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10 Best Lovense App-Controlled Sex Toys for Everyone in 2023

Lovense sex toys promise the maximum and almost close to original sexual pleasures to their users. These app-controlled fellas are top-quality gratifiers that will throb, tantalize, and pleasure you to the point of euphoria. These app-controlled apps are best for long-distance partners who do not wants to lose touch of intimacy with their partner. 

But that doesn't mean couples living together can't use these. It's a whole lot of fun when partners use these app-controlled Lovense sex toys in the same room. The physical touch, along with the tantalizing sensations from Lovense sex toys, is the perfect duo to uplift any kind of pleasure experience. 

In this article, we examine 10 of the most spectacular Lovense toys on the market, analyzing their various features, benefits, and negatives to assist you in selecting the ideal toy to satisfy your kinky desires! Wait, you want more? No problem! We've also included guidelines to help you pick the ideal Lovense sex toys to maximize your pleasure experience. Eager to explore? Let's start!

Quick Summary:

Honeysx's Recommend: Lovense Tenera
"Lovense tenera app-controlled clit sucking vibrator offers best versatility patterns with band FM, music mode, sound control, alarm clock and so on. It also includes Five normal frequencies and four variable frequencies to choose from."

Best Adjustable Vibrating Nipple Clamps: Lovense Gemini
"The world's first app-controlled adjustable vibrating nipple clamps,Enjoy the perfect combination of clamps and vibrations,Get access to unlimited possibilitie."

Best Automatic Thrusting & Vibrating Dildo:Lovense Gravity
"Remote control thrusting dildo that turns any a smooth surface into your perfect sex partner in seconds,Use Gravity in bed for an intense G-Spot penetration, any way you like it."

Best Wearable Vibrator: Lovense Flexer
"This lovense flexer imitates real finger massage, stimulates the G and C spot at the same time. It is the best choice for couples to wear when going out."

Best Lipstic Vibrator: Lovense Exomoon
"Lovense Bluetooth Lipstic Bullet Vibrator has 3 intensity levels and 10 different patterns,The exact size of your average lipstick, your own personal weapon of pleasure"

Best Egg Vibrator: Lush 3
"This Lovense bluetooth egg vibrator has a different, fixed hugging design for a more convenient and discreet experience, and has only 43db which is way less than any other egg vibrator in public places."

Best Sex Machine: Lovense Sex Machine
"Lovense adjustable sex machine is adaptable with iPod touch, Iphone, IOS 11.0, IPad, Android 5.0, PC, and windows.Its design is made quite as it remains silent during use."

Best Automatic Stroker: Lovense Calor
"Lovense Calor Automatic Stroker has got voluntary depth and temperature controller attribute that made it unique, and has feature of large distance interactivity so you can sync it with your lover's calor. "

Best Butt Plug: Lovense Hush 2
"This Lovense Bluetooth butt plug comes in maximum effective Bluetooth and wi-fi managed butt plug,this toy fits for long wear and can go away you quivering."

Best Handsfree Male Vibrator: Lovense Gush
"This Lovense Gush is a perfect handsfree glans massager for hands-free stimulation, 10 patterns will take care of new sensations and says it can fulfill all your needs as a male sex toy"

Top 10 Lovense Sex Toys Reviews in 2023

1,Honeysx's Recommend: Lovense Tenera

The Lovense Tenera is the company's first sex object to use air-based clit suction technology. This signifies that it employs airflow to stimulate the clit, leading to strong orgasms in both pre-play and solo play.

It is the ideal toy when you want to hit a big orgasm without all the noise of a conventional vibrator.

The Lovense Tenera app-controlled clitoral suction vibrator delivers the most versatile vibration patterns, including band FM, song mode, audio control, and alarm system. Also included are five standard and four changeable frequencies.

What Do We Love It For?

