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Anal Beads Guide: How To Use Anal Bead

You can’t imagine that there are many things for your sexual pleasure. The anal beads can be your best choice to enjoy more sexual intercourse. It is an amazing and flexible sex toy for an Anal sex experience. Anal beads are a unique sex toy that has a series or multiple numbers of spheres or balls attached in series. According to Sex toys expert Cole, "Anal beads are a sex toy that offers a great way to get your body used to anal stimulation,". The shape, size is awesome and it is a body-safe sex toy. You can easily use Anal beads for sexual pleasure. And you can insert it in your Anus with solo or by your partner simply way. By depending on balls or spheres inserting your anus you can get pleasure. For the demands of customers, anal beads are developing day by day. Now, most of the anal beads are electric-based and add different features. So, Anal beads are simple and effective. Sex toys manufacturers are using body-safe sex toy materials like silicone. Anal beads toy that won’t break anytime. Anal beads are beginners' sex toys as well. These are really easy to use and relatively small. You can use them as a whole for lots of sexual activities.


Design of Anal Beads

Anal beads are a series of gradual bulbs on some sort of cord. This is also a super long cord that gives you extra pleasure in your sex life. These are four or five beads in a series. That’s why you can get great pleasure. The Anal beads are available in different sex materials. You can get some that are made of glass, steel, and silicone. As a result, anal beads are nice and flexible in shape. If you want to avoid jelly or anything that has a material string between the beads. So, these can’t be sterilized between uses and they can and will harbor bacteria. Unlike butt plugs are inserted into the body and stay there. While you play anal beads can actually move in and out again. If you have little experience, you can also use these sex toys. Now, most anal beads are technology-based vibration sex toys.


Features of Anal Beads

Here we want to show the best features of Anal beads and this will make a good mindset to use Anal beads.

  • Anal beads toy is suitable for many sexual positions and situations like masturbating, oral sex time, penetration time.
  • Anal beads are beginners friendly sex toys and you can use them for masturbation for the first time.
  • Most of the Anal beads are made up of silicone and you can use lube in your toys for stimulation.
  • It has maximum beads and you use beads by following your adjustment.
  • To maintain present demands, most Anal beads are now available in vibrating features and available in the market.
  • Anal beads have a unique chargeable system that expands your sexual experience on a long-term basis.
  • Waterproof system is available in Anal beads and you can use it long term.  
  • You can clean it easily for its shape and other features.
  • Different sizes of Anal beads are available.
  • It has an essential and useful guideline book in the package.

Benefits of Using Anal Beads

Anal beads are a great way for men and women to experiment with anal sexual intercourse. It is easy to use and turns a regular orgasm into a beautiful shattering experience. Now, there is no matter the size of Anal Beads because it is now remote-based and lots of sizes are available. The unique side is that the anal beads connected with each other by following small to large balls patterns. If you are suitable and get an adjustable way in small beads, just enjoy that. And other beads are also waiting for you to enhance your sexual intercourse. It has a finger loop to control it manually. The remote control system is an extra benefit of Anal beads.


How to works Anal Beads

Anal beads are used for sex play and maximize orgasm. These are men's and women's sex toys. Even it can be used solo and double. According to sex therapist Debra Liano, “the beads are inserted slowly into the rectum and pulled out at varying speeds before or during orgasm”. 

So, however, first of all, you should clean the beads and then use some lube in your anal beads. Then push the first beads in your anal and feel the sexual pleasure. When you are ready to insert the next beads then push the next beads slowly. Don’t worry! Anal beads are soft and body-safe sex toys.

How to Use Anal Beads

Anal beads are a unique and easy sex toy for anal. According to sex toy experts, anal beads are normally used during sexual intercourse to stimulate orgasms. Anal beads provide more pleasure through stimulating the G-spot and P-spot. For getting the maximum pleasure you need to use a good quality lube with anal beads. Anal beads are used while you are engaging in other things like foreplay, oral sex, and before the preparation for penetration. It seems maybe it is rigid, but actually anal beads are flexible and soft. Don’t worry about that. Just insert the first beads in your anus and get enjoy the sex. If you feel better and adjust the first beads then you move the second beads in the anus. It has 3 to more beads in a series. The use of anal beads numbers has relied on your capabilities. The feedback is really awesome. Try it for quicker pleasure and sexual response.

Safety of Anal Beads

Most of the anal beads are made of silicone which is body-safe. And there is no porous to prevent any sexual disease. If the anal beads are threaded onto a string, they cannot be fully disinfected because it is porous-free. You should not use it without any barriers We suggested that you can use a condom, latex to prevent the transfer of any germs or bacteria. Sharing unsterilized anal sex toys can expose users to different types of sexually transmitted diseases. Cleaning is also an important safety issue for keeping it safe. You can your lukewarm water and soap for cleaning up. You should choose it for your body size.

