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Fleshlight 101:A complete guide to Know About Fleshlight


FLESHLIGHT® is the world’s highest-selling and a most acclaimed men’s masturbation toy brand worldwide. FLESHLIGHT® is made of Real Feel Super Skin®, which is very soft, flexible, and feels like a natural person. The appearance is similar to an ordinary flashlight, with a charming masturbation device inside, easy to store, and highly durable.

In addition to allowing you to feel the most lifelike sex and the most pleasant sensory experience, FLESHLIGHT® is designed to protect users’ privacy. FLESHLIGHT® Masturbator are easy to store and are very durable. Each style has its own inner diameter structure, and each type can give you a different feeling on every use.

Features of FLESHLIGHT® products:

1. The manufacturers uses a material that does not contain plasticizer that ensure every users a safe and non-toxic product.

2. The material of the product can be heated with hot water to increase the user comfort. The use of the high graded material would ensure that no toxic substances is release due to heating.

3. The product have a long service life, the rubber strip will not become harder and harder, or do not crack even after repeated use.

4. Super malleability and softness can give users a feeling of a real sex.

5. The product has a shell and can be used in many methods to achieve a hands-free experience, or the tape can be taken out and used alone or used with other inflatable products.

6. The shell design can be adjusted for more suction and increased sensuality.

7. The inner diameter of the rubber strip is designed based on the 165 cm female vagina structure, so there is no distinction between Eastern and Western people’s applicability. The inner rubber strip structure is not too tight to cause the sensitivity of the glans to become passivated.

8. Product have a tough design, easy to clean and low maintainance cost.

FLESHLIGHT® Design available in market:


This design is the one of the original styles, and it’s popularity is enduring worldwide. Although there are nearly 40 types of design in the market presently, However we believe this design is still amongt the favorite of many individuals! Many users familiar with the Fleshlight style will agree that Wonder Wave is the closest feeling to real sex!


Even with the simple design Fleshlight Swallow is more exciting than anyone can imagine! It may not feel good at first, but if you give it a few more opportunities, you will love it more than anything!


Fleshlight STU is the most exciting product amongst all the other Fleshlight. The soft particles in the inside make the user feel more stimulated and comfortable while going for a orgasm. The user can also use this product to train themselves for more durable sex training. If you are new to Fleshlight sex toys and don’t know what style to buy, I suggest going for the Fleshlight STU. This Fleshlight should be the first choice and must be be experienced once by every user!


The front end of this inner diameter structure is Vortex Super Cyclone, which will be STU in the future, so it feels as exciting and comfortable as STU. The grip feels softer than other styles, probably because of the color palette.


The appearance is quite dull, but it has a sense of secrecy. Although the appearance is not easy to provoke desire, the inner diameter design is indeed fascinating for the users! The internal structure is like super ribbed, but the arrangement is more distributed. Once you enter, you will feel inspiring, a bit like advance version of STU, and you can use this to train and control the timing of your orgasm.

FLESHLIGHT Riely Nipple Alley

Fleshlight Riley Nipple Alley is an exclusive Signature toy inspired from a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The inner diameter of the toy is covered with small particles, where user feel adventureous to stroke. This product design have an entrance that is constricted, and the wrath of the particles makes it a mighty for the users.

FLESHLIGHT Stoya Destroya

This fleshlight is the exclusive Signature of Stoya, and also inspired from Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This product looks excellent, and the lip shape of the toy is extremely attractive! The fangs and niches are very unique, and the speed of individual piston movement will also create unexperienced feelings, but no matter how fast or slow it is, it is a great experience again and again.

FLESHLIGHT Jesse Jane Gauntlet

This is Jessie Jane’s exclusive Gauntlet tape, and it is also one of the Pirates of the Caribbean version. This strip have five different structures for different feelings, and overall it feels unique and powerful! Sometimes even if it feels too cool, too exciting, it will be untenable or forced to stop first!


The inner crystal structure of the ice crystal series is a combination of many different designs. It has particles and have a ring pattern like a magical wave. As soon as you enter inside, you will feel the combination of both, allowing you to feel a refreshing simulation. The second layer is slightly looser and then the user reach a tightest section. The last section should be a better feeling, but honestly, it is very hard to touch.

Fleshlight Girls Twisted Texture

Twisted Texture toy can be said to be the only girl-specific series open by the employees of the original factory. Its inner diameter structure is an uninterrupted oblique circular rotating pattern. Although it looks simple, it is a great choice!