  • The first thing we like about this app-controlled sex toy is its discreet way of working. It's quiet and does not make any vibrating noise. So, it's perfect for some naughty deeds in public. 
  • It excites your rosebud with up to five thousand air strokes every minute. It includes a breathing function that mimics human breath on your pleasure spot, and its soft, velvety texture around its lips seems precisely like your lover's lips and soothes even when pressed firmly.
  • Three unique Bluetooth-connected options; option one is for self-pleasure, meaning the intensity is controlled by the user. Modes 2 and 3 are ideal when a sexual partner is present.
  • It has a discreet, compact, travel-friendly design that is also ergonomic. Additionally, the Lovense Terena battery lasts for a full hour and a half.

What Could Be Improved?

The Lovense Tenera has a few drawbacks, which is a positive aspect. However, the following were less appealing:

  • It has just a few color choices.
  • Lovense Terena is not fully waterproof. It comes under the category of just splash-proof. 

2,Best Adjustable Vibrating Nipple Clamps: Lovense Gemini

The Lovense Gemini is the first app-controlled vibrating nipple clamp in the world.

Each clamp is equipped with its own vibratory drive and offers a range of customizations for the amount and intensity of the pinch. Users can pinch nipples and any region of their body with ease! 

What Do We Love It For?

  • It offers limitless Play Styles. With the Lovense Remote app, you can simply add these nipple clamps into your daily routine for everything from foreplay to mild BDSM.
  • These are discreet enough to take in your handbags anywhere you go.
  • Lovense Gemini nipple clamps are waterproof to IPX-6 standards. Additionally, it has a battery life of 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • These unique vibrating nipple clamps are more pleasurable due to features such as close-range control, long-distance control, endless vibration patterns, sound activations, sync activation, and the option to customize vibration patterns.
  • It can be attached to a bra or neck, which makes it easier to use.

What Could Be Improved?

As these are the world's first vibrating clamps for nipples, so there is not much to compare them to.

  • The style can be improved a little, but these don't look kinky enough and looks more like some tool.
  • There are no other colors than pink, so more colors can also be introduced.

3,Best Automatic Thrusting & Vibrating Dildo: Lovense Gravity

Lovense's new remote-controlled Gravity is the first double-use vibrator that Lovense has ever released. We mean it vibrates and thrusts. Oh, and it does both exceptionally effectively. Moreover, it performs these two functions admirably. Coupled with the supplied suction cup, this enables you to enjoy pleasure hands-free, which opens up a plethora of erotic-play possibilities.

What Do We Like It For?

  • The Lovense Gravityis completely remote-controlled and may be utilized with or without the app. This is perfect for both long-term and close-range pleasure plays. 
  • A vibration motor situated at the tip with a maximum of 140 strokes per minute and a 3 cm (1.18 in) stroke length is enough to make everyone go crazy. A vast range of vibrating patterns is also part of this bad boy.
  • The battery life is 4 hours, which is far more than sufficient, and it charges extremely quickly. In addition, it is IPX6 water resistant, making it incredibly simple to wash and suitable for use in the bath.
  • The Gravity is 9.2 inches in length with a 5-inch insertable part. As it goes in and out of your cervix, the toy extends with a penetration depth of 1.18 inches.

What Could Be Improved?

  • Needs additional textures for enhanced feelings.
  • Slightly expensive - Shop around for the best deal
  • Also, a bit noisy.

4,Best Lipstick Vibrator: Lovense Exomoon

Exomoon is a vibrating lipstick with a remote-controlled application. It is discrete, simple to use, and configurable with an infinite number of vibrational settings.

The pricing is pretty affordable for the most adaptable lipstick accessory you will ever find.

Exomoon's exterior resembles lipstick so closely that nobody would raise an eyebrow if it were placed or removed from a handbag. The Exomoon vibe, however, is intended for a separate pair of lips (the labia!) and the sweet spot called the clitoris. The angled tip concentrates vibration against the clit. This Lovense bullet sex toy is the apparent choice for distant couples, as clit orgasms are typically easier than vaginal ones.

What Do We Like It For?

