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Womanizer Premium Eco In-Depth Review

Sex toys. We love it, but there is undeniably some embarrassment and even shame in using it, which is why it is locked away in a drawer somewhere or hidden under our clothes in the closet.


But why?

Sexual health and personal needs are just as important as our emotional and psychological needs, and while trying to spend time with good friends and family can heighten one's sense of isolation, there are some things we prefer to do on our own.

Naturally, the way you like it depends on what gets you down - some people like to flick beans or whip up some butter themselves, while others like to use rings, surges, and other products to amuse themselves. For women, there are many sex toys on the market - wands, dildos, bunnies, vibrators, and more - but the one that caught our eye this year was the Womanizer Premium Eco.

For those exploring things for the first time, Womanizer is the maker of Premium Eco intimate products, they have been the kings of their pleasure castle and are known as the creators of some of the best vibrators and stimulators on the market in the world. Their latest product is the Womanizer Eco Premium Pro, and after many spins, we can see why this clitoral stimulator is worth every penny.


Of what Size?

The Womanizer Premium Eco comes in a pretty rose-pink color and features a modular design that allows you to easily reassemble the toy when you need it. Right out of the box, the Premium Eco comes with a small stimulation cap. The stimulation cap can be switched to another size that best fits your body, and even then, simply removes the current cap and install a more appropriate size to replace it. The end product has an elegant ergonomic curve that makes holding it both convenient and easy.

Premium Eco is also an environmentally friendly toy. Made from biolene, a special plastic that is completely recyclable, Womanizer takes Premium Eco to a new level of eco-friendliness with an inventory of old cardboard boxes, a toy bag made of 100% organic cotton, and a USB charging cable made from raw materials.

If this is your first time using a clitoral stimulator, then using the Premium Eco is a very simple and intuitive process. All you have to do is gently place the cap of the toy next to you and then turn it on by clicking the "plus" button for two seconds to let it work its magic. To turn it off, press and hold the "minus" button for two seconds.

Premium Eco uses air pulse technology to stimulate your clitoris by blowing air at you and creating a gentle sucking sensation without even touching your clitoris directly. The toy has 12 different speeds, creating more and more sensations as you go up the scale, and increasing or decreasing the scale is as easy as clicking the plus or minus buttons. Both come with raised impressions, which means you can technically feel what you like without having to stop and check the handheld directly.

To easily describe how it feels, the Premium Eco mimics the sensations of cunning/oral sex with a partner, except with more control and consistency because you get to decide how to get pleasure, so the choice is yours from mild to shuddering orgasms.

From experience, it has been found that gradually increasing the level to maximum intensity results in more satisfying orgasms. While it is more fun to use sex toys with a partner, the Premium Eco is definitely one of the best toys for solo masturbation and relaxation, rather than a partner's best friend.

The air pulse technology used in the Premium Eco is gentle but effective. Unlike some sex toys that overstimulate and leave you exhausted, Premium Eco won't leave you tired and allows you to play as many rounds as you want.

Speaking of other sex toys, Premium Eco does emit a low resonating sound when used. Intense vibrating sounds are a notoriously bad reputation attached to many female sex toys, and Premium Eco is no stranger to them. However, Premium Eco has a new feature called "Smart Silence" that keeps it quiet and doesn't start working until it makes contact with your skin. It's not completely quiet, but Premium Eco is one of the quietest sex toys we've ever tried. To activate and deactivate the Smart Silence, you simply press and hold the plus and minus buttons at the same time.

Cleaning and maintaining the Premium Eco is a dream because it is one of the easiest products to clean. All you have to do is remove the cover and wash it underwater with your choice of antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. If the handle gets dirty, you can use a damp cloth and wipe it down with toy cleaner. Premium Eco is not waterproof, so do not submerge it in water or use it in the shower.

That said, as simple and wonderful as the Premium Eco is, it does have a few drawbacks. First, the battery life of the Premium Eco Eco is not very long. On a good day, the Premium Eco will last two to three hours before it needs to be recharged again. It's not something you can pull out of the drawer when you feel you need it, so you have to think and plan when you're going to use it and remember when you last used it and when you used it. No matter how much you enjoy using it, it's not the most convenient sex toy you can think of.

In addition to the short battery life, the Premium Eco takes a long time to recharge. Once it goes flat, you'll have to wait an average of three hours before it starts up and works its magic again. Once again - when you have a burning desire for Fast and Furious, there's nothing more disappointing than waiting for the car to get up and running.

Premium Eco is definitely on the more expensive side, and while some people can't justify spending so much on a personal toy, it's an investment in your personal health and ensuring you can take care of yourself. It's the home appliance you buy, the big screen TV you splurge on and the new desktop that will serve you well for years to come - considering the instant pleasure it can bring, the Premium Eco is worth the money you spend to use it for years, clean and hygienic, and when it's done traveling with you, it can be disassembled and fully recycled.

All in all, the Womanizer Premium Eco is a great sex toy to keep in your nightstand. The air pulse and inhalation technology provide an unparalleled experience with a wand or vibrator. It's a better, gentler, and easier way to have an orgasm, but it's not the most time-efficient or convenient method unless you have it charged and ready to use when you need it. If you're patient and enjoy the pleasure of oral sex and a loving environment, then the Womanizer Premium Eco is the perfect choice for you. In addition, its additional "Smart Silence" feature is definitely a successful feature that puts it at the forefront of other features.


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