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ROOMFUN PR-006 SM tool of Breathable Gag & Adjustable Clamps

ROOMFUN ROOMFUN PR-006 SM tool of Breathable Gag & Adjustable ClampsDo you have the feeling of being tied and gagged? Perfect for the first...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand ROOMFUN
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Behave Serve Me Restraints Set

The Behave Luxury Fetish Serve Me Restraints Set is the perfect way to add a little spice to your bedroom activities. This set is made...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Bondage Kit Brand
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Behave Tempt Him Blindfold

The Behave Luxury Fetish Tempt Him Blindfold is the perfect way to add a little bit of mystery and excitement to your bedroom play....
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Behave Temptation Bondage Kit

This Behave Luxury Fetish Temptation Bondage Kit is the perfect tool for those looking to add some excitement to their bedroom experiences. Made of printed...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Behave LOVE IS BLIND Blindfolds

Behave LOVE IS BLIND blindfolds offer a unique way to explore kinky play. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fetish enthusiast, these blindfolds add...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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SINS Be My Master Bondage Puppy Hood

This SINS Be My Master Bondage Puppy Hood is perfect for those looking to explore the world of BDSM. Made from PU and breathable stretchy fabric,...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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SINS Full-face Bondage Hood

The SINS Full-Face Bondage Hood is the perfect accessory for those looking to explore the world of BDSM. This hood is made from a breathable,...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Lockink Vixen Blindfold

Sometimes you would wish to go into sensory deprivation with your partner in your kinky fantasy and BDSM. Blindfolding your partner to take away...
Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Lockink Punker Muzzle Gag Punker Muzzle Gag Kit

The screams and shouts of your slave can be annoying and obstructive to getting the punishment you want to dish you. Do you not...
Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Psylocke Inflatable Couple Silicone Ball Gag Sex Toy

Psylocke Inflatable Couple Silicone Ball Gag Sex Toy Do you bear a kink of gag and looking to include it into your sex toy...
Adult game Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand For Couple Honeysx
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Blush Noir - Breathable Silicone Ball Gag

Want to explore the track of BDSM fun like fifty shades of gray? Have bondages fantasies gone in your mind that you want to...
Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Blush Brand For Women
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Blush Noir - Silky BDSM Blindfold

Have a thing for blindfolding sexual pleasure? Are you looking around for a way to make your wild fantasies come true and spice things...
Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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BF-R40316 Strapped Gag Ball with Silicone Gag

Product Description ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE to make sure the best size for you and your partner. SPECIAL BALL GAG Strapped Gag Ball with Silicone Gag USE...
Adult game BF Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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BF-40332J Luxury Matt Pu Eye Patch

Product Description Easily Focus on Sex Fun: Close your eyes at ease, let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits to enjoy the SM...
Adult game BF Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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BF-40332A Red PU leather Eye Patch

Product Description Easily Focus on Sex Fun: Close your eyes at ease, let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits to enjoy the SM game with your lover;COMFORTABLE & DURABILITY: elastic band design one size fits all, easy on the face, makes you feel down right nasty, will not press on your eyes, never smudge your makeup;SOFT MATERIAL: Made of smooth pu leather, has the excellent lightproof performance;Perfect for adult games, SM games, bedroom game and cosplay game, spice up your sexual life for couples;Washing does not fade: The inner layer of soft color fastness, sweat or water will not fade. Product Specification Length:6.8 in.(195mm) Width:2.4 in.(60mm) Height:0.1 in.(3mm) Weight:20g(0.1Lbs) Packaged Size: 8.1*2.9*0.8in.(205*75*20mm) Packaged Weight:40g(0.1Lbs)  Packaged Language:  English Case Count:140PCS Case Weight :7KG Case Size: 52.5*42.5*22.5CM  Item Material:PU Color: Red Packing: OPP bag+Color box HS Code: 4205009090 Detailed Images
Adult game BF Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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BF-40333A High-quality Red PU Ball Gag

Product Description -Adjustable buckle to make sure the best size for you and your partner. -Special ball gag strapped gag ball with silicone gag. -Use...
Adult game BF Blindfolds,Masks & Gags Brand
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Blindfolds,Masks & Gags

Add a touch of the mysterious and elegant veil to your foreplay, and be assured to give complete access to your partner to jump in for a little more adventure. Blindfolds,Masks & Gags sex toys can arbitrarily deprive you of vision and speech. Instead, use hearing and smell to get alternative pleasure! Add more charm of control, humiliation, and dominance to your game! This wonderful touch adds infinite mystery to your sex life!
The best Blindfolds,Masks & Gags are of the following brands:ROOMFUN,BEINGFETISH

What is a blindfold BDSM toy?
Blindfold is a BDSM sex toy for the beginner abuser and battered partner. It is a soft piece of fabric that is wrapped around the head and over the eyes to limit the view of the partner. Blindfolds stimulate foreplay and sex with a partner to block his/her vision. Visual limitations inspire feelings that men and women have never experienced before.

Other senses such as touch, taste, smell, and hearing are activated when one person blocks the view of another. It's too tense for a better SM drama. By using this amazing BDSM eye mask, couples can introduce new things into their sex life and can add surprises for better stimulation. It can get couples excited and is a great start to orgasm.

A sadistic partner wearing a blindfold is aroused by the invisible movement of the masochistic partner. Blindfolds provide a more varied communication as partners use bundled blindfolds.

What are the characteristics of the blindfold BDSM toy?
It is easy to use and operate during sex. According to the information, there are many bundled eye masks on the market. It can be cotton, leather, nylon, etc. The soft fabric on the eye mask is most flattering. Hard and heavy materials can harm the eyes and nearby areas.

A simple, sexy eye patch is a must-have toy list in your bedroom. It blocks the most important senses and vision, and enhances sexual arousal by feeling your partner move without seeing the other.

How to use a blindfold BDSM toy?
Couples can use blindfolded BDSM toys to enhance arousal. When your partner is ready to use an eye patch during their sex life, then you should start looking for a suitable bundled eye patch. You can buy it through an online store or a nearby market. If you don't want to spend money, then you can cover your eyes with everyday items such as frights. Our purpose is only to limit vision.

Cover each other's eyes with blindfolds. Do not tighten. Adjust it so it doesn't fall during action. Let it go and take your partner to bed blindfolded because of sadism. After earning your partner's trust, continue your sexuality to arouse them. Caress your blindfolded partner. Touch their sensitive parts, legs, neck, nipples to get him/her excited. Let your partner feel the other senses. Ask to feel your touch, smell, etc. Try playing some sex games like asking him/her to take off your clothes while blindfolded, telling him/her to kiss you while blindfolded, etc. In the blindfolded scene, try exchanging things. Once you act like a masochist, once you let your partner act like a masochist.

Precautions for eye mask BDSM toys?
If you are a beginner, you should try what you know. If you are using other BDSM toys and new movements then you should be careful. Your partner is blindfolded and cannot handle other toys and movements.

When buying bundled eye shields, make sure the eye shields are not tight. Try to find a flexible and adjustable eye mask. Every BDSM has a rule that it is an action between two partners. Don't dominate your partner. First ask you if he/she would like to try a blindfold? Is he/she willing to SM play or be a sadist or masochist? Discuss these questions before acting. It's a good idea to discuss some safe words about bundling games. It makes your SM play safer.

Don't ignore every instruction from your partner. This could hurt them. Wash your bundled goggles before putting on the other person's eyes. During the blindfold process, dust particles can damage your partner's eyes. You can wash it, if you are bundled the eye mask is washable.

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