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HOW LONG-DISTANCE SEX TOYS ARE IMPACTING RELATIONSHIPS – tips to enjoying a long-distance relationship using sex toys

Distance connections are challenging. It doesn’t matter why you have to live apart—whether it’s due to your profession, your family, or something else—having to deal with physical distance is still difficult. People enjoy showing their spouse love, cuddling, having sexual relations, and just being with them in general.

When you can’t spend as much time together as you’d like or touch each other as frequently as you might be used to, it can cause frustration to build up or even cause you to feel detached. You might believe that you are unable to meet each other’s needs. The largest drawback of being apart from your partner, aside from the apparent fact that you don’t see each other, is probably not being able to regularly engage in sexual intercourse.

The good news is that there are ways to keep your sex life alive and maintain a healthy relationship, despite the distance between you, whether you’re apart for a few weeks or a few years.

Tech to the rescue

When it comes to technology, your possibilities these days are virtually endless; gone are the days when you had to rely on the phone when you weren’t physically present with your spouse. Therefore, if you’re willing to play, you shouldn’t at the very least get bored.

Many couples from around the globe spend months or even years apart, while some of us can’t bear the idea of being separated from our partner for even a week. Nevertheless, a lot of people are able to maintain long-distance relationships (LDRs) in spite of the distance.

If you create a romantic atmosphere and give each other enough of time, video chat and sharing during masturbation sessions can be a great sensual beginning. But instead of doing that, why not use haptics to manage your sex desires and restore some sense of physical touch? Remote control sex toys, often known as paired or long-distance toys, let you stimulate your lover when you’re apart.

LONG-DISTANCE TOYS: what are long-distance toys?

Toys made expressly with long-distance partners in mind are long-distance sex toys, sometimes known as Teledildonics. Long-distance sex toys offer an interactive experience using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but you may use any sex toy to interact with your long-distance sweetheart on camera or over the phone. An app can be used to remotely control the vibrating patterns of long-distance sex toys. Some teledildonic gadgets can sync with music or audiobooks, work with virtual reality headsets, feature proprietary video chat applications, and more.

The pandemic heralded an increase in the use of long distance sex toys

To see, touch, and feel connected to loved ones in 2020 was more difficult than ever. COVID-19 has also kept romantic interactions at a distance, even though for many people that means being apart from grandparents, parents, or siblings. However, because they are intelligent, adaptable, and — most of all — horny, humans have adapted to their environment.

And for long-distance relationships (LDRs), that necessitates altering their usual method of departure. Couples have been experimenting with Zoom and FaceTime sex, incorporating long-distance sex toys specifically created for lovers to be able to join some personal time for themselves, to explore and find out what is arousing and enticing to one another. Couples have been doing this because there is no end to the distance in sight.

Remote Controlled sex toys are not new inventions

Although remote-controlled sex toys have been available since the 1990s, numerous sex toy retailers experienced an increase in sales in 2020. Couples are looking to change things up around the house and from a distance, so remote-control powered gadgets have undoubtedly been in great demand this year. It was expected that sales would surge during the pandemic as couples kept apart by lockdown looked for ways to continue an active love life.

What are the impacts that long distance sex toys have on relationships these days?

A major impact of long-distance sex toy on relationships is that it has helped couples retain the spark that they had in the beginning, even when they're not together. It is normally the trend that whenever it is the situation that couples are not in the same place, or they are far apart for a long period of time, they tend to grow apart. But now with several sex toys that we have seen being produced year in, year out, especially since 2020 when we had the lockdown. Couples have been able to make the best of this opportunity on how best to enhance their relationship. It is a fact that one of the major factors that helped couples get through the lockdown was the sex accessories and toys that were available to them during this. Although some people believe that sex toy tend to affect negatively and bring apart couples rather than bring them closer to each other, this was not the case for a majority. Couples that claimed sex toys caused problems in their relationships probably had some underlying issues that they have not resolved.

As said earlier, technological advancements have made things easier,  remote control, Bluetooth, or the internet can be used to link long distance sex toys. With a single tap on the screen of a vibrating device, you may give your lover your favorite vibration pattern or even use it to detect their movement.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, and you seek to seek and find pleasure with your partner despite the distance, read more below


The majority of sex toys created for couples in long-distance relationship are based on popular sex toy designs that have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features added.

1. Rabbit vibrators: Women are stimulated by the clitoral and G-spot on this traditional vibrator.


2. Masturbator sleeve: These sleeves, which are often referred to as strokers, encircle the penis to mimic masturbation. Remote-controlled versions with several vibration modes and rings that constrict around the penis are available for long distance use.
3. Wearable vibrators: These remote vibrators are made to be placed inside the vagina or fastened to the wearer’s undergarments. A smartphone app may be used to operate some models, enabling your distant partner to unleash strong vibrations.
4. Suction devices: Toys designed to mimic suction during oral sex specifically stimulate the clitoris.
5. Vibrating butt plug: Numerous vibrating butt plugs can be operated with a remote or app. To stimulate the perineum, some vibrating butt plugs have an external massager.

Most of these sex toys, especially the high-tech ones, come with instructional manuals, therefore you should not experience difficulty in using them. But if due to some factors, your long-distance toys are not working the way they are expected to, it could be due to the following reasons:

Factors that could affect the performance of long-distance relationship sex toys

  1. Bad internet connection: If your Internet service is unreliable, many high-tech sex objects will stop working. Set up yourself in an area that is near your Wi-Fi signal and verify your connectivity before using the toy.
  2. Activate DND and keep your phone close: The majority of long-distance sex toys frequently use Bluetooth technology to link the item to a smartphone app. Keep your phone and sex toy close to each other to maintain your internet connection if you’re using a Bluetooth-enabled penetrative toy. To avoid being distracted by calls, messages, and email notifications, change your phone’s setting to “do not disturb.”
  3. Prepare for any of the above situation happening: Since long-distance sex toys are a relatively recent invention, their performance could be unpredictable. Consider purchasing a versatile sex toy so that you may continue having pleasure even if something goes wrong with your Internet connection.
  4. Do not keep things only on the virtual space, mix it up: Mixing traditional methods with modern ones may improve your long-distance sex life because there are other ways besides high-tech equipment to enjoy virtual romance with your spouse. Spend some time playing with different camera locations and angles while sexting, sharing sensual playlists, and other forms of virtual foreplay.


Although long-distance relationships provide many difficulties, your sexual life is likely to be the most negatively impacted. You can partially fill the emptiness with your own hands, but adding a sex toy might make you feel like your spouse is right there with you, and any void you may experience can be filled with these toys for some time.

These gadgets won’t ever be able to fully replace your significant other, but they will help pass the time until you can reunite in person. Finding the one (or two!) that feels the closest to your partner’s touch may be done because each one offers a different experience. Whether you and your partner are on a virtual date or you spend your alone time daydreaming about your upcoming reunion. The reason for this write-up is to help couples living far from each other find a way to make things work regardless of the distance. This is the beauty of technology.

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