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Steamy Car Windows & Next-Level Orgasms

The feeling of the cool air against your sweaty body as the music from the car radio plays your favourite song; holding your breath as your significant other nips your neck with a multitude of kisses as he runs his thick fingers across your pulsating mound and your nipple, your heartbeat quickening with every crevice that he touches as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear.

Steamy, right? You’ve dated for awhile now but you didn’t know his sexual experience was limited in his ideas; the thought of continuously having missionary sex in his one bedroom apartment both dull and boring, knowing there had to be someway to spice things up in your sex life before things got worse.

But how? You have a car and a tank full of gas - how do you bring it up to your significant other that you want to get out there and really take your love making to the extreme? Easy.

Try not to think about how awkward it was when you were a teenager, because you were both young and naive, exploring your interests as it pertains to your sexual liberation. You can wear easily removable clothing and park somewhere both remote and romantic while making the entire evening special and personable. Play some soft music, or play your favourite bass thumping tunes you can mimic your movements to.

Don’t hesitate. Be firm - but positive - in your ideas and talk straight away about what you expect. Include what you like, dislike and what you really want to try with them. Try to incorporate what you already have on hand. For example, his spacious five seater.

You’ve seen him watching you the past couple of hours; his eyes primal in their hunger as you teased him with your movements. Your skirt rode higher and higher until he couldn’t take it anymore, his hands reaching towards you as you giggle, suggesting an address he didn’t recognize.

Take it to the back seat after finding a remote location and hike up your pantyless miniskirt, allowing him to eat you out like a four course meal at a fine dining restaurant, his hands pressed against the steamy car windows as he penetrates you deeply with his massive cock, watching as your tits escaped your tank top and bounce freely around with the momentum of his movements.

Or maybe you want to try something a little bit more tame and climb onto his lap as soon as he parked the car, confused as to where you both were. Before he could ask, you hopped onto his dick like it was the last seat you’d ever be offered and rode him into oblivion, his mind going blank as he focused only on you.

Or maybe you’re nervous about the whole car thing, so you offer to spoon each other in the backseat, your curvy ass rubbing against his hardened dick.

You feel his hands wrap around you, the pads of his thumbs brushing against the stiff peaks of your nipples as you melt into his large member.

While in the backseat, you could even use your seatbelts to your advantage: wrapping the thick straps around his wrists as you tease him, suckling on his throbbing cock with your hot breath before grinding him to your heart's content. This position works if you really know what you want and how to get it. Being on top allows you to rub your clit with your fingers - or a toy - and drive you right over the edge (but remember to engage your parking brake!)

You don’t even have to have sex inside the car if you didn’t want too. Using the hood or the roof for example, could be a fun way to explore your voyeuristic side while getting a clear view of the night sky; the stars adding a little something to the atmosphere as you feel animalistic in your ear shattering screams as he thrusts harder and deeper into you.

Sometimes people just get into the mood while road tripping and the thought of finding a hotel to check into is both troublesome and a mood killer, so why not pull over on the highway and have a quickie? That way the four hour trip you were making can be done in peace instead of arguments and you’ll have a clear mind when you approach rush hour.

Sex doesn’t have to be boring and by incorporating different positions and locations, you can definitely make it your own. Maybe you want to spend the night at the beach, but the thought of the gross sand in your lady bits has you turned off, who's to say you can’t take park your car and open your trunk to the view as you fuck eachother senseless? Nobody.

Of course, with the freedom that car sex offers, you still have to be careful not to park anywhere you’re not supposed to be. Always research the location before you go there or else you could be fined for trespassing. Cops will always be around and although the thought of getting caught gets you hot and bothered, the amount of the ticket you receive for being indecent will immediately kill your mood, no matter how horny you were feeling beforehand.

Also - always check for other people. You should always get someone’s consent before you take part in any sort of sexual act and that could be tricky when you’re having sex in public. Make sure you always park in a secluded and remote part where you’ll be away from people, unless you visit somewhere like a nude beach where consent is automatically given once you enter the place.

The world is definitely your oyster and while he’s touching yours and worshipping you like the queen that you are, you might as well make it as fun as possible and use what’s available to you - no matter how silly it may sound in your head. You never know, this could be a weekly (or daily) occurrence and your relationship will thank you for it.

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