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Do Pocket Pussies Feel Real?

Pocket pussies are sex toys designed to simulate the sensation of having sexual intercourse with an actual partner. A pocket pussy is a simulated vagina that is typically made out of realistic materials such as silicon or rubber. These pocket pussies are designed to simulate the feeling of vaginal penetration and thus can be used for solo masturbation and even couples’ playtime.

What Gives Pocket Pussies the Feel of a Vagina?

The texture and tightness of a pocket pussy vary depending on the type and model that you purchase. Some pocket pussies are designed to have a slightly tighter fit to more accurately mimic the sensation of having sex with a partner. Other pocket pussies are designed to be more loosely fitting to accommodate users of different sizes. Therefore, it is important to research and pick out the right type and model for you to experience realistic sensations during your sexual playtime.

In terms of how realistic pocket pussies feel, it depends on the individual’s personal preference and what they are looking for. Some people may find that the sensation is quite realistic and can provide a great way to experience pleasure without having to be in an intimate setting with another person. However, others may feel that the sensation is not as realistic and is unable to provide the same level of satisfaction as having sex with a real partner.

Additionally, pocket pussies are typically equipped with vibration and suction features to provide an even more realistic experience. Some pocket pussies even come with a variety of different attachments such as clitoral stimulators and anal insertions to further enhance the pleasure they provide. Finally, pocket pussies can be used with lubricants and other accessories to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

How Do I Use Pocket Pussies?

Pocket pussies are generally easy to use and clean, and they can be a great option for people who want to explore new sensations without the risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancy. As with any sex toy, it is important to read the instructions carefully before using and to always practice safe sex.

Types of Pocket Pussies

There are different types of pocket pussies to give you different types of experiences. Knowing the various options can help you get a pocket pussy that makes you feel like you are inside a real vagina.

Below is a list of more than 10 different types of pocket pussies. The list gives you the name of each sex toy and a description of the same. Use it to decide the type of pocket vagina you would like. It will also help you understand why the one you use has a different feeling from another one.

1. Pocket Pussy Sleeve

This type of pocket pussy is a sleeve that's made of soft material, usually silicone or jelly, and is designed to fit comfortably around the penis.

2. Masturbator Cup

A masturbator cup is a small, discreet device that fits in your pocket and can be used for discreet, hands-free pleasure.

3. Vibrating Pocket Pussy

These pocket pussies are equipped with vibrations that range from low to high, giving users an exciting, stimulating sensation.

4. Electric Pocket Pussy

Electric pocket pussies run on batteries and provide stimulation through vibration and sometimes heat.

5. Rechargeable Pocket Pussy

Rechargeable pocket pussies come with a USB cord for easy charging and feature vibration and heating settings.

6. AI Enabled Pocket Pussy

Some high-tech pocket pussies now feature AI-powered interactive elements that respond to touch and pressure.

7. Suction Cup Pocket Pussy

These pocket pussies come with suction cups so you can stick them to any flat surface and enjoy the pleasure without having to hold them.

8. Double-Ended Pocket Pussy

These pocket pussies feature two ends so you can stimulate both your anus and penis for heightened pleasure.

9. Waterproof Pocket Pussy

Waterproof pocket pussies are made of materials like silicone, which makes them perfect for use in the shower or bathtub.

10. Double-Sided Pocket Pussy

Unlike the double-ended pocket pussies, our double-sided pocket pussies come with two separate holes so you can enjoy dual stimulation.

11. Remote-Controlled Pocket Pussy

Some pocket pussies come with remote control options that allow you to take your pleasure to the next level.

12. Pocket Pussy Kits

For those that want to explore a variety of different sensations, there are pocket pussy kits which include multiple attachments and accessories for enhanced pleasure.

13. Travel-Ready Pocket Pussies

Not all pocket pussies are created equal when it comes to portability. Some models come with a special travel bag or case, making them easy to transport and store during your travels.

The Takeaway

The majority of pocket pussies give the feel of a vagina. However, there are a few that don’t with others going above and beyond. Keep in mind that the best ones don’t cost a penny. You may need to spend a pretty penny to get one with the real feel of a pussy.You can read more:How to Homemade Pocket Pussies?

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