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How To Diy A Butt Plug?10 Best Homemade Butt Plugs

You can't always have every sex gadget accessible, let's face it. What happens when you're craving a butt play but can't find a butt plug? 

Do it yourself! You did read that correctly. You can get sexual gratification by making a handmade butt plug. Of course, going to a store in person to purchase a butt plug is preferable, but if you can't wait, you'll need a substitute. You can use a variety of everyday objects as a butt plug

They'll still sate your craving even if they don't have the same results as a real butt plug. To avoid hurting yourself, you must use these tools of the home properly. To avoid hurting yourself while seeking pleasure.

This article will go through how to make the best DIY butt plug using everyday stuff. Read on to learn everything you need to know about creating a handmade butt plug.

Why Does Someone Want To Make A Butt Plug?

You should first question yourself why you want a DIY butt plug if you're thinking about making one. You should carefully evaluate the household objects you're going to utilize if you're very eager for butt play and can't wait to get to the sex toy store.

Not all of them will be appropriate for anal play, so you should consider the following:

  • Is the substance the thing is composed of permeable, allowing bacteria to collect inside the anus?
  • Is the fabric too permeable, like cotton tampons, which can also harbor bacteria and spread infections?
  • The item must be sturdy enough to fit inside the anus without tearing or breaking.

Can you wait until you go to the sex toy store instead of using a home item? Using DIY butt plugs, then, should only be done as a last resort and only sometimes. More significantly, though, whatever you use must always be safe for you.

Can I Make My Own Butt Plug?

This is a harder subject to discuss. You may. But there are risks involved. We would always suggest that you purchase a properly constructed plug from a reputable supplier. 

However, there are a few possibilities and a ton of stories online if you HAVE to have anything inside you right now. We should start by stating that we are not doctors or medical experts. If you must do something, always rely on your own common sense, but we will do our best to offer guidance. You do so at your own peril if you choose to use any of these items as a butt plug.

Household Objects You Can Use As Butt Plugs

As we previously mentioned, there are various DIY anal plug ideas. All you have to do is choose the reliable ones. You can be more inventive when you do it yourself. You can even want to go beyond the conventional butt plugs and attempt to make your own inflated butt plug using the tube from a bicycle. 

We'll look at several secure and practical DIY butt plug options below.

Try A Finger

The simplest and most straightforward method is to use your finger. It's the easiest and safest alternative, and in our opinion, it's far preferable to inserting other items up your ass. To massage your anus for maximum enjoyment, consider entering one or more fingers and employing various techniques.

Or A toothbrush?

If your fingers are still insufficient, you could be interested in making your own butt plug out of a toothbrush. Given its length and bristle component, it won't be as easy to lose, and you should be able to keep it steady enough.

You need to be careful with that though because it can tear inside your anus due to how long and thin it is. We suggest utilizing your electric toothbrush for some extra vibrations and pleasure if you're feeling daring.

Fruits & Vegetables 

Depending on how soft or ripe they are, using fruits and vegetables as butt plugs is either risky or harmless. You want to ensure that your sphincter won't force these objects to break since you're inserting them into your anus. 

It would be difficult to clean up the mess if a banana were to shatter inside your butt. It is important to understand that we are only preparing you for what is ahead so that your safety is not in danger, not to discourage you. To perform your butt play and sate your sexual drive, you might hunt for a firm cucumber.

It is important to understand that we are only preparing you for what is ahead so that your safety is not in danger, not to discourage you. To perform your butt play and sate your sexual drive, you might hunt for a firm cucumber. In the interim, we strongly encourage you to protect yourself by using condoms with veggies. 

To preserve them, vegetables are frequently sprayed with various pesticides and insecticides. You don't want to introduce pesticides into your body system because of how delicate your anal lining is. Fruit like a banana, which is delicate and prone to breaking, can also be avoided.


May Be An Umbrella Handle 

Yes, you may see an umbrella in your bedroom or closet that isn't being used. Hold off on getting rid of it just yet! An umbrella handle may provide you and only you mind-blowing anal orgasms if you choose to be a little inventive.

The ribbed surfaces of most umbrella handles make them ideal for anal insertion and stimulation. For a simple and enjoyable journey, be sure to have some lubrication available.

Candles Serve Purposes Beyond Just Mood-Setting

Using a candle and a contraceptive is an alternative strategy.

Get the candle in the size and form that you like. After that, submerge it in extremely hot water to make the wax easier to handle. The candle should then be slightly shaped to get rid of sharp corners and give it a nicer form. Afterwards, put a condom on before putting it in your anus.

Easy Peasy!

