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Men's Guide to Choosing the Right Sex Toy

This collection of guides provides the best tips and buying advice for male sex toys. I'm sure you've heard the term "pocket cat" and if you're a man but don't have one, this is the place for you. Choosing the right toys and learning how to use them can be very difficult, and we want to make it sail smoothly. Check out options from reality masturbation to vibrating penis pumps to delight and improve your sexual health.

A Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men
If you haven't had a chance to try sex toys, now is the time. For those who want to try, you can choose from a realistic masturbator, a comfortable cock ring or even a penis pump. Many of these toys come with sizing options to find the best fit. If you're a beginner, check out our guide that outlines the best male sex toys to use!

Give him the best stroker's guide
These wonderful hitters will keep him company wherever he goes and delight him every time he needs a burden! Women have a lot of toys there. Isn't it time for him to give a special gift? These sensual strokers provide new sensations and can help build up his sexual stamina! Now this is a gift you both can enjoy!

A guide to vibrating masturbators
When it comes to male toys, the most popular are realistic masturbators. These toys typically have smooth textured channels that massage the shaft as you stroke it. It's more than that. Use a vibrating masturbator to mimic a woman's true feelings. Whether it's the insertion of a bullet or the pulsating suction of the inner wall, you'll love the feel of these male masturbation toys!

Guidelines for the use of flesh and blood
You may think that there is only one way to use Fleshlight – enter, stroke, ejaculate, exit, clear, repeat – but you are completely wrong! This unique item is versatile and there are many ways to use it!

The Best Penis Pumps And How To Use Them
A penis enlargement pump is a device that you can use for entertainment during masturbation or to temporarily increase your size and fjord before engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner. Pumps are available in different sizes and material types. This is definitely not a size that will fit everything, so take some time to choose the right size for you. This is the definitive guide on the best way to use a penis pump.

Prostate Massager Getting Started Guide
When stimulated correctly enough, the P-spot is one of the most sensitive areas for men. Prostate stimulators or prostate toys are a great alternative to fingers because they are made of materials designed to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Check out our beginner's guide to the best prostate stimulation toys.

A Guide to the Best Hollow Watch Bands
Hollow straps are male toys that benefit both partners and enhance sexual behavior by acting as penis extenders. Some come with vibrators for extra stimulation on both the receiver and the donor. Men with ED often benefit if they have difficulty getting an erection or are unable to do so at all. These hollow dildos are realistic and comfortable to wear. Please check out our guide to the best hollow bands on dildos to give it a try!

Best toys for men with low sexual stamina
There are a variety of male sexual enhancement products, many of which can help you increase your stamina in bed! From face creams, to penis pumps and masturbators! So what's stopping you? Check out these 5 toys you can use for fun and to increase your sexual stamina!

A guide on how to pick a toy for men
If you are a woman, you may never really want to buy a sexual enhancement product for a man. Sure, maybe you've thought about adding your own toys to the game, or maybe you've thought about blindfolding or tying up the two of you, but what about him? If you want to choose something sexy for him, how to choose? Here are some helpful tips for choosing a toy for him.

Budget the product and toy guide to men
Looking for some precious "my time" without spending a lot of money? Perhaps you are a woman who wants to give her man a little more money when you give him a hand job? Whatever you desire can be achieved using one of the many male masturbators. These elaborate masturbations offer new sensations and excellent squeezing power when he wants more than just his hands.

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