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Zoey X LELO Sona 2 clitoral massager

It's a well-known fact that all the social isolation we experience is bad for our mental health, but occasionally, everyone needs a little self-care to ward off stress and anxiety, and sometimes, that means allowing some little bit of self-pleasure to seep in.

Now, we're not saying that sex toys are the answer to all problems, but it's well known that self-pleasure is a great stress reliever, and while we could delve into the science of it, we don't think anyone needs to be convinced.

Sex positivity starts with you, and we're not here to beat around the bush (pun intended), so let's talk about masturbation and orgasms. For sex toy newbies, we recommend LELO's Sona 2, a sleekly designed pleasure device with reasonable features.

Based in Sweden, LELO is the world's leading designer brand of upscale intimate lifestyle products, and they take a design-led approach to their products, promising to deliver new sensations to customers before they know they want (or sometimes need) them.

LELO has partnered with Zoey, an all-inclusive platform focused on healthcare solutions for women, to launch a range of sex products for Singaporeans, starting with Sona 2.

Sona 2 is the world's first sonic clitoral stimulator that is not just for vibrations, it stimulates only the nerve endings closest to the surface of the skin. Instead, it works through sound waves that transmit sensations along with the entire structure of the clitoris. Yes, the clitoris is a much stronger structure that extends around and into the vagina.

But why should you stop using sonic stimulation? With Sona 2, you also get cruise control. This patented technology retains 20% of the total power during normal use. When you reach "peak", press the Sona 2 harder against your body; it releases this retained power so the intensity doesn't drop or diminish, a common complaint about other toys.

It has a small size and is easy to hold in your hand for you or your partner to use. We find it much more enjoyable to control the device in person. Who else but yourself knows where to put it for optimal pleasure, including all erogenous zones? Let's just say that the female orgasm isn't as elusive as everyone thinks it is when you have the right toy. With 12 different fun settings, the Sona 2 hits all the right spots.

Rechargeable and 100% waterproof, Sona 2 is made of ultra-smooth, premium silicone that is easy to maintain, hygienic, and comfortable to use.

Even for the inexperienced, using the Sona 2 is easy - you only need three buttons. Press the + button to turn the device on and increase the intensity. Start at the lowest setting and slowly increase to the position that feels most comfortable and pleasurable to you. To cycle through the 12 different pleasure settings, simply press the button () button, which will also turn it off. If you plan to travel with Sona 2, it even has a lock function so you don't have to explain the reason for the luggage vibration.  Just hold the + and - buttons for three seconds to activate it and unlock it for repeated use. The device has a runtime of between 90 and 120 minutes, which is shorter than the charging time.

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