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Magic Wand Mini: A compact and slicker version of the MAGIC WAND

HITACHI MAGIC WAND is a creation that took the world by a wave, a powerhouse that brings women to their knees in spectacular and euphoric orgasms. Although as a fun fact, it was initially designed as a back massager, but it was soon discovered to be useful for clitoral stimulation, and it was for this use that it became popular. The company HITACHI became uncomfortable with the conversion of their innocently designed back massager to a sex toy and has since transferred the ownership of the company to VIBERTEX. MAGIC WAND was a favorite for a lot of women over the decades and many still holds it dear to their hearts as their go-to sex toy.  This wonderful product has a ‘but’, and this is the fact that it cannot be slipped into a hold-all or a purse when going on a trip, nor is it cordless like most of the vibrators we have seen today. Although this could be due to the difference in era. For many years, several lovers of the MAGIC WAND brand have wished for a more compact version of the loved device, the company did not want to give out a product that will not live up to the reputation of the MAGIC WAND original, but then, after years and years of yearning, the company responded to the needs of women and now gives us MAGIC WAND MINI. A smaller, discreet and more sleek version of the HITACHI MAGIC WAND.

The company wanted to create a model that will pack a punch just like the older version, but will retain all the power of the MAGIC WAND original. This is what MAGIC WAND MINI is, an easy-to-carry version that will still give you unending orgasm. Get ready to curl your toes and grip the sheets in ecstasy as MAGIC WAND MINI sends pulses after pulses of stimulating vibes into your clitoris and fire into your body.


MAGIC WAND MINI comes in a pretty and compact blue and pink box and with it comes a charging cable and an instructional manual.


The MAGIC WAND MINI is made with ABS plastic and has a body-safe silicon head, unlike the head of the older version which was made with vinyl. The device is 9.5 inches long and 1.95 inches wide. It is quite light, as it weighs 9.7 ounces, which means that it can be stored easily and also taken on travels. The size of the MINI is about 60% of the MAGIC WAND original version. This design makes it easy to move around for those that have restricted wrist movements due to disability or lack of flexibility. It comes with a charging cord that will be connected to the base of the device to charge. There is also the brushless motor that does not give the regular pulse like vibration, rather, it packs a rumble that reaches up till 6000 revolution per minute, this is wild. This device has three speed levels, level one is at 3500 RPM, level two is 5000 RPM, and the biggest, 6000 RPM. The buttons are made with silicon as well.


The device is powered by a rechargeable battery, the MAGIC WAND MINI powerful motor pulses with the vibrations that made the MAGIC WAND brand popular. The soft silicon head resonates vibration into the clit and other body parts, while the flexible neck makes it easy to massage the clitoris or any parts of the body on which the massager is pressed. The vibrations resonate into the clitoris and stimulates it with the pulsing energy. The massager must be held and directed towards wherever you want it. The device has three vibrations levels unlike the older version that has four levels of vibrations, although both devices are said to have the same 6000 Revolution Per Minute. The level of vibration can be adjusted using the buttons.


You can turn on the wand by pressing the power button on the interface, after it is switched, you can adjust the level as you want, using the + button to increase and the – button to reduce it. You will hold it against the clitoris to massage it, it can also be placed on the vulva to send the resonance inward and feel yourself getting wet and pleasured. Thanks to the new cordless version that this is, you can use it to stimulate other part of the body, such as the nipples, the abdomen and perineum.

Using the MAGIC WAND MINI with a partner

MAGIC WAND MINI can also be used in partnered sex, your partner can use it to tease your body and massage your clitoris to bring you to knee jerking orgasm. It can be used in play for dominance to pleasure the body. While penetrating, the massager can be used as well. When placed on the clitoris, the man can still feel the vibration as well, and this will increase the sensation he feels. The silicon head can also be used to massage the perineum of the man, stroke his penis to get him hard and massage other erogenous parts of the body. The versatility of the product means that men will also be able to use it to pleasure themselves.

It is advisable to start the vibration from the lowest level and increase it gradually in order not to be overwhelmed by the sensation. A sudden burst of high vibration can cause some sort of numbness to the body, and this will be counterproductive to the reason for using the massager in the first place. Starting at the lowest value will also allow you to control the amount of vibration your body can take and if you notice you need more, you can increase it by a level and then to the highest from there. The smaller head of this version also makes it easier to gauge the way it touches the body. I guess that is another advantage over the older MAGIC WAND.


