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How to Homemade Pocket Pussies?

In the last decade, male sex toys have increased in sales by more than 1,000%. Online stores have made it easy for a man to buy toys such as pocket pussies and fleshlights confidentially. Unfortunately, these sex toys don’t come cheap.

This is the reason why some men opt to go for DIY fleshlights or pocket pussies. If you are looking for the same, check out the 7 options below for homemade pocket pussies. You can easily find one that meets your needs.

1. Banana Masturbator

Buy a fresh banana and cut off one end. Squeeze out the flesh of the banana and leave an empty peel. Don’t worry if some of the banana is left inside the fruit. In fact, the banana left works as a lubricant.

Put in your dick and start masturbating. The closed end ensures your cum is caught which makes it convenient. In case you need more lube, you can add one that you get from online or offline stores. Any type of lube is okay considering you will throw away the peel after use.    

2. Pringles Can and Sponges

For this to work, you need to get an empty Pringles can and clean it thoroughly. Find two soft sponges and wedge them into the can’s tube. Wedge them in a way that creates a sort of tunnel in the middle. Now get a condom or latex glove and position it to work as a dick catcher. You can secure it into place using duct tape or a rubber band.

Make sure you get the right type of sponges. Avoid any sponges that are scrubby or abrasive to the touch. To create the feeling of a real vagina, soak them in warm water before you use them. Damp sponges usually feel like a vagina.

3. The Famous Prison Fifi

You may see the word “Fifi” in some articles when you are searching for how to make a homemade Fleshlight. A Fifi is a simple masturbating toy made using disposable sleeves that are similar to condoms. These are thrown away after you use them. Many men who are working on a budget need to know how to make this sex toy.

The reason it’s called a prison Fifi is because it’s usually made by guys in prison. All you need are 3 latex gloves, some warm water, and a towel. Halfway fill two of your gloves with warm water. Tie each of these gloves at the end. Place one half-filled glove on top of the other and place the third glove between them. Roll all three gloves into a towel and do your thing. It’s as simple as that.

4. Naughty Plush Toy

This is a simple homemade pussy that most men figure out when they are teenagers. A plush toy is made using a stuffed toy. You can use your old stuffed toy or buy one from online stores such as IKEA. Get a knife or a pair of scissors to cut a hole in the stuffed toy. Using a plush toy repeatedly requires you to wear a condom that will ensure your cum doesn’t soil the toy. Make sure you use a stuffed toy that is large enough to accommodate your penis.

5. A Towel and Gummy Bears

Do you want to add more sensation to the rubber glove and towel technique? If so, try using gummy worms or gummy bears for increased squishiness. Get a latex glove and place it on top of a towel. Make sure the towel is folded in half. The open end of the glove should be sticking out. Use the gummy worms or gummy bears to cover the towel before placing the glove in the middle and rolling up the towel.

After rolling the towel, put it inside a large plastic cup. Ensure you pull the end of the glove such that it goes around the cup’s rim. You can make it secure by using duct tape. There are YouTube videos you can use to get more information and guidance on how to go about this.

6. The Pillow Pumper

This is one of the teenage classics. Kneel down near your bed and place your member on top of your mattress. Take a cushion or a pillow and put it over your cock. Hold the sides down over your dick as you pump. To minimize the mess, use a glove or a condom. The height of your mattress also determines how effective this pussy is.

7. A Jar of Floral Beads

Purchase a jar of floral beads. Take out about a quarter of them and put in a latex glove inside the beads. Pull the glove’s opening in a way it covers the jar’s rim. Use duct tape to secure the glove. Finish by adding some lubricant inside the glove. The beads offer a squishy and soft texture that gives you a pussy like sensation.You can read more:What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Sex Life?

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