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Everything You Need To Know About Finding The Best Dildos For You

“Which dildo is best for you?” sounds like a confusing question and most of the first-time buyers get overwhelmed by hundreds of different shapes and sizes arranged in the sex toy shop. Even in online sex toy stores, the hundreds of different types and categories made it a hell of a lot of tasks to choose just the perfect fit for you. If you are also the one who feels intimidated by the number of penises looking at you but don’t know which is the “one” for you then you are in right place.

Here in this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about finding and using the best dildos for you. Starting with this guide, you must know first that there are so many types of dildos out there. Ranging from strap-on dildos to anal dildos and from vibrating to non-vibrating ones, it can get overwhelming to choose just one. So, first of all, decide what type of pleasure you are looking for.

Every dildo is designed to provide a different pleasure experience than the other. For example, clitoral-specific dildos are meant for clitoral stimulation, anal dildos are for anal penetration, vibrating dildos are for more strong and intense orgasms, huge dildos are for bold sex enthusiasts, suction cup dildos are for those seeking more realistic sexual pleasure, and the list goes on.

So, search for different types of dildos and then think about what kind of pleasure you are looking forward to experiencing with your new sex toy.

Know The Difference Between Vibrators and Dildos

Dildos and vibrators are often confused with each other especially by beginners because both sex toys almost look the same. And often both are designed in the same penis shape. That’s why understanding the difference between a vibrator and a dildo is necessary for you.

The major difference between the dildo and a classical vibrator is that the vibrator is most of the time is meant for external stimulation and is not meant to go inside your body. While, on the other hand, dildos are designed and are meant to penetrate you both vaginally and anally to provide penetrative pleasures.

The vibrators can sometimes be insertable but the real work of them is to “vibrate” and in return stimulate you wherever you want like the clitoris, nipples, prostate, etc. On the other side Dildos sometimes comes with attached vibrators to both stimulate you and penetrate you at the same time. The advantage of dildos over vibrators is that dildos are silent. You wouldn’t have to worry about the vibrating noise in the case of dildos and you can enjoy your pleasure moments without any fear of someone walking on to you asking about random vibrating noise. Another plus for dildos users is that their little pleasure toy will never run out of battery which is the major drawback in the case of vibrators.

Last but not the least, dildos are easy to use by beginners while vibrators can be difficult to use because beginners sometimes don’t know how to use them properly and feel afraid to put the vibrating thing on their most sensitive areas.

Another thing that can help you in distinguishing between dildos and vibrators is the shape. Vibrators are sleeker and thinner (Know about different types of vibrators) while the Dildos have more grith and length as they are meant for penetration and no one can deny that the larger the size and wider the grith the more intense the pleasure will be.

Know Vibrating Dildos vs. Non-Vibrating Dildos

If you are already a user of vibrators and prefer the vibratory pulses more for feeling aroused and now looking for something for penetrative fun as well. Then there vibrating dildos available in the market for you. Vibrating Dildos have different levels and patterns of vibratory pulses which you can use to stimulate yourself before actual penetration. Like for clitoral owners, the clitoral stimulation before penetration ensures more intense orgasms. Individuals with prostate can also get benefitted from these vibrating dildos.

The vibrating Dildos are also used for G-spot stimulation as the pulses of different patterns can stimulate the G-spot and you can hit your G-spot aroused orgasm easily.

Non-vibrating Dildos are classical dildos or more precisely the most traditional dildos used and owned by millions of people across the world. Non-vibrating Dildos, silent pleasure providers, are just for penetrative pleasure and are considered the easiest sex toys to let off the steam. You have to manually push, grind, insert, and thrust them inside to feel the pleasure. While in the case of vibrating Dildo’s stimulation is all on the vibratory pulses are you are left with the only work of thrusting and grinding. Here is complete guide to buy a vibrating dildo.

