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LELO ENIGMA ™ Cruise Review: A Good Dual Massager For Beginner

What we are reviewing today is ENIGMA ™ Cruise, the product of LELO, the ladylike brand in sex toys! I received it on 5.1. Thank you for the gift from LELO.

First of all, in terms of brand, LELO is a classic brand in the fun industry. It was born in Stockholm, Sweden, Northern Europe in 2003, and launched its first product LILY. So far, LELO has sold 17000000 pieces of sex toy products, has 47000 stores selling products, users in 58 countries and regions around the world, and has won more than 150 mainstream awards. All these prove that the brand strength can not be underestimated.It is also known as the "LV" of sex toys. Anyway, I prefer to call it Lady Brand! Although it is a lady brand, its products are not limited to women's toys, but also include: men's series, women's series, double interactive series, lubrication and accessories series, condoms, pelvic floor muscle training series, insignia luxury series and so on. Check out the long-awaited Enigma Cruise!

(When I received it, it was a big box, completely undamaged, completely private delivery, and a separate To sign for me, as well as a complimentary aromatherapy essential oil candle (a separate evaluation later), detergent and lubricant, and a charging cable.)

ENIGMA ™ Cruise is available in two colors. I chose rose-purple, which looks more seductive and desirous, and black, which gives people a unique sense of cold and ascetic Nordic style. Before I received the product, I had no idea of its size. After opening the layered package, my first impression was that it was big enough. But this does not refer to the inlet portion,Instead, the whole is a shape that is not good at camouflage. The curved end of the body is like a swan's neck, while the sonic sucking mouth at the lower end is far away from it.

The back of the handle is an aurora-like LOGO, and the inside is three buttons. It is worth mentioning that ENIGMA ™ Cruise has its own travel lock system, which requires two buttons to be pressed at the same time.

Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (The appearance is very beautiful)

ENIGMA ™ Cruise uses food-grade silicone IP X7, which is soft and delicate to the touch. Some products have hard silicone, and even have seams that affect the use experience. However, ENIGMA ™ Cruise is round and delicate as a whole, with excellent touch. It is a material that is not easy to stick to debris and absorb dust. You can choose to wash it with water or use the detergent sent by the brand to clean it and then dry it (a small tip:Use a cotton washcloth to clean toys, one at a time, clean and sanitary, and no dander! Super convenient!) Waterproof rating is also very high, a gentle flush does not leave traces, to a secret date with the bathroom ~

Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Can't fault it!!!)

Finally came to the point, say a sentence should not say, I have been abstinent for a period of time before, I have not used toys for a long time, my heart is still a little perturbed, more afraid of too sensitive constitution let me not feel happy to stop in a hurry, not only I am like this!!! Before I opened the ENIGMA ™ Cruise, I was looking to see why the suction was so deep.Later, I learned that it used high-end sonic sucking technology. This allows me to solve a big problem in the later use, that is, not because of the strong stimulation at the beginning of the early climax, but as a supplement to the body, two sections of resonance, in a gradual process to gradually reach climax.

For this reason, ENIGMA ™ Cruise cannot open one end alone, but because its main engine keel is very soft, if you want to use only one end according to different needs, it can also be achieved. And don't underestimate it just because I say it's gentle. A total of eight modes are adjustable, and you can use the key to control the intensity of each mode. It's completely customizable.Suitable for all beginners. In addition, the overall fuselage conforms to the ergonomic design, the grooves on both sides of the entrance end can assist in entering, while the smooth and full top can effectively stimulate the interior, which is a feeling of being filled. When girls use it themselves, the aforementioned large size plays a role, because the handle is really comfortable to hold.Completely in line with ergonomics, who uses who knows! The experience is directly full!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(Suitable for all stages of women, excellent use!)

Finally, I would like to tell you something about LELO's corporate culture.
LELO is unique, leading the new trend of design, innovation, science and technology, quality-oriented, to create the world's top fun brand, LELO is not only a brand of fun toys, it has more meaning: "explore yourself, enjoy pleasure, break the rules, subvert the tradition", as one of the top fun brands, constantly design and innovate. Dig deep into the hidden treasure of sexual happiness.

Everyone can be the spokesperson of LELO! Through worldwide support, love and sharing, LELO is building a diversified brand and continuing to expand into new markets

At the same time, LELO enthusiasts from all over the world share their emotional experience and use experience with each other.

Finally, LELO is committed to making sex toys more sunny, so with fashionable appearance and ritualistic packaging, sex toys can also become a high-quality gift, so I also want to pass on this happiness to you!
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