Deodorant Packages

Have you ever considered the potential value of your deodorant and crème's empty bottles? However, what if we told you that such bottles can serve as an alternative to butt plugs? Your initial inclination could be to throw them away. 

Due to your butt's small size and lack of elasticity, only very little bottles will function in this situation. You should also use a condom along with the crème or deodorant bottle you're using to protect yourself from germs, just like you would with a vegetable, a toothbrush, or a candle.

You May Not Believe It, But You May Like A Ginger Too!

As bizarre and hot as it may sound, gingers have historically been used to stimulate the anus. The main reason for this is that they have a rough and wavy texture, which makes them the perfect natural sex toy for anal stimulation.

Make careful to thoroughly clean the ginger before using it to remove any soil stains. Use a condom to wrap it after allowing it to dry fully.

When it comes to anal play, many people prefer to use ginger without protection, but using a condom is always advised. You should keep in mind that your inner tissues are more responsive to extraneous items and that you only want things that make you feel good. You also don't want itchy butts. That is the purpose of condoms.

Making A Butt Plug at Home

Let's now discuss a few various ways you can make your own butt plug.

#1: Spend $10–$20 on an actual butt plug.

Your best option is to just go out and purchase the best butt plug designed exclusively for that purpose.

If you don't have a broad enough base or a strong enough substance, and your butt plug gets lost in your anus, it will be much less expensive to get one for $20 than to incur an ER expense.

Here are a few excellent choices that are the best (and least expensive):

  • Get your $10 Tracey Cox Beginner Butt Plug here.
  • Luxe Plug is available here for $10.
  • CLOUD 9 GEMS – $10; get one here
  • Anal Beads by Calexotics – $10; get it here

#2: Purchase sanitary silicone and create a custom shape

Making your own butt plug out of silicone would probably be the best choice if you decide to continue with the DIY approach.

The process is simple, and the material is secure to use. Additionally, because it is non porous, your DIY butt plug won't smell awful.

And if it still seems difficult, we suggest purchasing this Clone A Willy kit, which will make the procedure much simpler.

Although its primary use is for making silicone dildos, you may use it to make any shape you want, which makes it perfect for handmade butt plugs. The kit is available on honeysx.

#3: Employ A Skilled Glassblower

Do you desire something upscale? To have a glass plug made, you could always engage a glassblower! Glass butt plugs have a classy appearance and provide deep pleasure.

There won't be any odor because glass isn't a porous substance. If you know how to blow glass, you may also create a glass plug on your own. Your butt plug MUST have a broader end, whether it is made of glass or silicone. Any butt plug is required to follow this guideline!

Glass plugs can be made in any form and width, and they are simple to clean. If you have the time, think about creating a humorous handle as a safety measure.

#4: Use your woodworking expertise

Or perhaps you're a skilled woodworker but not a decent glassblower?

You can make a butt plug using your woodworking abilities! Although it won't be as excellent as silicone or glass, it is still adequate.

Build sure to use sturdy wood, such as oak or pine, if you opt to make a handmade butt plug out of wood. Additionally, polish the butt plug well to avoid getting splinters in your anus while using it.

If you still have any doubts about whether it is safe to enter a piece of wood up your ass, use a condom along with the finishing varnish to make sure everything is sealed.

Make sure the wood isn't too soft or porous when using wooden sex toys because porous objects should never be utilized as a butt plug or any other kind of toy. Since the anus is not a location you want to receive a splinter, sanding them until they are completely smooth is also essential. The plug can also be coated with polyurethane varnish to make sure it is smooth and free of pores so you can use it safely.

Wood is a fantastic material to employ when making sex toys because similar to glass butt plugs, woodworking specialists can create a customized butt plug that fits the user properly and best serves their demands.

Is Using A DIY Butt Plug Safe? 

The short answer to this difficult question is no. Not that a DIY anal plug is completely risky. When used properly, it can be safe, but you must be extremely careful. 

A DIY anal plug becoming lost inside your anus and necessitating an ER visit is another concern. How can you explain how a carrot slice wound up inside your ear? That would be very awkward. Safety should be your top concern when creating your butt plug because the anus is extremely fragile and prone to tearing.

Bottom Line

When you don't have the genuine thing close at hand, it makes perfect sense to look for substitutes. Using things as improvised butt plugs in this situation is not the worst idea. However, such a maneuver necessitates extreme caution to prevent injury while seeking pleasure. 

In this post, we've covered a number of do-it-yourself and homemade butt plug suggestions that might help you have fun in the absence of a custom-made solution. While we encourage you to use homemade solutions within the strictest safety guidelines. If you can, we strongly advise that you purchase a butt plug that has been expertly constructed. A trusted beginner's butt plug is the best for you if you're new to utilizing butt plugs.

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