  • The Exomoon offers a significant amount of kick at high speed, consistent with the strength of Lovense vibrators. This also indicates that the Exomoon will begin buzzing your fingertips if you (1) use it at great speed for five to ten minutes or more while (2) clutching your fingertips around the curved square base. Certainly, the vibrations are transmitted via the plastic handle.
  • As a compact, discrete, and silent vibrator, Exomoon offers a safe and thrilling way to discover your sexuality. You may sneakily activate the toy on a plane or train without other passengers hearing it. You can give your spouse remote control and allow them to surprise you with exciting vibrations at unexpected times.
  • It offers 177 minutes of vibration time. In standby mode, though, the toy can last for a maximum of 100 hours.

What Could Be Improved?

  • It takes two hours to charge fully. Make sure the lipstick is always charged, or you will have to wait two hours before using it.
  • It doesn't come with a travel lock.

5,Best Egg Vibrator: Lovense Lush 3

Lovense's third generation of the well-known lush vibrator, the Lush 3, represents another advancement in the sex toy sector. Lush 3 is a removable remote-controlled egg vibrator that allows you to play with your partner from anywhere in the world.

What Do We Like It For?

  • The strongest Bluetooth remote control vibration tool! The G-Spot receives direct pressure from the Lush 3's motor, sending powerful vibrations throughout the vaginal area.
  • It is quiet. You can use it wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the maximum sound level of 43 DB.
  • With a 5-hour battery life, the vibrations maximize your pleasure by evenly distributing throughout your erogenous zone and continuously hitting your sweet spot.
  • With the Lovense Remote app, you may enjoy countless vibrating patterns and play modes.
  • Regardless of where you are, potent vibrations constantly stimulate the G-Spot. Lush 3 "hugs" the body while producing powerful vibrations.
  • Super-soft silicone with a stern feel. The ideal blend for full-fledged orgasms. Lush 3's IPX7 waterproofness eliminates any play restrictions and makes it incredibly simple to clean.
  • Some features add endless pleasure to this programmable remote-control vibrator Lush 3, like close-range control, long-distance control, unlimited vibration patterns, Sync to Music, sound-activated vibrations, and set vibration levels.

What Can Be Improved?

Everything you could want from a small egg vibrator is in Lush 3, it is more potent than the original lush, but still, some improvement would make lush three the best.

  • It will not stimulate your clitoris; it produces internal vibrations. Both internal and external stimulation is necessary.
  • Lush 3 is a powerful vibrator, yet some prefer deep vibrations and excessive buzzy sensations. Lush three would be the best egg vibrator, all in all if it also provides deep buzzy vibration.

6,Best Automatic Stroker: Lovense Calor

It is a brand-new Lovense male masturbator. You will adore the heating feature of Lovense Calor, which provides terrific all-around penile stimulation. A tiny male masturbator with depth control and warmth, termed Calor, also provides a customized experience and a variety of entertaining play possibilities.

What Do We Like It For?

  • You will not want to miss the sensation of touching the toy's incredibly soft silicone interior. There are various ways to use Calor, making it a very flexible toy.
  • Calor is simple to clean after a warm night, thanks to its straightforward design. Because it is also lightweight, you will not want to leave it behind when you travel!
  • Select your preferred option from vibration, squeezing, heating, or depth control.
  • You can sync it with another toy, ask your partner to control it from a long distance or hold it yourself. Enjoy some genuine long-distance play while you relax!
  • Choose a power level that corresponds to your body's requirements and store it for subsequent usage. Create up to 10 favorite patterns as well!
  • Calor is a mobile depth-controlled male masturbator that offers a variety of vibration settings. You can select the power level that best suits your needs with the Lovense app.
  • You can use it for continuous 1.5-2 hours; made up of body-Safe Materials, it is IPX7 Waterproof, USB rechargeable, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

What Can Be Improved?

If you want toys with exceptional customizability, top-notch software, and a cozy heating feature, Calor is the toy for you.

  • But if the inside texture had been a little softer, that would have been fantastic. Other than that, it is a fantastic toy all around.
  • At $199, it is a bit on the pricey side. This toy might not be the right choice if you are on a tight budget.

