex toy.

What are the beginners Ben Wa Ball?

You can find different beginners friendly Ben Wa Ball in markets. You can use the ball to help you find the muscles. You can use the ball also for strengthening


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