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Womanizer orgasmic device , a new member of the premium family

No matter what language is used to search for the keyword "best sex brand", the results show that Womanizer always tops the list. Why are women all over the world so fascinated by the Womanizer orgasm artifact? What extraordinary magical powers of the Womanizer orgasm artifact have conquered discerning women?


Precise positioning teasing: directly influence the sensitive area

The G-spot varies from woman to woman, but the highest probability is only the nipple, earlobe, collarbone, and intimate parts. Traditional female erotic vibrators are most keen to create a series of different sizes of the body, equipped with multiple vibration frequencies.

This Womanizer orgasm device takes a big step forward, away from the simple vibrator mentality, and uses a simulated lip-sucking method to create a gentler but also more intense sensual experience.


Exploring the unknown: Say goodbye to mechanical vibrations

In addition to the lipstick-style sucker popular among fashionable ladies, Womanizer has launched the 2018 smart somatosensory navigation exclusive series-Flash Tide - Flash Tide, another new member of the Womanizer orgasm family. The classic 12-frequency pulse frequency, as fast as 10,000 times a minute sucking speed, from the soft breeze to the storm, the true restoration of the kiss brought the feeling of comfortable oral sex. It is also the most popular "high-end erotic brand".

The most intimate is that it uses intelligent inductive control, adding a one-touch navigation mode that automatically changes at different intensities, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments during use.


Minimalist fashion design: ergonomically tailored

In terms of product design, Womanizer Orgasm Magic uses a very classic European minimalism, with the same color silicone one-piece molding, while the color scheme is boldly clashing, attracting the eye with extremely fashionable details.

The internal design of the product has received several patents, and the exclusive implanted suction technology has won awards from SHEKONWS, Brigitte, PLAYBOY, and others. The design solution meticulously considers fitting and wrapping each sensitive point, directional stimulation, tailored for each sensitive point, such as negative suction design at the clitoris for easy vibration and suction overlay, while nipple stimulation takes wrapped sucking, with a tingling touch to completely say goodbye to the dullness and pain caused by numbing vibration.


Friendly user experience: pro-muscle hygiene, portable and easy to clean

Because to pass the strict EU standards, Womanizer orgasm device all products are made of soft skin-friendly silicone, no matter how intense the use, will not hurt the delicate skin of women's sensitive places, the user experience is excellent.

In terms of basic functions, a charge of about 4 hours of use, 100% waterproof design can provide underwater pleasure to enjoy the service, while the USB magnetic charging is convenient and environmentally friendly, the nozzle can be replaced, both safe and hygienic, but also at your leisure to replace the different colors and sizes of the nozzle, enjoy the different stimulation width and intensity of the sucking.
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