7,Best Sex Machine: Lovense Sex Machine

The Lovense Sex Machine is a flexible device that offers a variety of possibilities, including close-range and far-reaching control via the Lovense remote app. This device is for you if you want a robust and app-controlled device with a variety of features that can be used by two persons at once.

What Do We Like It For?

  • Simple assembly, durable and stable construction, and low noise. This makes Lovense Sex Machine the ideal partner for individuals who enjoy the intense play.
  • The mechanical Lovense Sex imitates a penis's thrusting motion.
  • The device can be operated by two individuals at once thanks to its double-sided thrusting construction. Stable, durable, and easy to assemble.
  • Included are 2 Vac-U-Lock adaptersand two silicone dildos. All Vac-U-Lock dildos and accessories are compatible with it.
  • Strong motor has a customizable speed of up to 300 strokes per minute.
  • Sex equipment can be adjusted in many different ways and in many different positions. Adjustable height, angle, and stroke length (up to 11.4 cm).
  • It can be adjusted via the Lovense remote app at close range or a long-range distance, and you can change the angle, stroke speed, and stroke length. It is a sex machine with lots of fun functions and options for spicing up your sex session.
  • It is simple to disassemble, and it comes with a sturdy storage bag, making moving it from place to place a little easier.

What Can Be Improved?

Using and operating this mini-sex machine is simple and fascinating; there is no such thing compared to this. There is something that can be improved.

  • It can be noisy in high settings.
  • Its size is big, it cannot be used in public places, you can only use it in your bedroom. A small-size sex machine would be a good option.

8,Best Wearable Vibrator: Lovense Flexer

Lovense Flexer is the best wearable vibrator; this Flexer adult toy will surprise you!

In contrast to other sex toys, Flexer is special because one of its three motors operates a mechanism that causes the insertable portion of the device to move in a come-hither manner. The newest and most intriguing item produced by Lovense is the Flexer Vibrator.

What Do We Love It For?

  • Wearable Lovense Flexeris a Bluetooth vibrator that can be recharged. The flexible, curved form will fit your body and maintain it in place, making it difficult to slip out of place.
  • The insertable component applies pressure and motion to the G-Spot, giving the sensation of "fingers."
  • Three vibration modes are available on the wearable Flexer vibrator: low vibrations for delicate stroking, mid vibrations for more stimulation, and high vibrations for powerful orgasms. Up to 10 vibration patterns can be maintained.
  • You can have endless pleasure as you can create your own patterns, add them to your sex toy, or browse the collection of more than 100,000 different feelings!
  • For real-time control of the sex toy, long-distance lovers can build intimacy through a video call by utilizing the Lovense Remote app. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to use.
  • Flexer is the greatest wearable remote-controlled sex toy option for public play due to its compact size, incredibly smooth silicone, and excellent connectivity.

What Can Be Improved?

Flexer is the Best Wearable Vibrator, but there is something that can be improved.

  • The Flexer is not the best vibrator for public use. It cannot be used outside of your bedroom and is a little noisy. It should be noise free.
  • It cannot be adjusted; a sophisticated vibrator that could be adjusted would be better.

9,Best Handsfree Male Vibrator: Lovense Gush

You can enjoy a hands-free, spine-tingling experience by slipping into the plush, flexible Lovense Gush masturbator. Each time you use this toy, you will have an intense and rewarding experience because of its adjustable design, which can be adjusted to accommodate practically any size.

What Do We Like It For?

  • A powerful orgasm can be achieved with the optional band's addition of intensity, tightness, and targeted stimulation.
  • The Gush is a glans massager with various vibration intensities that can be adjusted to give you the perfect amount of gratification.
  • The Gush ring vibrator offers intense vibration and may be used continuously for up to 115 minutes because of its powerful and silent motor. You can get a strong discharge and the greatest amount of pleasure from it.
  • Soft, body-safe silicone with an ergonomic design fits your body like a glove.
  • Any size can benefit from hands-free vibrations and cozy stroking thanks to the flexible design.
  • For solitary play and near- and far-off control, use the Remote app! Let's all enjoy the entertainment and relaxation that massage has to offer.

