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4 Types of Sex Dolls For Your Sex Toys List

Sex Dolls bring the revolution in the sex toy industry we never knew we needed. And now with each passing day, a much human look alike sex doll appears in the market with promising real-life sexual experiences. Sex Dolls, we often came to watch in TV serials, shows, or documentaries are usually unwieldy, plastic-looking, and not so good.

But trust us, there are different types of sex toys ranging from real human look-alike to cheap plastic-made dolls. Sex Dolls are artificial humans designed to provide you with intense pleasures just like your real partner can provide you. So, in short, it will be a perfect addition to your sex toy list, and to be honest, you won’t be using any other sex toy after you have gotten yourself into the use of sex dolls.

Sex Dolls are the perfect substitute for your lover or partner and are the best way to fulfill your sexual fantasies whenever you want. These sex dolls are designed with human skin-like textured material, mostly silicone, to provide a more realistic touch and human feel. Some Sex dolls look so realistic that it gets difficult to tell the difference between them and real human beings.

And like any other sex toy, Sex Dolls also have different types so that you can choose what fits best to your budget, needs, and demands. Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of 4 different sex dolls based on the material type. So, read to the end to have a better knowledge about what sex dolls are best for your sexual fantasies.

1. Silicone sex doll

Silicone Sex dolls are the most common and prominent type available in the market. With high-end features and high-quality silicone, these sex dolls give a skin-like feel on touch. Also, the silicone sex dolls are the only dolls that you can customize on your own to change the facial and body expression according to your mood.

Silicone Sex Dolls are made of metal infrastructure with layers of silicone on them to make them strong and durable. If you are thinking that metal infrastructure can harm your during sex with these sex dolls, then don’t worry, the layers of soft skin-like silicone cover every inch of the infrastructure. The metal infrastructure provides the shape of the body like real women have.

Silicone Sex Dolls are also preferred because of their soft and tender breasts as silicone implants are used during the designing of the chest. It will give you the feeling just like touching the real women's breasts. So, don’t be afraid to go too rough just because you fear that dolls might break down. You can go as fast and as deep as you want with these sex dolls without fear of the receiver getting hurt.

But these Silicone Sex dolls require some prep before use. Like the skin of these Silicone Sex Dolls must be powdered before use and warmed using an electrical blanket designed solely for the warming of these sex dolls.

2. TPE Sex Doll

If you think Silicone Sex dolls are expensive for you, which they really are, and want something budget-friendly but full of quality as well then, a TPE Sex doll is another option for you.

TPE is a silicone-like material but is basically a high-quality plastic that is also more pliable than Silicone. TPE sex dolls are also manufactured like Silicone sex dolls, with metal infrastructure inside and layers of TPE over to make the sex doll soft for the touch. In fact, the TPE sex dolls are softer than Silicone ones because TPE material has a more skin-like texture as compared to other materials.

But some TPE sex dolls are lighter in weight so it's another plus you will be getting on a lower budget than silicone ones. TPE sex dolls are highly elastic and are prone to slight imprinting so that you can mold them accordingly. But there is a disadvantage of using TPE sex dolls and that is their ability to get stained easily. So, try to avoid any kind of dyes near the TP sex dolls. Like Silicone Sex dolls, the TPE Sex dolls also require warming before use. The warming makes the texture smoother and softer to touch.

3. Cloth and Stuffed Sex Dolls

Stuffed Sex Toys are not like other sex dolls mentioned here in this article. These are stuffed with fillings and clothes and don’t resemble real human beings or other realistic human-like sex dolls. The cloth or stuffed Sex Dolls look more like Anime characters than actual human beings. So, if you are into anime characters and have fantasies of getting intimate with anime dolls then it is your cue to fulfill them using these stuffed sex dolls.

