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Lelo Ida Wave Vs Tiani Harmony: What Do You Need to Know About These Vibrators

Purchasing an app-controlled vibrator has become the new trend in the sex toy market because it allows easy control and more excellent utility. Unlike other vibrators with only remote-control functions, app-controlled vibrators have a greater range of action because they use Bluetooth and remote-control technology, allowing couples to enjoy their fun time from a far distance. Such vibrators bring a lot of pleasure and spice to a relationship. 

What is an App-Controlled Vibrator?

An app-controlled vibrator is a sex toy that can link to your smartphone device through Bluetooth. These sex toys can be controlled using an app that you can download and install on your device. They are primarily compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Why Buy an App-Controlled Vibrator?

App-controlled vibrators have become the go-to vibrators for several couples worldwide, and it's amongst the most popular toys you'll find in several sex toy shops. One of the reasons that many people prefer these types of vibrators is their ability to shorten the distance between couples as much as possible, and they can be used in several ways on different occasions.

Another reason app-controlled vibrators are the talk of the internet is that they have an excellent user interface that can easily be navigated without any inconvenience.

So, if you're looking for a super-duper app-controlled vibrator, you should read on to see the comparison between LELO IDA Wave and the Tiani Harmony. Hungry to learn more about these products? Let's dive in.

IDA Wave Dual Simulator Massager

Worn by women when they make love, Ida is the first couples' massager in the world to combine powerful vibrations and electrifying rotations within, guaranteeing an incredible array of pleasures for both partners. Equipped with a sensitive remote-control function, coupled with eight powerful simulation modes, this sex toy has an outstanding and innovative SenseMotion technology that guarantees a quality love life. So, whether you're new to this game or a seasoned professional who knows their onion, IDA is just one device you wouldn't want to leave out when shopping for a new toy.

One fantastic feature about this toy is that it has powerful dual motors at the end of each sleeve, and together with its vibrating patterns, you're sure of getting to climax without fail.

Who is This Toy Made For?

This toy is ideal for single women who want to experience intense pleasure and want to explore their bodies. With an improved and engineered shape of the toy's sleeves that fit perfectly into the vagina, this toy is guaranteed to take you into the shadow realm.

The IDA wave is also ideal for couples who want to improve their sex life and want a new way for deep intimacy. Before we go deeper into this toy, let's quickly compare the newly improved IDA Wave and the Original IDA. Shall we?

IDA Wave Vs. IDA

Three key points differentiate these two models.

App Control: The newly improved IDA wave allows you to connect effortlessly to the LELO app on your iOS or Android device, making it beneficial for long-distance relationships. You don't need to be tech-savvy to explore the app-control features of this toy. With an excellent user interface, you can navigate through the app easily.

A Better Shape: The improved shape of this toy makes it possible to fit perfectly into any female body. With its knee-shaped insertable sleeve, it's easy to use the toy while stimulating the clitoris.

WaveMotion Technology: The insertable part of this toy rotates. Thanks to the Wave Motion ™ technology, it also simulates the movement of the fingers to give you overwhelming pleasure in your g-spot while providing intense stimulation.

How to Effectively Use IDA Wave

There are several ways to use this toy for maximum pleasure. However, in this section, we'd only look at three. So, let's dive in.

In the Shower

If you need a comfortable place to have fun with yourself, the bathroom is one place you shouldn't overlook. Shower masturbation is enjoyable when taking a long bath or having "me time."

To enjoy this adventure, you'll need to start slow, and once you're turned on, you insert the IDA Wave into your vagina to enjoy several stimulations that it provides until you find the perfect one that strikes a chord.

On Your Back

If you enjoy solo sex, then using IDA Wave while laying on your back is surreal. In this position, you have easy access to your clit and breasts for a fantastic experience of intense stimulation. If you have water-based lubes for your toy, you can apply them over the toy and gently insert the sleeves inside your vagina while allowing the vibrating part to rest on your clit. Lastly, you choose the vibe pattern you want via the app and enjoy maximum sensations like never before.

In your Dressing Room

If you're looking for innovative ways to explore your body, you should consider having solo sex in front of the mirror. I'm guessing you haven't tried it before, correct? All you have to do is to find a comfortable area in your room to sit in front of your mirror with your legs spread while doing what you do best. You can explore your other erogenous zones before you fully dive into action. Once you're wet and slippery, it's time to enjoy a hands-free experience with your IDA wave toy.

Synchronize your pleasure with Lelo's Tiani Harmony Massager

Tiani Harmony is a new sex toy gaining recognition in the sex toy market. It's a double-action couple massager with many features that are likely to offer you pleasurable adventures more than any other sex toys you've used, especially if you love to play with your partner. This toy features two motors that deliver maximum pleasure to couples, leading to a harmonious orgasm. To enjoy this device, you'd need to adjust the vibes till you find the best one that makes you lose your mind. 

Top Features of Tiani Harmony

  • Increase the Power – This device has two powerful vibrating motors that provide extraordinary sensations that you can’t imagine.
  • Variety of Intensities – You can experience different satisfaction levels with ten top-notch settings
  • App Controlled – You can readily connect and control your device using the Bluetooth technology feature for amazing pleasure adventures.
  • Totally Waterproof – Tiani Harmony is perfect for bathing and showering, since it’s waterproof. Although, you’ll have to be careful not to use the device under water for longer periods.

Who is This Toy For?

If you're clingy to your partner and would love to explore your sexual life with your lover, this sex toy is the right one for you. With the dual-vibrator present on the toy, you can prioritize your partner's pleasure during your fun time and connect with your partner intimately.

If you're far away from your partner and would love to gift your lover a sex toy, then Tiani Harmony should be on your checklist. With this toy, distance isn't a barrier.

How to Use Tiani Harmony

First things first. Before using this toy, you'd need to charge the toy for about two hours before using it. Once you've done this, you can begin to explore with your partner using your power-packed toy. Using the app, you can test-run several vibe patterns to find the best vibe for you and your partner. For an amazing experience, combining the vibe settings of Tiani Harmony with your fingers and mouth is best. Such a beautiful cloud-9 experience you'll have.

If you enjoy phone sex, then you can use this toy to spice things up during your fun time. All you need to do is to ask your partner to use the toy when they're having phone sex with you. Trust me; the experience is going to blow your mind. If you're a beginner with sex toys, you can explore the different vibes that come with this toy while you play with your partner.

Lastly, if you enjoy missionary sex style, you'll have some real fun using this toy. Although Tiani Harmony is ideal for different sex positions, the missionary style seems to be the winner. You can simultaneously send intense vibrations to your dick while driving your partner crazy. Remember, Tiani Harmony is designed for couples. So, this means your partner won't have all the fun; you'll also get to enjoy some premium stimulations.

Which is the Best Toy for You? Tiani Harmony or IDA Wave?

If you've read this article up to this point, congratulations, and I'm guessing you've made up your mind on your choice of sex toy to add to your collection. If you still find it challenging to choose one, don't worry; I've got your back. 

These toys we've discussed extensively are great for couples and singles who are bored of using retarded products and would love to try something innovative. However, if you enjoy solo sex more than couple sex, you should go for IDA Wave. If it's the other way round, then Tiani Harmony is your best bet. With this toy, you'll get to explore and understand your partner's pleasure points and scout for ways to become more intimate in your bedroom or in the grocery shopping for your favorite snack.

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