What Can Be Improved?

  • The device needs Regular charging, which is a kind of hassle.
  • Compared to other devices, it offers limited features; more features should be introduced.

10,Best Butt Plug: Lovense Hush 2

The first app-controlled vibrating butt plug in the world.

The Lovense Hush 2 is the ideal toy for prostate orgasms and anal gratification. Both newcomers and seasoned players may use it thanks to the variety of sizes, and the potent vibrations are strong enough to be enticing but never painful.

What Do We Like It For?

  • The Hush Vibrating Plug from Lovense is made of soft, body-safe silicone and has a tapered tip, a silky body, and a cozy flared base for comfort.
  • Three power settings and four preset patterns, including pulse (very powerful), wave (more gradual), fireworks (which seems like a hybrid between pulse and wave), and earthquake (generates more dramatically increasing sensations), are packed into each Hush 2. The Hush Butt Plug is fantastic for solo play, remote play with a partner, or even covert outdoor play.
  • Control the three vibration levels, sync the vibrations to music or other sounds, and more with the Lovense app.
  • The Lovense Hush 2 can save up to 10 custom designs because it is programmable.
  • Hush 2 is an anal plug vibrator that can stay in place and is highly waterproof (IPX7).

What Can be Improved?

They are the first teledildonic (app and internet-connected) heel plugs in the world, offering the highest power and comfort.

  • The product can be made in several colors in contrast to the currently provided one.

Things To Consider When Buying Lovense Sex Toys

Suppose you have opted to buy your first sex object. When purchasing Lovense sex items, something should be taken into account. In the beginning, choose a toy based on the type of stimulation you desire, such as internal (these sex toys are used for vaginal or anal insertion) or external (These toys are used mainly for clitoris stimulation).

With ongoing hardware and software updates, sex toys resemble mobile phones. Superficial qualities like heat resistance for sensual play or waterproofness for use in the shower might be what you are looking for. How well a toy will fit into your current schedule will also depend on whether it is USB rechargeable or needs standard batteries. Look for toys with a ton of features to have endless pleasure.

Avoid buying Lovense sex toys from unidentified dealers; instead, seek out real vendors. Look for terms like "body-friendly" or "medically grade" materials that are non-porous before making a purchase; you will get the idea of whether the product is original or fake. It is crucial to use non-porous materials if you want to sanitize the toy thoroughly.

Lovense Sex Toys Benefits

App Connection

You may remotely operate your Lovense sex toys with the straightforward Lovense Remote App. You can link your sex toy with your phone, tablet, or PC.

You can control your sex toy with the Lovense app. When it comes to secure connections, Lovense toys are unrivaled. And it is crucial if you want continuous one-on-one or long-distance sex.

The app connection lets you enjoy the following ways.

  1. You can either link the app to your partner's app or utilize it for solitary play.
  2. You can pick between several vibration settings, video chat, in-app texting with your partner, music, and syncing multiple toys.
  3. Your toy can now be controlled remotely from any location, long distance or short distance. Your hands will not need to be holding the vibrator since you can adjust the toy while it is inside you.
  4. You have even more options for televised sex, like the ability to sync the vibrations with the language of your partner, secure chat and video options, and a ton of other beautiful options that you are sure to adore.
  5. The app connection lets you increase or decrease the vibration of the Lovense sex toy to increase the pleasures
  6. You can select one of the four options. You can even alter the patterns' speed and intensity. A catalog of infinite patterns that other app users have already made is also available here.
  7. The vibrations from your toy can be synchronized with your phone's music collection. The rhythms will therefore determine your subsequent enjoyment patterns.
  8. The vibrations can be programmed and customized via the app, allowing you to alter the strength and style of your experience for a great time.