These sex dolls are soft to touch, light in weight, and easy to carry, and best, less in price than Silicone and TPE Sex dolls. Silicone and TPE Sex Dolls are posable because of the metal infrastructure while these stuffed sex dolls are not posable because they lack hard infrastructure and are made solely of stuffing and cloth fillings. For penetration purposes, these stuffed dolls have slits for the vagina to keep the material from getting damaged.

To sum up stuffed sex dolls, we would say that it is the best choice for beginners because you wouldn’t want to invest thousands of dollars in something you don’t know you would like.

4. Inflatable Sex Doll (Semi-Physical)

These are also known as the Blow-up sex dolls and are the most traditional as well as the oldest sex dolls in the sex toy industry. These are made of high-quality vinyl, rubber, and TPR, the obvious reasons why these Inflatable sex dolls are soft and rubbery in texture. These material types are also responsible for the strength of these sex toys and make them durable, long-lasting, and useable for longer periods. Inflatable Sex dolls or Blow-up sex dolls are the least expensive than the three above-mentioned sex dolls, so it’s another plus for customers looking for low-budget sex dolls.

The vaginal and anal openings are designed with special teasers and ticklers to stroke your penis in each thrust. Inflatable Sex dolls are easy to store too so it's a perfect fit for those looking for something which requires less storage. These might look like the best and most affordable options but they lake the features silicone and TPR made sex dolls have to offer like warm human-skin touch, posable, etc.

There are hundreds of Facebook and Instagram pages where you can find these sex dolls easily. But just make sure the material is body-safe these are durable enough to bear all the strokes and rough thrusts.

Best Sex Dolls in The Market

You are free to choose your own perfect fit but here are some of the best recommendations for you:

Stephanie 1.0 - Most Lifelike Sex Doll

The realistic-looking eyes, amazing breasts cup, and gorgeous curves of the Stephanie Sex doll will leave you wanting more and more with each use.

  • Height: 5ft. 3in. (160cm)
  • N of holes: 3 (mouth, anus, vagina)
  • Cup size: 33C
  • Material: Silicone

Natalie 2.0

With long flowy hair, prominent nipples, and full red lips this sex doll looks exactly like a human being and you can customize her according to your own preferences.

  • Height: 5ft. 3in. (160cm)
  • No of holes: 3 (mouth, anus, vagina)
  • Cup size: 33C
  • Material: Silicone

Olivia 2.0

The interchangeable head and removable vagina of the Olivia 2.0 sex doll will attract you with her red highlights and has to offer the most promising pleasurable moments.

  • Height: 5ft. 3in. (160cm)
  • No of holes: 3 (mouth, anus, vagina)
  • Cup size: 33C
  • Material: Silicone


Have fantasies to go wild with a redhead? Just go for this Auburn sex doll with perky bouncy breasts, smooth skin, and the most obvious red hair.

  • Height: 5ft. 2in. (157cm)
  • No of holes: 3 (vagina, mouth, anus)
  • Cup size: B cup
  • Material: TPE

Bunny Play Mate

Bunny Play Mate is the best choice for those who love dressing up their sex dolls. Also, its bigger bust and three realistic orifices will make you go nuts in just a few minutes.

  • Height: 5ft. 2in. (157cm)
  • No of holes: 3 (vagina, mouth, anus)
  • Bust size: 38.6 inches
  • Material: TPE

Bottom Line

Sex dolls have revolutionized the sex toy industry and sex enthusiasts are now living their dream sexual fantasies like never before. To be honest, it is safe to say that sex dolls have to change the course of what people think of sex toys and intense erotic pleasures.  

And we think this is just the start of the realistic sex dolls era and there is much more to come yet. Like the construction of real sex dolls brothels for sex enthusiasts which is a better option because those who can’t afford to buy worth thousands of dollars sex dolls can also try the experience of fucking these human look-alikes at an hourly rate. And we are sure, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the best revolutionary sex toys of your life.

So, that’s it for now. Hope our article here helps you in deciding what type of sex doll you want to turn your wet fantasies into reality.

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