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PUBLIC SEX IS FUN: 7 Ways to Enjoy It

If you are on the shy or conservative side, you probably think people who have sex in public places are crazy—Maybe they are. But it's a healthy type of crazy. Getting caught while doing the do is a feeling that takes the arousal of most people from zero to a solid ten.

When it comes to spicing things up, outdoor sex with toys or without can be pretty exciting. But folks who have never even thought about it are just as much as folks who would readily try it. When couples walk into an adult toy shop, you don't often see them gravitating to the section for toys they can use outside the bedroom.

Not stating a fact here, but I think a lot of couples will be happier if they did something out of ordinary now and then. This includes all the scandalous stuff like getting the heat on at work, on date night, and even at the mall.

Before I cue you in on the juicy stuff, I'd have you know a couple of things about having sex in public places so nothing catches you unawares. Getting your “biscuit” buttered in public is thrilling. But like everything sex-related, your safety is important. You want a good, mind-numbing orgasm, not a near-death experience.

In the past, gay couples have been attacked by homophobic assailants while making out or having sex in public. Heterosexual couples are not left out in these attacks. In the public sex scene, dogging is something straight couples do in which a couple has sex in a place they know other couples might join them or watch. People get robbed or attacked at hookups like this so going alone is ill-advised for women.

If this happens to you in a public sex environment, be sure to inform the third party or the police so others don't experience the same. The thrill that comes from going at it in public is incomparable.  

However, while sex in the park or under stadium bleachers sounds like a fun risk to take, banging in a no-sex zone or a country where public sex is illegal could get you in some real trouble. Yes, you read that right. You could get penalized for something that was merely a moment of excitement for you.

The legal term is officially "public indecency" or "lewdness," and this offense falls under CLASS A or B misdemeanor. What's the summary of all this legal jargon? The summary is that couples could get:

  1. Jailed for long as a year
  2. Fined
  3. Put on probation
  4. Registered as sex offenders
  5. Do community service
  6. Get a criminal record

All these just for getting a good lay? Yes, guys. Which is why you don't have people randomly romping in public. That's not to say it doesn't happen. Neither does the consequence make it any less thrilling. But you need to know what's at stake here.

For this article, I've put together a list of wonderful toys for public sex that can also be enjoyed in a variety of other ways. The key is thinking outside the box and moving the fun out of the confines of your bedroom.

Here are 7 super fun toys to help you and your partner switch things up.

  • Remote Controlled Sex Toys:

Want to know the fastest way to tell if a toy is great for public use? Check if it's the remote control. Sex toys that allow you automatic control through a remote will do wonders for your sex life, especially when you start to use your playthings under the noses of unsuspecting folks while in public spaces. Are you going to see another side of your lover when you put the toy at maximum or minimum power? Remote-controlled sex toys help you find out.

remote control sex toys

See 3 of the best remote-control adult toys to buy below:

(1) We-Vibe

I've used a lot of sex toys and We-Vibe remains one of my top choices when it comes to discreet, public sex. Because of its very comfortable design, the We-Vibe is great for wearing for long periods. The great thing is, it not only comes with a remote and phone application but it can also be shared between couples from literally anywhere on the globe.

(2)  Luv ‘n’ Fun

One thing I loved most about this kegel exerciser was its vibrating quality and little remotes. Does it have an app? No, it does not. But that's no downer. The Luv ‘n’ Fun kegel exerciser is quite brilliant and will allow you to switch functions from as far as 100m away.

(3) LELO 

This adult toy brand comes with multiple designs that can be worn with discretion and enjoyed equally. Some cool models by LELO are Tiani Harmony and IDA Wave.

  • Stimulating Gel:

Stimulating gels or arousal gels are sex products that increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the vagina. Other forms of this product are oils and creams but the result is the same: maximum sexual satisfaction and pleasure for women.

Stimulating Gel

Want to know a secret? You don't need a partner to arouse yourself in a public place. Just put it on and head out. You're going to be quivering with ecstasy in no time.

  • Strap on Harnesses

Also known as packing, strap-ons are essentially dildos, designed to be worn with a harness during sex. While they are used by lesbian couples, strap-ons can be enjoyed by folks of every gender or orientation. One raunchy way you can use this toy is to wear it before going out and then surprise your lover in an isolated area.

strap on harness

In my opinion, it's going to help if the first time you use the strap-on harness isn't when you and your partner are ready to go down on each other. Since it's a new toy, it's going to feel unfamiliar and weird.

It helps to wear your strap-on harness while doing something basic like doing the laundry or cooking. The more comfortable you are with it, the easier it is to use it with your partner.

  • Cock Rings

Ladies are not the only ones who get to have a good time with public sex toys, cock rings are available for guys to enjoy. Worn at the base of the penis, cock rings limit the flow of blood to an erect penis They are worn to help your erection last longer or keep it strong.

cock rings

What makes cock rings different is that you don't need to prepare exhaustively for them like you would with anal sleeves or butt plugs. I do get a lot of people to tell me they don't feel too comfortable about sticking their cucumber in a snug little hoop. They don't want to get stuck or not orgasm. And that's normal.

Cock rings were designed for pleasure so the likelihood of something hazardous taking place is small. Just be sure to do some manscaping of your pubic hair and also take off after 20 minutes of use.

  • Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are not my favorite adult toy to use. But a lot of folks out there love them. This is one fun toy that both men and women can wear. They come in models that are vibration or non-vibrational.

Butt Plugs

The best way to enjoy a butt plug is to buy one that is a perfect fit. The result is amazing and you could hover around an explosive orgasm for hours.

As you probably guessed, butt plugs go in your butt hole which cannot self-lubricate. This means you need to apply a lube every 39 minutes to make your toy feel more comfortable for you up there.

  • Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are clips you can use to pinch a bit of flesh to limit the flow of blood to the nipple. The sensation is a heady mix of numbness, pleasure, and pain. They come in vibrating and non-vibrating kinds and are great for stimulating the nipples as discreetly as possible in public.

Some to use nipple clamps is to buy the right kind. While I recommend highly recommend adjustable clamps, it's important to get what works for you. Like cock rings, you need to prepare the area before getting your clamp on. No, I don't mean shaving here. I mean getting your nipples slightly aroused before closing the clamps in.

Nipple clamps can be used for as long as 10 to 30 minutes and the best time to take them off is when you're close to climaxing. Always have a safe word for when you don't feel comfortable during sex.

  • Kegel Exercises Ball

Not many people are familiar with kegel exercisers. They help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Besides preventing waste leakage, great pelvic floor muscles help you get better orgasms. All you need to do is wear one as you hit the streets, and you and your partner can enjoy each other quietly.

kegel exercise ball

The degree to which we enjoy sex is limited by how far we are willing to explore for the pleasure we want. Some people push these limits with role play, some do it with group sex, and some, with public sex. Now that you have a head start with this article, go out there and do your thing!


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