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Anal beads adult toy is an option in the erotic life

Use adult toys to enhance the interest and quality of sex life, common toys such as vibrating eggs, vibrators, and masturbation devices. In fact, there are still many adult toys that are not well known and familiar to everyone, such as the anal beads toys.

As the name suggests, the anal beads refer to bead-shaped masturbation toys used by men or women to massage the buttock. Anal beads originated from the adult products exceptionally developed in Japan, Europe, and the United States, and now there are many well-known brands of products into the world for sale, such as online adult toys of all kinds of online stores are selling a number of well-known brands of anal beads products.

The buttock is also the most sensitive area of a person, usually for couples. Couples have little understanding and sexual interest in this part of the body, and will not think of doing anything to explore it. However, many people actually do not experience the pleasure of stimulating the anal, if you try it with the help of the anal beads tasting erotic toys, I believe you will be deeply fond of it.

The shape of the anal beads is mostly a soft rope (or a silicone strip or a metal strip connection, mainly depending on the material of the anal bead itself) connecting several beads of the same size or increasing from small to large. The number of beads is not limited. There is a ring or handle on the tail to prevent the anal beads from completely entering the rectum and to facilitate pulling out. Some anal beads have a vibration function.

Such vibrations will be more throughout the whole anal beads, belonging to the heart of the advancement of erotic lovers, do you dare to try? Do you want to experience the feeling of searching your intestines?

The function of vibration is to enhance pleasure. When using, insert the beads one by one into the anus and then retain or pull them out. Anal beads are a very old and fashionable gadget. Most of them are massagers made up of multiple circles in series. They are one of the most popular adult toys. Although simple, it is wonderful.(klick to Anal Beads Guide: How To Use Anal Bead)

In conventional anal beads, the round beads are generally arranged in order from small to large, with a ring or handle at the tail. The beads in this book are the largest, the head is the part that enters the anus first, and the beads are the smallest. That is to let the experience of going deep into the anus gradually increase the intensity.

Does using anal beads really add color to your life?

The effect varies according to each person's understanding, but if you master the method, it can certainly add color to your sex life.

The original idea of anal beads was used in the interaction between the two bodies. The partner will use beads one by one into the male anus, and in the male intermittent ejaculation at the same time, by the partner with the male ejaculation of the anal constriction, anal beads one by one, so that the male can feel double orgasmic stimulation, because of the effective stimulation of the male prostate.

A person's orgasm is different due to different genders.

For example, girls have vaginal orgasm, vaginal orgasm, G-spot orgasm, and a few have anal orgasm. Girls do not have an organ of prostate. Therefore, many girls experience anal sex and anal beads that stimulate the sensitive nerves in the mouth of the chrysanthemum. And the body has a sense of fullness (similar to holding stool or even pain) and no special orgasm feeling. Of course, the individual experience may be different.

For guys, there are mainly pubic orgasms, prostate orgasms (this is unique to guys and is unexplored by quite a few).

The unique male organ, the prostate, is attached to the pubic symphysis in front and follows the rectum in the back. Intense stimulation of the anus and rectum causes the prostate to become engorged with blood, stimulating the ejaculatory center and producing great pleasure. The characteristics report shows that the orgasm obtained by men through the stimulation of the prostate is much stronger than the pubic orgasm. Of course, this also varies slightly with each person's physical sensation, and some people may not feel this way, but the prostate orgasm is just very easy for men to ignore.

When it comes to the anal beads, this is a simple to use the adult erotic toy. Just insert the small beads one by one slowly into the buttock. Experience has proven that before the onset of orgasm, pulling the beads out one by one with the onset of orgasm is just too exciting. So it's important to be precise in the timing of your orgasm and pulling out the small beads at the right time.

Girls can also try anal beads to stimulate their vagina

Vaginal products (or both) are simple to use. If you put the beads into your vagina, you can repeat the pulling out and put in motions to stimulate the vaginal walls if they are in a string.

When inserting the beads, you can also try to use the cunnilingus motion to make the surface layer rub against the vaginal wall and get a massage effect. Because of the steel ball inside, any movement of the body will cause the ball to produce a shocking force, and the shocking force will make the vaginal wall feel itchy. It can be used regularly to tighten the vagina. It can make your boyfriend feel a greater sense of "grip" during regular body interaction movements.

Precautions for playing with the beads:

  1. For the first time when you use the beads should start with a small point, slowly increase the size, so it will be better.
  1. First of all, you should wash your buttocks with warm water, the best conditions can wash the intestines (specific methods to be discussed later). It is important to remember that relaxation is the most important code of the anal game. However, it takes a certain skill to relax the anal, and it is not so easy for most people to grasp it quickly. Only when you relax can you ensure that the anal beads can be inserted without pain.
  1. Lubrication is also a necessary condition for anal beads to perform with passion, because the rectum is very squeamish, and the thin layer can be easily messed up by rough or dry stuff. There are also specific ways to use lubricants.
  1. Avoid contact with high temperatures. The material used for the production of anal beads is generally polymer medical-grade silica gel. This material needs to avoid contact with high temperatures.
  1. Pay attention to regular purchases. Due to the rapid development of the adult products industry, fake and inferior products will appear on the market. Some inferior plastic beads are first melted and then molded by two hemispherical molds. There are obvious plastic edges. It is easy to cause damage to the intestines in use. Therefore, when choosing a product, you must go to a regular sales store or website to buy it.
  1. In addition, when using a series of rope anal products, it is also necessary to ensure that the nylon rope on the anal bead is strong enough to ensure that there is no difficulty in dragging these beads out from the anal. Check every time that all beads are reliably connected and will not fall off.

For girls, anal beads is like a little genie, simple but playing a little different, will bring you a different experience. All in all, anal beads is an option of sex life. Like it or not, it depends on you, no one can speak for your body, except you.

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