This device is not waterproof, so it cannot be submerged and dipped into water. To clean, you can make use of toy cleaner, spray it on the head and wipe it clean. In the absence of toy cleaner, a mild soap can be used as well. You should also wipe if each time you want to use it to prevent transfer of microorganisms to the vulva. When not in use, the massager could be stored in the box it came in with or something similar, to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged if placed with other objects. Storing sex toys together with other objects is not hygienic and also can scratch the surface of these objects, since most of them are used on the sex organs which tend to have softer skin when compared to other body parts, injury may occur from the scratched surfaces when to come in contact with the body. Take care of your toys, so that they can take care of you in return.


Electrical products have safety rules and regulations that guide their usage. It is important that these rules are followed. Safety rules are written in the instructional manual that came with the MAGIC WAND MINI. According to the manufacturer, the device should only be used for 20 minutes on a stretch, after that the device itself goes off, this is probably to prevent people from going against this rule, if they were told to switch if off themselves at a 20 minutes mark. The reason for this break is to prevent the device from overheating, at this stage, the silicon head start heating up and the device takes a break. Once it cools off, you can switch on again and continue.

The vibrations levels should be use from the lowest to the highest to test your body’s reaction to them, starting at the highest level as a first time user may not be the best thing to do as the human body is quite different and so is the reaction to intense vibration.


This device is quite powerful and engineered to produced strong vibrations, MAGIC WAND MINI is powered by a rechargeable battery, an improvement over the older version that has a cord attached to it and that must be plugged in to be used. This version is cordless, and the cord only has to be connected when it needs to be charged. It needs about four hours to be charged and can be used for two and a half hours. A little LED light indicates when the device is charging, red light indicates it is charging, green light will indicate that the battery is fully charged. When the battery is low, this light blinks red. There is an opened slot at the base of the device, this is the charging port, the charging cable is inserted into this part to charge it.


There are three buttons on the body of the MINI and these buttons are made with silicon. They are arranged in a vertical form, with one right underneath the other. There is a power button to start the device, and it is always used to switch it off. When switched on, the + button is used to increase the intensity and the – button to decrease the intensity of the vibration. Right under the buttons, you will find three LED lights, these lights shows the level of intensity that the device is at. At the lowest level, the light at the bottom starts and when the + button is pressed to increase the intensity, the one above that comes on, the three LED lights come on when the device is at the strongest. Aside from these three LED lights, there is another smaller one, a charging indicator. It blinks red to indicate when the battery is low, during charging process, the red light stays on and when the battery is fully charged the light turns to green.


This product has a year warranty that covers defects and the functions as long as it is under normal conditions. This means that the company uses their discretion and maintain the rights as well in deciding if damage to the product is covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty.

The product is registered in the United States of America as FDA class 1 medical device.


A smaller and powerful version of the MAGIC WAND ORIGINAL

It is built with a durable rechargeable battery

The silicon head is soft and flexible, easy to manipulate and poses no danger of injuring the clitoris or any parts of the body it is used on.

The body is designed with an ABS Plastic

The Light weight which makes it easy to move around and also grip firmly

The device has three levels of vibrations that extend to 6000 Revolution Per Minute (RPM)

It is user friendly, and it is quite easy to operate the buttons.

This product comes with a 12-month warranty that covers defects and functions under best conditions. This means that the warranty covers the product as long as it is used in the correct manner.


The 20 minutes mark for break can be distracting and also cause interruption of pleasure during usage

It has smaller head than the older version

The device does not have patterned vibration


The MAGIC WAND has been in existence for many years and was known for the powerful vibration that it generates to drive women to mind-blowing orgasmic experience. The new product has a legacy to live up to. From the features and functions of the MAGIC WAND MINI, it looks to be quite equal to the task and create a legacy of it own as well. Its flexibility and versatility can earn it a place among several other massagers. It is a powerful clitoral massager with a powerhouse and soft silicon head that is bound to drive you to orgasmic bliss. And like its predecessor, it may become dear to the hearts of several women now and years to come.


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