App Accessories

Lovense sex toys include several practical extras. While some are accessible without charge, some need payment. Lovense sex toys come with a USB charging cable, storage bag, or Bluetooth plug. Your Windows PC will become an instrument for your inner dome thanks to the Bluetooth technology on this.

These sex toy accessories give more power and will go well with your partner's sex toys.

How To Pick the Best Lovense Toy?


When looking for the most excellent Lovense sex toy, type is the first thing you should consider. Lovense sex toys come in a wide range of varieties. They include butt plugs, sex machines, wand vibrators, bullet vibrators, egg vibrators, and masturbators, among other things. These varied forms of sex toys allow them to perform a variety of purposes.

Like the Lovense Sex Machine, which is often large and has a mechanism to hold dildos in place.

Therefore, before selecting a type, you must decide what you require from your sex toy. For instance, you must choose a butt plug if you prefer anal stimulation. Or you need to buy nipple clamps if you want something for your skin.

Vibration Patterns

Lovense sex toys feature a variety of vibration patterns, just like other sex toys. The Lush 3 and Exomoon, among other Lovense sex toys, include four preset patterns: wave, pulse, fireworks, and earthquake. These patterns do what they say they do. For instance, when you set the gadget to the pulse pattern, your sex toy will start to pulse.

Before choosing a Lovense sex toy, take into account these vibration patterns, as they offer you a variety of enjoyable options.


The items on our list should give you a good idea of the two common materials Lovense employs to create its sex toys. Silicone and ABS plastic make up such ingredients. Some toys, like the hush 2, simply use silicone, while others, like the Gush, use a combination of the substance and silicone.

There is typically no real issue regarding Lovense's sex toys because they are made of high-quality silicone and ABS plastic. To be safe, make sure the Lovense toy you choose is made of hypoallergenic and body-friendly materials. That information is typically included in the product information.

Working And Charging Time

Lovense sex devices typically include rechargeable batteries. As a result, when looking for the best among them, you cannot disregard working and charging time. Naturally, you want a toy that charges entirely quickly. At the same time, you want it to continue working for as long as feasible.

Some brands will not comply with those requirements, but Lovense is not one of them. Most Lovense sex toys have recharge times shorter than their working times or equal to them. For instance, the Lovense Hush 2 charges and operates for two hours each.


If you desire the greatest Lovense sex toy, size is another crucial consideration you must not overlook. If you do not like the size, there is a considerable probability you will end up loathing your pleasure item. Therefore, you must decide what size you feel comfortable in before shopping. A discrete gadget like the Lovense Sex Machine is perhaps what you prefer.

You must pay close attention to the insertable length and overall size. The wrong insertable size selection can ruin your experience. Some toys, like the Lovense Hush 2, provide various insertable size options. Check the item's weight to determine whether you are comfortable with it.

Some Lovense toys are available in different sizes; choose your preferred size.


How strong are the vibrations or speed of this sex toy? Before spending money on a toy, you should ask this important question. Lovense sex toys are produced by the same firm, although they have different strengths. You must choose strengths that work for you. Additionally, you need to be sure the toy you are buying will stimulate you properly.

The Lovense Gush, for instance, is appropriate for someone who wants to emphasize their glans penis. Additionally, a clitoral stimulator must be chosen by someone who wants clitoral stimulation. For G-spot stimulation, choose Lovense Flexer.

Control And Customization

The Lovense toys' connectivity with the Lovense Remote app is one of their best qualities. The app gives a variety of controls that manual buttons do not offer, as has been described numerous times in this text. We covered many customizable options available in the app controls in the "app connection" section.


Depending on their features and functionalities, Lovense toys come in various price ranges. Make sure a Lovense sex toy is worth the price before spending money on it. Don't worry; the sex toys on our list are worth their prizes. You can expect the price range of 139$ to 259$ and more. But do keep in mind that Lovense app-controlled sex toys are the best you can get your hands on.

Final Words

Lovense sex toys are great inducers of strong orgasms. Although you cannot purchase not all of these toys, they all have fascinating sensation-delivery features. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have carefully chosen and reviewed the top Lovense sex toys.

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