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TRYFUN Little Peach/Protean/Servant Series Masturbation Cup Review

Witnessing the success of the NetEase TRYFUN’s Masturbation Cups movement many other different models has been launched which has made the buyers tangled up with lots of questions. To address all of your concerns and to give you a comparative analysis of all the NetEase TRYFUN Masturbation Cup I will be writing a details analysis of each one with their detailed characteristic, features andworthiness.

In this review I would be covering following 3 Male Masturbation Cup:
NetEase TRYFUN Little Peach Masturbation Cup
NetEase TRYFUN Protean Masturbation Cup
NetEase TRYFUN Servant Series Masturbation Cup

1.Product Packaging 
As the Protean Masturbation Cup belong to a premium range amongst all other therefore the product packaging of the Protean Masturbation Cup is undoubtedly the best. The use of white hard-shell for packaging box displays the finest use of packaging material. The crafted box is thick and hard and would not distort easily. 

On the other side the packaging box of other two Masturbation Cups viz. NetEase TRYFUN Little Peach and NetEase TRYFUN Servant Series are standard are not very well built. The Little Peach series comes in a lean carton box that can be easily deformed. The packaging box of Servants Series is designed in a black texture which looks goods.

Little Peach Masturbation Cup: ★★★
Protean Masturbation Cup: ★★★★
Servant Series Masturbation Cup: ★★★★

2.Cup Body Design 
The Protean Masturbation Cup is the largest amongst the three Masturbation Cups. The diameter of the Protean Masturbation Cup is not for the small hand users. The front of the cup is designed for the strong grip user. 

Little Peach is had a sleek body design which anyone can hold with only one hand. My guess is that the Cup body has been designed to give peach hip and willow waist pleasure. 

Lastly the Body Design of the Servant Series is average, and feels a bit curvy and angular, but it won't feel like the usual. All the three Masturbation Cups have plastic built body however I prefer frosted ones which give a more realistic feeling.

Little Peach Masturbation Cup: ★★★★
Protean Masturbation Cup: ★★★
Servant Series Masturbation Cup: ★★★★

3.Inside the Cup
The penetration length of Little Peach Cup is the shortest among all three Cups. It would be uneasy if Tin Ding's big brother is very long but could not enter in completely. The internal texture is not very usual, and the frictional irritation is somewhat unnoticeable. The main thing is the feeling of vacuum brought by pressing the small holes on the top which is "sweet and pleasant". 

There are a variety of different channel design available for Protean Masturbation Cup, however what I purchased basic model. Inside the Cup the textured particles are large and the provided are rich, especially the soybean-sized floats, which are very comfortable when brushed. 

Lastly the Servant Series, wherein the Cup has been built with the ABS/TPE material which is completely different from the other two models. In appearance it is milky white, which personally feels more plump and compact. 

Comparing the entrances of the three styles, you can see that the sensuality of the Servant series is more than Protean and Servant Series.

Little Peach Masturbation Cup: ★★★
Protean Masturbation Cup: ★★★★
Servant Series Masturbation Cup: ★★★★(4.5star)

4.Functioning of Cup
Little Peach is the simple basic Masturbation Cup. There are no unknown function in the Cup and as mentioned previously the vacuum formed by pressing the small hole to get pleasure is the main point of pleasure in the Masturbation Cup.

Protean Masturbation Cup is an electric model, it has functions such as vibration, heating and sucking. Personally, I think the sucking function is the most used function in all the others. Since will give you the real mouth feel, when combined with a lubricant.

The Servant series has a magical supercharging design. The Cup top is rotatable and by rotating and adjusting the side gear, the passage inside will be contracted for the pleasure feeling. I am not quite clear about the principle, but it is difficult to get in with a finger when the contraction is the tightest, I feel that everything from a mature woman to a young can be mastered with only
one hand.

Little Peach Masturbation Cup: ★★★(3.5star)
Protean Masturbation Cup: ★★★★
Servant Series Masturbation Cup: ★★★★(4.5star)

5.My feeling experience
The use of these thing is different from person to person, plus the state of each use is different, just like a month of abstinence, rubbing a quilt can make a different new feeling.

The Protean Masturbation Cup is a young woman who is proficient in her way, blowing, pulling, playing and singing. Whether it's gentle sucking or wild twisting, it's enough to get your soul out of your body and enter the sage mode. Of course, this young woman's waist is a bit thick... When the vibration mode is too large, it will accidentally shake her off from your hands.

The Servant series is more like a mature woman who has a "superior accomplishment". It can play both an innocent girl and an amorous young woman. Although the function is a bit single, it is more than a quantity.

Based on the above evaluation, the old driver who is looking for excitement is best to choose the Protean Masturbation Cup, and it is best to choose its other two channels, because the original one is slightly loose and the price/performance ratio is not
particularly high.

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