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FOOT FETISHISM: What's The Fuss All About?

If you're not the kind of person to take things the extra mile in the bedroom, certain kinks like the one you're about to read about are going to sound downright absurd or even crazy. But people engage in kinks like BDSM, voyeurism, role play, and a host of others, and these are just the common ones.

Foot fetishism is my favorite kink to talk about because of how unique it is. Unlike others, foot fetishes are not something a person is born liking. They are learned. Why is this so? As a rule, fetishes develop when sensory experiences awaken people sexually. These experiences forge a pathway in the brain's pleasure response system so that when a sensation is further explored, the action behind that sensation triggers deep pleasure.

This blew my mind when I found out. No two-foot fetishes enjoy an experience the same way. Granted, attraction to soles, ankles, or the visual nature of toes is common. But the experience depends on what captivates them the most. This ranges from touching, biting, licking, tickling, sniffing, massaging, or biting. There's also what is called a foot job in which one partner's foot is used to massage a foot fetish's genitals.

 While some people find toes to be phallic, other people find them highly exciting due to cultures where feet are considered taboo. People love the risk of breaking the rules. Just like having sex in a car where everyone can easily guess what you are up to.

It has also been suggested that nerve endings in the feet are linked to the genitals in the brain. Hence, the ease with which an arousal response is formed. Let's explain that further. The part of our brain that facilitates sensory information is called the somatosensory cortex. We feel temperature, arousal, and pain when it lights up so when you touch or look at the feet of someone with a foot fetish, they respond immediately. This also applies if you have a foot fetish.

For some folks, it's all about the folds of skin on a pair of feet. For others, it's the curves of each foot. While some relish the similarities to a vulva. Altogether, brain wiring or something as simple as early memories of parental love or comfort trigger foot fetishism in anyone. And like I said before, it's a pretty common fetish. It's just you who thinks feet were meant for walking alone.

Recent studies by Bedbible reveal that one in seven people has a foot fetish. More research also found that 11% of bisexual and lesbian women and 5% of heterosexual women have foot fetishes. This is compared to 21% of gay and bisexual men and 18% of heterosexual men that have foot fetishes.

As you can tell, the number is higher with men. But interestingly, foot worship is not found in heterosexuals as much as it is in queer communities. Knowing that other people dig the same kinks you do can diminish any internalized shame or stigma imposed by social expectations. it's a liberating discovery. Which is why it's a more common practice in the queer community.

Today, foot fetishes are so regular they have been recognized under the fetishism umbrella instead of disorders. Fetishes play between two sober, consenting adults making them both healthy and fun. Since there's no character of depression, distress, or obsession, it most certainly can't be categorized as a disorder as some folks like to think.

Let's talk about foot fetish fantasies (don't try to say that fast). A foot fetish fantasy involves sexually pleasing acts that have to do with the feet. One important thing to note here is that these acts do not have to be sexual. And they range from licking, sniffing, and sucking of toes, or trampling on them. Some people get off on using the foot for penetration so I guess, we can throw this in with the rest.

If you've had contrary thoughts about it, I hope this article can change your mind. Foot fetishism is just as unique and regular as BDSM, tickle play, and other kinks. Like any kind of fetish you can list, the best part is how creative you can get with a foot.

Some feet fans lick their partner's feet as an act of submission while some will let a lover shove their foot into their mouth. They also worship their partner's feet with massages and kisses or enjoy the intoxicating sensation the smell of their feet gives off. To spice things up, you could watch your partner catwalk in heels or a shoe of your choosing.

Trying out foot worship is not a difficult kink to explore. The internet is rife with tons of websites where you can learn useful stuff on how to develop and enjoy some feet of love with your partner. There's a website for everything you want to find from OnlyFans if you are just curious about sites like FeetFinder. I've had people tell me they felt awkward about asking questions but that's okay. The most important thing is taking your exploration one foot at a time (pun intended).

How To Give a Proper Foot Job

This is no different from being given a hand job. Though it's going to take some getting used to if you've never done it before. Foot jobs are just perfect for multitasking because you can be texting away at your phone or computer while bringing your partner to a climax with your feet (Millennials are going to love this one!)

Most people like to think. of foot jobs as a boys-only act but women can also get off on foot jobs too. This involves using one's feet to stimulate the clit and the vulva.

Before you go grabbing feet, be sure to have established that level of intimacy with your partner. This means that a foot- might not be a good thing to go for when going at it for the first time. with someone. Find out if there had a pedicure and how they feel about their feet.

 Moving forward, if your partner is a man, you can get things started by running your free over their groin. A risk factor like doing it at a restaurant or friend's dinner puts some notches on the pleasure scale. But if you're at home, follow up with the works by perpendicularly placing your feet on either side of your partner's dick.

For added effect, place the soles of your feet together to form an open resembling an actual vagina. Think of it as a little foot pussy. You are going to need a good lube to make your foot job go smoothly else your man will be moaning in pain and not pleasure. I also suggest you start taking Pilate lessons. Pulling off a really good foot job requires core strength you can only get from being fit.

Keeping your feet together till your partner comes requires muscle control. This is less stressful if you're lying on your side or sitting on a chair. If you'll be going for lying down, ask your partner to hold both your feet and slide in and out of the feet pussy you've created. Take breaks to change the sensation by switching positions or using your toes too.

Just so you know, foot jobs can get penetrative at the consent of both partners and this includes vaginal or anal penetration. It's called foot f**king. And things can also get oral while the heat is on. This act is known as shrimping, more like a blow job except it's your toes or your partner's toes being blown.

Preparing For a Foot Job

Your partner's genitals are the most sensitive part of their body so don't go down there with poorly maintained feet. Yes, you read that right. You need to prepare your feet first! Grab a foot file to get rid of calluses or any rough patches that could have appeared on your feet. Don't forget to moisturize. Coat your feet with your moisturizer and rub it in till your feet feel like a baby's bum.

Your partner could get injured if overgrown toenail nicks or catches on the soft skin of their genitals. Trim your toenails short before filing. Keep it short and smooth. And then you can start your kinky stuff. Finally, while some men enjoy how a woman's feet, you want to still keep them clean. He's going to be sucking and licking on that so besides giving him something extra nice to sniff, you'll reduce the chances of him getting in his pubes. Feel free to throw in some nail polish if you like to give him something to remember the moment by.


Foot worship is one of the most intimate acts a couple can engage in. This is why it mostly feels right with a partner you're comfortable with. If you've had reservations about this, I hope this article changed your mind. Sex is versatile and can be enjoyed in several ways. It doesn't what is being placed in or on what.

Maybe you don't still fancy eating out someone's toes, but if your partner is a foot fetish it's okay to let them have their pleasure from washing your feet to giving pedicures to handling your socks or stockings. It may not be your thing but you'll always have someone around if you want your feet loved and taken care of.

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