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Lovense Tenera Blue Dolphin, Smart Fun and Trendy Play!

To say what is the most popular sex toy market in the past two years, clit sucking toy must be the best. Major brands have launched sucking toys. At present, there are many cute pet and pink visual products in the market, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

The Lovense Tenera Bluetooth Sucking Device has learned from others and inherited Lovense's intelligent genes. It uses technology and aesthetics to make women more happy. Since its launch, it has been favored by female consumers, professional big V and KOL, leading the new trend of intelligent interest in 2022.

Lovense Tenera

Aesthetics, science and technology, fashion play

Lovense Tenera has a very popular and powerful sucking and vibrating function, five gears of vibration and four gears of sucking. It brings high-quality pleasant experience to women. Sweet and romantic macaron blue, elegant shape of light luxury fashion, compact and portable.

Ergonomic design, funnel-shaped sucking mouth design, perfectly wrapped with honey beans, outer contact stimulation, inner sound wave stimulation, fast climbing to the top.

For the safety of users, it is made of skin-friendly and soft edible liquid silica gel material. IPX6 is waterproof, soft and delicate, caring for private parts, safer and more comfortable.

Lovense Tenera boldly features a large, deep sucking

The sucking mouth sucks the honey beans as if a lover beats and teases the honey beans; the inner concave layer vibrates the honey beans and quickly climbs to a pleasant sensation; the lip cavity channel tightly holds the beans to create huff and puff airflow and reach the sensitive depth. The lingering sucking of sucking, touching, trembling and flirting brings multiple pleasures like a storm, and brings infinite beauty to women!

Lovense Tenera Blue Dolphin

Sonic Sucking, Deep Stimulation

Lovense Tenera sonic pulse sound wave pulse sucking can transmit the vibration from the skin to the nerve at a deep level, and the external placement can also activate more than 8000 nerve endings hidden in the honey bean from the surface, triggering a tsunami of pleasure from a deeper level. Like a bomb thrown into the water, there are only little ripples on the surface of the water, and the depths have been turned upside down.

Through the sense of shock, the pleasure is repeated.

The vibration frequency of Lovense Tenera5000 rpm awakens the heart pleasure, stirs up the nerves, and the happiness explodes like fireworks, one wave after another.

Adjust the vibration frequency, and follow the heart in strength and weakness

Gently press it on the body, the high-frequency intensive vibration will make people relax immediately, speed up the frequency, the attention seems to be caught in the past, the accumulated strength seems to be about to spray out, adjustable vibration frequency, gently caress or turn over mountains and seas, satisfy every desire of the body, from sprouting to every stage of high strength!

No matter how far the distance is, the fingertips are intimate.

He can not only control face to face, but also control lovesickness in different places. In Shanghai, he moves his fingers gently, urgently, and around. In New York, her face is flushed, so that her body can enjoy cross-border touching, long-distance hot interaction and synchronization.

Lovense Tenera

Open a new era of intelligence and interest

The Lovense Remote APP of Lovense Blue Dolphin is the ceiling of intelligent interest, music mode, acceleration mode, alarm clock mode, remote control, sound mode, frequency sharing and other functions are very rich. Such as fun paradise, bring more beauty and growth to every user.

Death Knock Detail Pattern Play Method

Tenera's silent design, to achieve the limits of the current technology, about 45 decibels when working, whispering quiet, IPX6 waterproof, unlock the underwater pleasure scene, can be directly placed under the tap to clean, advanced magnetic charging, safe and convenient.

Lovense Tenera Blue Dolphin hopes that through more happy and natural ways, women can enjoy themselves easily and calmly. Accompany every woman who begins to explore and become the master of her body and the perceiver of her life.
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