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ROOMFUN PD-084 High quality Fetish SM Handcuff

This handcuff is specially developed for people who like deep matte black and silver, It looks more textural and heavy, It's reminiscent of the...
Adult game Brand Handcuffs & Restraints ROOMFUN
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Lockink Natural Hand-twisted Hemp Rope

Ropes are an important part of bondage play, you might use straps and other binding devices, but ropes can never be underrated. The feeling...
Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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LOCKINK Detachable JK Bag For Sex Toy Storage & Bondage Play

Have you seen a more practical bag designed for everyday use and for Bondage play. The LOCKINK Detachable JK Bag is an ideal storage...
from $131.99

More sizes available

Adult game Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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Blush Temptasia - Bondage Rope - 32 Feet

Shibari is the traditional Japanese technique of bondage tying, whereas Kinbaku develops this talent in a more sensuous and emotional way. These activities, which...
Blush Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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Blush Temptasia BDSM Handcuffs

Are you the one that always wants something more stirring or spicier than usual? Now with Blush Temptasia BDSM Handcuffs, let your mind go...
Blush Brand For Couple Handcuffs & Restraints
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ROOMFUN ZW-032 SM Fetish Restraint Flying saucer handcuffs

ROOMFUN ROOMFUN ZW-032 SM Fetish Restraint Flying saucer handcuffs Dominance Submission Discipline In the field of BDSM,Prop restriction products are widely used,And the handcuffs are...
Adult game Brand Handcuffs & Restraints ROOMFUN
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ROOMFUN ZW-027 SM Metal Diamond Fetish Restraint Handcuffs

ROOMFUN ROOMFUN ZW-027 SM Metal Diamond Fetish Restraint Handcuffs   In the field of BDSM, Prop limit products are widely used,Bracelet is one of the...
Adult game Brand Handcuffs & Restraints ROOMFUN
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BF-40334J PU Neck Collar with Chain

Product Description Enrich your sexual life. Neck collar with metal chain for better experience and can adjustable meets for different needs. Collar adjustable size: 4''-4.7''....
Adult game BF Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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BF-40336J Matte SM Handcuffs

Product Description Our tenet:Everyone can get more exciting and happiness feeling from this sex handcuffs. PERFECT GIFT:It is the scientifically designed for beginners, Size Can...
Adult game BF Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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BF-40334A Red PU Neck Collar With Chain

Product Description Enrich your sexual life. Neck collar with metal chain for better experience and can adjustable meets for different needs. Collar adjustable size: 4''-4.7''. Material: pu leather. Perfect for bondage, slave role play, secure and restrictive Product Specification L Diameter & S Diameter & Collar Diameter:7 in. & 4 in. & 3in. (120mm & 101mm & 76mm) Width:2 in.(55mm) Height:3 in.(7mm) Weight:225g(0.5Lbs) Packaged Size: 2*4.8*2.6in.(185*120*65mm) Packaged Weight:260g(0.6Lbs)  Packaged Language:  English Case Count:56PCS Case Weight :16KG Case Size:5*45*37.5CM  Item Material:PU Color:Red Packing: OPP bag+Color box HS Code: 4205009090 Detailed Images
Adult game BF Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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BF-40336A High Quality Genuine Leather Red SM Handcuffs

Product Description Our tenet:Everyone can get more exciting and happiness feeling from this sex handcuffs. PERFECT GIFT:It is the scientifically designed for beginners, Size Can...
Adult game BF Brand Handcuffs & Restraints
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Handcuffs & Restraints

What are Handcuffs & Restraints?
Handcuffs & Restraints is a primary bondage for SM lovers. Handcuffs are used to enhance sexual excitement and add something new to your sex life. These BDSM handcuffs are used to restrain the partner's hands and ankles, and the abused person is enslaved and controlled by the partner.

Handcuffs & Restraints are connected by two bracelets and chains made of soft or hard material. Depending on the length of the chain, couples can change positions in the BDSM game. There are many ways to restrict handcuffs, such as wrist-to-wrist, ankle-to-ankle, wrist-to-ankle, or wrist-to-object, ankle-to-object, and so on. It all depends on your comfort level.

Handcuffs & Restraints helps create a soft bondage scene and a better foreplay time for your partner. BDSM handcuffed sex toys are easy to use, even for beginners. First of all, you should choose adjustable restraint handcuffs, which control the hands, feet and feet of the opponent, and then invade like a beast. Watching the opponent resist and struggle, you are the King of the opponent. This is the alternative that SM handcuffs bring to you. fun of.

The feeling of being tied up in handcuffs
Once the tied up victim is locked up, restricted, and in a passive state, it is easy to cause a sense of psychological oppression. At the same time, after being tied up, you will usher in the offensive of the other party, and you will witness the process of being "bullied", your body is touched, scratched, beaten, and entered, you can't resist. Maybe because of this you feel a little bit of fear, or maybe because of fear, you fall in love with this sense of crisis and the feeling of being dominated. Forget about it.

Types of Handcuffs
There are various types of Handcuffs & Restraints for partners to choose from. Depending on the handcuffs, you can find two types as follows:

Soft handcuffs
Soft handcuffs, made of soft materials such as plastic, rubber, leather or even fabric. These products are soft on the skin and do not cause skin friction when applied. Beginners should try to start the game with soft handcuffs。

Hard handcuffs
Hard handcuffs, made of hard materials such as metal, are a common type that cause friction when in use. There are also hard handcuffs combined with soft material to avoid friction。

Chain handcuffs
This is an ordinary handcuff. It has a certain degree of freedom for slave partners because the length of the chain is very long.

Hinged handcuffs
It's much stronger than normal. The slave partner lost freedom. It completely restricts the movement of the partner. The strength of the chain is too high, so be careful when storing it.

Leather Type Handcuffs
It is absolutely safe to use. You can take it out without any friction and damage. The bracelet is attached with soft leather. Adjustable or non-adjustable, choose what you want。

How to use the tied handcuffs toy?
In all SM games, the most important thing is trust and communication. It's good to talk softly about SM toys with a partner. If he/she is ready and agrees. Ask him/her what makes him/her comfortable with the sexual urge and does he/she enjoy the act?

Pick your handcuffs after discussing with your partner. Tell your slave to relax and start limiting. Now start with your imagination. Start by deciding where your partner will be handcuffed. Limit the opponent's hands and legs according to the pose you imagine. Don't tie too tightly. You can also try other BDSM sex toys to use with handcuffs, such as blindfolds, masks, etc. During the course of the behavior, establish good communication with your partner.

Precautions when using handcuffs.
In order to perform a safe and better binding handcuffs, you should follow your preset safety alerts. If your partner tells you about safety alerts, it is your responsibility to follow and release the restraint immediately. If you don't, it could hurt your slave partner.

If you're going to buy metal restraint handcuffs, don't go for the cheap ones. Inexpensive metal handcuffs can have sharp edges that can hurt you while wearing or removing them. To avoid chafing the skin, choose restraint handcuffs covered with soft material. It's safer to use.

Don't play the music too loudly when playing the bondage game in the bedroom. In the noise, there is a chance that you can't get the slave's partner's safety word or safety sign.

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