The Mini-Swallow canal of the Sex-in-a-Can “Sukit Draft” makes your penis head glow! Very few inner canal textures can provide a similarly intense and concurrently varied stimulation. The suction effect is indeed a bit less pronounced and the choice of different mouth orifices is not as wide but the canal feels significantly tighter, the textures stimulate more intensely and, with an average-sized penis which make the entire canal penetrable.

FLESHLIGHT Fleshlight Girl Lotus

Among all Fleshlight, the Lotus design resembles the most with the structure of a female vagina. Still, its material is softer than other series of materials, so when you use it for the first time, it feels refreshing, but I will like it more and more after using it a few times.


The Vibro touch fleshlight is molded with tiny tentacles at a 45-degree angle, with three bullet-shaped vibrating eggs and a row of batteries. You can put the vibrating egg in the outer pocket of the torch. The small tentacles feel like countless little fingers, and the placement of the jumper can make the Fleshlight fascinating.


The Lady Lager light beer in the Sex-in-a-Can series is a mini lotus tape, which is much tighter than the original lotus tape, and it feels more irritating, so if you think the original lotus tape is a bit loose If so, this mini lotus is a good choice!


In a mini STU version, the particles are arranged in a denser formation compared to the original STU. Although it is tighter, it makes you feel longer to play.


The Super Ribbed Fleshlight is composed of countless densely arranged ring patterns. Its stimulation is far more than the STU. The users tend to reach climax soon. Which feels too exciting. ! If you want to try different feelings or make simple basic traditional styles, this torch is collectible!

FLESHLIGHT Mini Forbidden

The Mini-Forbidden canal of the sex in the Can provides a highly realistic anal sex simulation, which feels incredibly tight. Compared to the big Forbidden version of the ordinary Fleshlight, the tightness sensation of the Mini-Forbidden canal is, especially at the entrance passage, considerably more intensely noticeable. If you want to try the Forbidden style, please choose this Mini version!  

Precautions for FLESHLIGHT® products:

• Fleshlight is a highly durable sex toy that can be used 100 times over. However, without careful maintenance, it will deteriorate much faster than that. And Fleshlight is a sex toy that comes in direct contact with your penis. If you don’t keep it clean at all times, you run the risk of your penis getting an infection. In other words, thorough cleaning of the product with soap is essential for a long and safe Fleshlight experience. The key to properly cleaning the Fleshlight is not to leave any residue or water behind. This is because the remains and water left inside will feed for the growth of bacteria.

• Fleshlight is made of heat-sensitive material. So, if you leave it in a high-temperature environment, the material will deteriorate little by little. Then, the Fleshlight will lose its pleasurable sensation. So avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Especially since the case of Fleshlight is black, it gets hot quickly when under sunlight.

• As Fleshlight degrades over time, its main ingredient, oil, will gradually seep through to the surface. This is a phenomenon called oil bleeding. It is essential to prevent oil bleeding to use Fleshlight comfortably for a long time. This is where baby powder or cornstarch can help. Sprinkle the powder on the surface of the Fleshlight just before you put it back in the case to prevent oil bleeding.


Q1: Does Fleshlight feel realistic to use?

A: Yes, not only is it realistic, but different styles of design torch can also give you different feelings; for example, it makes you feel like you are entering the real vagina or the pleasure of oral sex. Fleshlight certainly cannot replace real people, but it can be the next best choice! Its evaluation is far higher than that of the hand row and other masturbation products. It is not just as tight as other masturbation products on the market that make people uncomfortable.

Q2: I want to try Fleshlight. How should the beginners choose the style?

A: It is recommended to start with STU, Wonder Wave, and Fleshlight Girls, and then slowly try other styles. Of course, it is an excellent choice to buy different designer strips at one time according to the preferential plan.

Q3: Is Fleshlight durable? Are there instructions for use?

A: Very durable, As long as one uses and maintains it correctly and does not use detergent to clean it, fleshlight can be used for a long time (Even Last For A Lifetime)! It will not break like other masturbation applications a few times! There are detailed instructions attached.

Q4: Which kind of lubricant is better?

A: Water-based lubricants are the best, and the brand depends on each preference. For example, the top German Pjur lubricant or the cheaper SlipperyStuff lubricant are all good choices. Oil-based, silicone-based lubricants or baby oil will damage the surface of the strip, so never use it.