How to Clean the Anal Beads

Anal beads are used for anal sexual intercourse and it brings to orgasm. Cleaning is an important matter for Anal Beads. After using Anal beads you must clean them. You should concentrate on properly washing anal beads to remove the bacteria. So you can use a mild bacterial soap and hot water for cleaning the anal beads. Besides, you can also put these in the dishwasher.  

By the way, for better safety, you should clean it with a bleach solution in a weak. And every bead of cord clean by bleach solution with water. Then put it into the hot water and use anti-bacterial soap to ensure sanitization.

Best Anal Beads Toy Suggestion

1)B-Vibe Triplet Remote Anal Beads

It has three flexible body-safe beads. The first bead is suitable for slim bodies or beginners. The second beads and third beads are appropriate for expert users and they can get maximum pleasure by using these triplet anal beads. It is easy to insert as well as easy for removing from anal. Triplets anal beads are enjoyable and easy for all users. These three series created a pleasurable sensation in your anal and feel pleasure for both partners. You can also use G-spot stimulation. It is remote controlled and chargeable anal beads sex toy. You can controlled also manually by using the button on the base. The distance of the remote control is 30 feet away. You can use it for fun with sexual pleasure. It has 6 vibration levels and 15 vibrations patterns. The triplets anal beads are made of hypoallergenic and body-safe soft seamless silicone. These anal beads are phalate free, latex-free, and not porous here. It is 100% body-safe anal beads. The anal beads are splash-proof and shower friendly and easy to clean. The rechargeable battery can be a stable minimum of 60 minutes by a single charge. You can use it smoothly and carry it anywhere.

Features of B- Vibe Remote Anal Beads

  • These anal beads have a very soft surface and you can feel pleasant when you use them.
  • These are tech anal beads in which powerful vibrating motors are used for quicker pleasure.
  • You can turn it all the side because it is flexible and it can’t ruin.
  • These anal beads are waterproof and you can add lube for a greater pleaser.
  • Rechargeable system is a very efficient and long-term stability charge system.
  • 100% awesome satisfaction.

2) Satisfier Love Beads Anal Beads

This is a unique anal bead, especially it has unique shapes and sizes. It is made of body-safe silicone and that’s why it is more flexible anal beads. They have got a little bit more space in between. Because of that unique tapered style kind. It makes it more malleable during sexual intercourse. Whereas these rounded beads are a little bit firmer. As a result, it can create relaxation more. You can use it just up to wherever you would like to insert it. It has different sensations placed in every bead. These anal beads are suitable for beginners. You can add lube for more pleasure.

Features of Satisfier Love Beads Anal Beads

  • It is a beginner-friendly annal sex toy.  
  • It has different sensations site in every bead which made you more exciting.
  • Cheap price and suitable for any environment.
  • 100% waterproof anal beads.  

3) Vibrating Anal Beads

Now, most of the anal beads have vibrating features and this is changed the sex toy user's mind. Now thousands of people are using those awesome sex toys for Anal sexual intercourse. The vibrate beads are the extra features for Anal beads. This can spread sexual pleasure all the body and you can get unbelievable pleasure and quicker enjoy. We suggest our anal beads which have good vibrating power and can be the best options for your bedroom time. 

4) Silicon Magnetic Charge Anal Bead


It has five different shapes of beads and every shape has distinct vibration places which increase the stimulation. Inserting way is simple and you can get more sexual pleasure. You should use the first beads for the first time and take time to stable the beads. After adjustments, you should insert the rest of the beads gradually. In this way, you can get good sexual experiences and orgasm smoothly. This anal bead is an innovative sex toy that it has a 3D shaking system. Every bead brings different shaking in your body and you can get a quicker sexual experience. When you insert the five beads in your anal, you can get sensory stimulation.


Features of This Anal Beads

  • These types of anal beads are made up of silicone and other body-safe sex toy materials.
  • It has vibrant positions which bring extra pleasure.
  • It has 3D shaped shaking system.
  • It has a USB system for charging.
  • it has long in size and is easy to insert.
  • It is a waterproof and easy to bend sex toy.


Anal beads enhance the sexual intercourse time and make an orgasm in a better way. Verity of anal beads is available in the market. You have to just choose your preferred size and then use it for a better sexual experience. Honeysx.com is the ongoing famous sex toy supplier where you can get your anal beads and other sex toys. The unique feature of honeysx.com is that they provide the latest anal beads and other sex toys. They provide high-value products and protect your privacy. When you purchase the anal beads from homeysx.com don’t forget to comment on the web page. This will help us and encourage us to supply more products. And follow the product guidelines and experts’ comments. 

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