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Sucking sex Toys: Satisfyer Pro 2 VS Womanizer W500 VS LELO SONA

As a veteran medical expert, there are always femal who ask me privately which sucking sex toy supplies are better? I just want to say that different sucking sex toys have different stimulation needs, just like buying food, you can buy what you want to eat. Here are a few recommendations for sucking sex toys, interested fairies can refer to!

  1. Satisfyer Pro 2

The first is Satisfyer, the outer box does not look obvious in "private massager words", which contains a magnetic charging cable, and a manual. The material chosen is ABS + silicone, the texture is relatively hard, long handle area is larger travel to carry should not be very convenient.

There are 11 intensity modes, but the vibration sound is a little loud, the noise when using the people cannot raise interest. Although it is a massage device that simulates the sensation of sucking and tongue squeezing but compared to real oral sex, it always feels like something is missing.

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  1. Womanizer W500

To introduce the second sex toy is Womanizer, the surface of the body set with a Swarovski crystal, more special, so the price is also higher, but the actual diamond is not very practical. The official claim of the German-made 60 seconds to reach the peak of orgasm.

The Womanizer gives me the first impression, the color design is slightly vulgar, the body material is hard, feeling like cheap plastic or silicone, although the size is much smaller than the Satisfyer, but does not fit the palm of the smooth feeling. The silicone head is also easy to yellow after a long time, although there is a replacement set but ultimately a limited number, after each use. You have to carefully clean it, and the cleaning steps are very troublesome.

Press and hold the small diamond in the middle of the fuselage to turn it on. After turning it on, the soft silicone nozzle will emit red light. The operation is simple and only has two settings of on-off and frequency adjustment, which gives you the feeling of sucking

It’s worth the money after using it a few times, but the mouthpiece design is not good, it is not easy to capture sensitive points, and for the inexperienced, the lowest level of Womanizer is a bit too exciting.

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Unpacking SONA's outer packaging, the black box inside feels quite mysterious and high-grade ~ through the box you can see the true face of SONA. Inside the accessories are complete, a SONA, a dust bag, a USB charging cable, a packet of lubricant, and an instruction manual.

This toy in hands of the first thing that attracted me is its material, using skin-friendly silicone, very soft and smooth. SONA is suitable for holding the curve, in line with artificial body science, compared to the Womanizer grip more smoothly, the shape is also more pleasing, charging SONA button will emit a bright pink light.

SONA's settings are very simple only three buttons, press the plus gear can be turned on, there are eight gears that can be adjusted. And even being open to the maximum gear also feels much less than the Satisfyer sound!

SONA using experience.

SONA is fully waterproof, and it can be used in the bath and shower and in the bathtub. I cleaned the toys while taking a bath, and turned on the toys for the first time. The first-degree shock of the small toy is not very strong. Slowly increase the magnitude, and you will obviously feel numb. I am worried that I will not be able to stand in the bathroom, so I did not try it in the bathroom for too long.

With the previous experience, I directly adjusted SONA to the gear with strong vibration and high frequency. SONA's Sonic sound wave is simply black technology! Just like when we go to a nightclub and stand in front of the stereo, we can feel the sound passing through the skin and bones, and the whole body is vibrating with it. Sonic sound waves can stimulate the part of the clitoris in the body, and spread the tingling sensation little by little. From gentle to shocking, I really love it~~

And the SONA high-end version I bought adds the Cruise Control function, every time I enter the state, when I press hard on the beanie, the power will not be reduced or interrupted. No matter how I press it, it will continue to bring me pleasure.

Compared with three similar small toys, SONA's price/performance ratio is obviously much higher.

I used to like LELO products very much. The Nordic simple style, classic sex bloodline, but the price is really a bit expensive, has always been called the "Hermes" in the sex toys.

Throughout the evaluation, SONA’s performance can be said to be very satisfying. Compared with Womanizer’s harder feel, Satisfyer’s super-noise, SONA’s strong technical support, and perfect design, it can be said to be a highly recommended one, and it will definitely become your daily routine love.

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