Q5: Fleshlight strips can be heated with hot water. How should hot water temperature be used? Can boiling water be used? Will too hot water deform the strip or release toxins?

A: The special safety material of Fleshlight is different from general masturbation sets made of plastic and latex. It is very safe and heat-resistant. It is recommended to use it slightly hotter than the hot water in the bath and soak in hot water of about 45 to 50 degrees for about 15 minutes. That is, although we have boiled the strips in boiling water for a minute without deformation, we do not encourage this. If you want to heat up faster, you can soak them in hot water of 7, 80. The material of Fleshlight does not contain any chemicals, so it will not release toxins when exposed to heat.

Q6: Why are some rubber strips a little greasy to the touch and some slippery?

A: It is normal for these strips to feel a little greasy to the touch. All natural materials will feel slippery and sticky when exposed to water. In regular maintenance, you can also use edible corn flour, corn flour or talcum powder to apply a strip to restore the slippery touch. You can also use the maintenance powder to maintain the smooth feel of the strip and avoid dust sticking. But be careful, you must wait for the adhesive strips to dry before they can be powdered.

The correct way of washing and drying:

A: The following are the cleaning and drying steps for the users:

1. First take out the strip and place it under the tap to rinse with hot water. You can pour water directly into the pipe to rinse the hole towards the water source. When washing, you can stretch your fingers into the pipe and rub it to wash away the residue.

2. You can soak the strip with medicinal alcohol and a little water (70% concentration) to confirm that the alcohol also circulates in the internal pipeline. This action is enough for about one minute, and you don’t have to do it every time.

3. Rinse the shell by the way and wipe it dry.

4. After washing the strips, shake off the excess water first. Use dry paper towels (such as kitchen towels) or clean towels to dry the surface of the adhesive strips. Use dry paper towels or clean towels inside the adhesive strips. Wrap a chopstick, and then stretch it into the pipe to move back and forth several times to absorb the water.

5. If it is convenient, put it in a ventilated place to dry it, and put it back into the case after it dries. The bottom cover can be kept ventilated without a cover. If it is inconvenient to dry, you can use the cold wind of a hair dryer or medium-temperature wind to blow on the hole. If the wind is very hot, stay away from the adhesive strip, and don’t just blow it at one point. As for the storage method of the adhesive strips and whether or not to use talcum powder on the internal pipes, it is a personal habit. In fact, cleaning the strips is not so complicated and troublesome. It’s like washing a cup. Just don’t use detergent. Just make sure to rinse off body fluids and lubricants and keep them dry. Use alcohol to sterilize and remove odors when needed. Put a little maintenance powder on it. NS.

Fleshlight® authenticity verification:

Since 2007, many knock-off Fleshllight products have been on the market, and many parallel products of unknown origin are sold on websites, online auctions, and unauthorized group buying blogs. These fake and parallel products have not only flooded the market but misled consumers with false messages. , And also seriously undermined the market mechanism because of price disorderly bidding. In order to maintain the image of Fleshlight products and protect the rights and interests of authorized distributors, the original American factory established an authenticity verification mechanism in 2010 to allow consumers to confirm that the source of the Fleshlight series of goods purchased is the original factory. The place of purchase is also the authorized agent of the original factory. With dealers.

Fleshlight® instructions for use before use

Open the lid of the flashlight and take out the adhesive strip. If there is a “hard paper tube” inside the adhesive strip, please remove it.

(1) Use warm water to clean the adhesive strips. No general detergent is required. The detergent and soap will damage the surface texture. For further cleaning and disinfection, you can use special detergents or use medicinal alcohol (diluted) or alcohol cotton pads to wipe .

(2) After washing, the adhesive strip can be soaked in warm water (10 to 15 minutes), and the temperature of the water can be used to adjust the preferred temperature (the water temperature that will not burn the skin is more suitable).

(3) Shake off the excess water on the rubber strip, dry it lightly, and put it back into the flashlight shell. The bottom cover of the flashlight can be rotated and opened. You can put your fingers in the bottom to pull the rubber strip back to fix it.

(4) Please use a water-soluble lubricant, and apply the lubricant directly to the outer and inner pipes of the opening. Don’t forget, lubricate it yourself.

(5) The bottom cover of the housing can be rotated to adjust the suction.

Note: Please use enough lubricant to achieve the best results and avoid skin damage caused by excessive friction. Be sure to use water-soluble lubricants, because water-soluble lubricants are effective, hygienic and easy to clean without damaging the texture of the strip.


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