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Single for a long time, will it become ugly??

Sex is a kind of physiological needs, the normal physiological needs are not met, will affect the health of both men and women. It is also not conducive to maintaining the relationship between the two sides, and even leads to differences and estrangement.

For a woman, not having sex for a long time, the body will also appear a series of changes. For example, endocrine disorders, skin luster, long spots, acne, serious dark circles under the eyes.

Women who have sex are said to look younger than women of the same age who don't.

Women's "physiological needs" are not solved for a long time. In addition to becoming ugly, the body may also appear three changes.

1. If a woman is chronically deprived of sex, her body produces an abnormal amount of estrogen. For women, a decrease in estrogen production can lead to breast disease.

2. If a woman does not have sex for a long time, the hormone level in her body will be abnormal, which will lead to the irregular menstrual cycle, which will appear earlier or later.

3. Women's physiological needs can not be met for a long time, may lead to endocrine disorders in the body, abnormal metabolism, is bound to affect the skin state, so as to accelerate the speed of aging.

Having a good sex life is not only about satisfying your physical needs, but also about your health.

Many people think that sex toys are only for single people, but the fact is that there are many sex toys that can help couples have better sex together! We are also always happy to help couples spice up their love lives with fun sex toys.

So, fall in love, find someone who loves you, find someone who is spiritual and physical with you, and make love and do things together.
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