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The Cinema Tour Wearing The Lovense Flexer toy

As soon as I got the Lovense Flexer, I called my boyfriend to go out with me and gave him control. Although Remote app has many functions, it is easy to use, and my boyfriend plays it with a great time for the first time! Wearing the Lovense Flexer, we couldn't wait to get out the door.

Although the size of the Lovense Flexer looks a little large at first glance, its shape is actually very suitable for entry. Just need to do a good job of lubrication. The design that receives a waist also won't fall out easily in walking, the fit feeling of C point is very good also, do not have eyewinker feeling at all. I still feel the vibration is quite loud in the room. Out of the door found that the sound is not obvious, completely negligible! There is no need to worry about playing outdoors.


We chose the cinema as a playground. The back seat and the dim light give a sense of secrecy, and the sound system covers up the sound of vibration.

As my boyfriend's fingers slid, the Flexer began to wriggle restlessly in his body. To my surprise. Flexer not only has the internal part of the body pulling the G point, but also the external part of the body has begun to press the C point! For a while, the sensitive parts inside and outside the body were jointly attacked. My legs began to tremble and clamp uncontrollably, and I looked up and stared at him.

He smirked, touched my trembling leg, and switched the app to voice mode. At this time, the movie is playing an intense plot, and Flexer begins to change gears sensitively with the sound of the movie. From a long period of intense stimulation to a short period of slow breathing, Flexer repeatedly stimulated my body, and I couldn't help writhing in my seat and trembling all over. The thought that this was a movie theater and there were other people nearby made the excitement even stronger. It didn't take long for me to reach climax by writhing in my chair. After climax, the body is more sensitive, and the dense shock in the body stimulates the inner wall, which is simply memorable.

I pretended to be calm and collapsed on the back of my chair to gasp, but he switched to the sliding screen mode and began to control rhythmically. I could only grasp the armrest of the seat tightly, lower my head and rub my legs, clench my teeth and not make strange sounds. Before a movie was over, my legs were weak and my eyes were blurred by his torture.

Finally, I can hardly remember how I left the cinema. Before wearing it out, I really didn't expect that Flexer would have such great magic. After this time, I fell in love with outdoor play and pestered my boyfriend to take me out to play every day.


Lovense Flexer App Control Wearable Vibrator:

Lovense Flexer is a small wearable toy that stimulates the G-spot and C-spot at the same time. The diameter of 3.6 is just right, and it feels full. The shape of the head is very smooth and easy to enter, and the tail of the waist will not let it slide out in walking.

Lovense Flexer's function is a very rare "pull", the amplitude and strength are sufficient, the body part and the body part are clamped together, accompanied by a sense of shock, triple stimulation! The raised radian design perfectly reaches the G point, and the whole fit has no foreign body sensation.

When it comes to remote connections, Lovense's remote must be yyds! Toy boot seconds, no matter what posture, Bluetooth will not disconnect, the king of stability! The app also has a variety of functions, such as sliding screen, acceleration, sound mode, and if you are too lazy to slide screen by yourself, you can also use the waveform shared by other players.

Pinch is really a completely different new experience! If you want to play outdoors, you must try!
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