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A Beginner's Guide to 3 Types of Backyard Sex Toys

Many people have a "prejudice" against sex toys in the backyard.They think that sex toys like backyard Toys are designed for sexual minorities, but you know what, backyard toys may bring you more pleasure than you can imagine!

Types of Backyard Toys

Backyard toys also have a place in sex toys, which are generally classified as anal plugs, beads and prostate massage sticks.   Apart from the prostate massage stick, which is a special sex toy for men, the other two are not divided into men and women.

Conventional anal plugs are usually round at the bottom of the base and stuffed in at the top.The plug often has a tail plug, which is said later.Basic models generally do not have the function of vibration, many new anal plugs have their own vibration function, so that chrysanthemums can enjoy more pleasure with the times.

Beads, also known as chain beads, look like a string of ice-sugar gourds, long and connected by beads. It is also a common backyard toy. Unlike anal plugs,The Beads has different levels of stimulation, such as size.Experienced adults are more inclined to choose the pull bead with vibration function, but it is the same as the anal plug, which is the basic health care product of the back court.

Prostate massager and anal plug are easy to distinguish, and prostate health care products are like a "pistol".  Curved dimensions and angles are designed for adult male vestibules, as well as stimulating female G-spot massage bars to bring extraordinary prostate pleasure.   Generally speaking, the prostate massager produced now has the function of vibration.

  1.   Anal plug expansion

The anal plug is simple to use and can be inserted into the vestibule, the anal plug does not need to go in and out, and an adult can produce a certain pleasure as long as the anal plug is inserted.The first plug may have a strong sense of defecation, after a period of time, use chrysanthemum to tighten the anal plug, after familiarity, you will like the feeling of being filled and the anal plug vibrating inside.

At the beginning, it is recommended to choose the smallest size of anal plug.   Lubricant is an essential match for the health care products of the backyard. After all, the backyard can not secrete lubricant by itself.

Anal plugs are made of hard and cold metal or glass materials, as well as soft and warm rubber materials. In addition, there are also plush tails at the end of anal plugs, which are matched with animal headdresses to dress up as sexy and lovely cats and dogs, which absolutely stimulate their partners'lust and absolute interest.

Anal plugs are great for expanding the sphincter and preparing for later piston movements. Although some anal plugs have a vibrating function, anal plugs alone can also bring good pleasure.

  1.   Pull the beads back and forth

Slowly put the beads into the backyard one by one, the beads will enrich the chrysanthemum slowly, and then slowly pull out, in and out, carefully experience that feeling, people have an uncontrollable sense of excretion.

Just playing, the best choice is to choose round beads with similar thickness. Of course, there are advanced versions, from top to bottom, the beads are getting thicker and thicker or the shape of the beads is strange. Every day, a bead goes in is a kind of stimulation to the backyard.

From soft rubber, silica gel to metal, the hardness of the beads gradually increases, and the sense of fullness and stimulation when pulling out are stronger. In addition, the beads are also divided into vibration and non-vibration. The use of vibration beads is similar to that of anal plug and prostate massager. Adults should not act too hastily when choosing health care products. After entering, they should start slowly from a small vibration and then twitch back and forth.

  1.   Prostate massager

Where is the prostate of a grown man? Insert the finger into the back court until the second knuckle, gently bend the finger in the direction of the penis, and the hard thing across the intestinal wall is the prostate.

The elbow part of the prostatic massager rod is used to stimulate the prostate (that is, the direction of the penis).Unlike the anal plug, the prostatic massager needs to adjust the angle when it enters the posterior chamber, so that the posterior chamber can slowly adapt to the toy.   In the early stage, it is not necessary to insert manually, and the posterior chamber should be slowly retracted and released. It must not be too fast, and it should be slowly contracted.   The stick will be slowly sucked into the vestibule by the body, and the elbow part will strongly squeeze the prostate, which will produce a pleasant sensation that people can't help singing. At this time, the rear courtyard has adapted, and you can switch to manual or vibration to feel a carnival party brought by adult health care products.

The novice may not adapt, at this time relax the back court, it will draw out a part of itself, after getting used to this sense of excretion, there will be considerable stimulation and pleasure, and then tighten and relax again. No need to use your hands to thrust, concentrate on the back court, pay attention to the feeling of chrysanthemum and prostate, slowly and many times, the uncomfortable feeling will unconsciously turn into pleasure. Prostate toys belong to advanced toys and must not be used too far ahead.

Most of the prostate toys are made of silicone, which is also divided into vibration and non-vibration, and some advanced ones have heating function.

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