Both types have their pros and cons. So, decide what kind you want. As a first-timer, you should go with a non-vibrating or classical dildo to explore your body first. And when you get used to the usage of Dildos you can upgrade to vibrating ones to enjoy more pleasure-promising orgasms.

What Are You Using It For?

When it comes to buying the best dildo for you the most important question which arises is “What are you using it for?” What are you willing to experience? Of course, pleasure is the main goal. But is it just for you, for your wild sole sexual fantasies you want to explore on your own? Or do you want to try something new with your partner and look forward to trying new toys, positions, and exciting ways of reaching the climax along with your partner?

Deciding this is important because there are varieties of dildos designed especially for erotic partner play and for intense solo masturbation. And you wouldn’t want to miss on something promising just because you were not well prepared before buying one.

Dildos for Solo Pleasure

There is no shame in exploring your body. Even if you have a partner, you still can want to experience the pleasure all on your own. There is nothing wrong with this. Or if you are away from your partner and sexual frustration is getting the most out of you then trying out Dildos specially made to use for solo pleasure is the best option for you.

Dildos designed for solo pleasures are often larger and wider in size and come with varieties of features. For example, Realistic Dildos are designed with layers of silicones to provide a real-phallus-like texture. The suction cup dildos can be clipped to any surface and you can mount on them to experience the feel of riding your partner. Suction Cup dildos attached with walls offer the perfect wall-fucking experience and you can penetrate yourself from whichever angle you want without getting your hands sore.

Then there are vibrating Dildos which you can use to stimulate your clitoris or prostate before actually penetrating yourself to enjoy a realistic sexual experience. Rookie Vibrating Silicone Dildo is the perfect recommendation for beginners as they are simple looking and easy to use.

Lelo Ella Double-Sided Dildo is another best dildo that has two ends meant to provide a different kinds of pleasures. The broadhead can stimulate G-spot while the more pointy head is perfect for continuous and smooth thrusting just like a real-life penis can do.

PALOQUETH Realistic Dildo is for all those who want the touch and feel of a realistic penis. This realistic-looking penis comes in skin color, with raised veins of surface which mimic the actual phallus, and the balls-like structure at the base is enough to give them a realistic sex feel.

Doc Johnson The Slim Silicone Dildo is not to miss when talking about solo pleasure. Its slim size and larger base make it a perfect dildo for both anal and vaginal penetration. SO, there is no need for double purchasing. Now you can fulfill your anal pleasure fantasies with this slim-looking dildo.

Dildos for Partner Play

Using Dildos during Partner play takes the relationship and excitement of reaching climax to whole another level. For those who are looking forward to spicing things up with their partners and want to improve their bedtime relationship then strap-on Dildos are the perfect choice for you. Strap-on dildos have introduced a more excited and much-needed role reversal scenario between couples. Strap-on dildos are mostly preferred by same-sexed partners like gays and lesbians. But if you want to try this with your other gender partner then go ahead and don’t hesitate.

Because pleasure will be ensured by the end of the whole process. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum will be the perfect choice for beginners to enjoy intense pleasures with their partners. KUUVAL Strap-on 8 Vibration Dildo is another for more erotic and intense partner play. This vibrating strap-on dildo has 8 levels of vibration. So, your partner can control the level of intensity you want to reach the orgasm.

Tantus Feeldoe Slim Dildo is a strapless strap on. Means your partner doesn’t have to wear it with a harness around the waist. It has two sides that can provide both the partners face to face and skin to skin sexual contact. Its two sides (one meant for vulva owners to sit on it and hold it with their pelvic floor muscles while their partner rides on the shaft side of the dildo) are enough to provide an unbelievable and unique way to enjoy pleasant moments with your partner.

Know Size, shape, and Which materials are safest for dildos?

After you have decided the purpose, you are looking for a dildo, next step is to know the material type, the size, shape, and other features of the dildo. Of course, you wouldn’t want the wrong-sized dildo after paying bucks for it, would you? And also, you wouldn’t want to gain allergies in your pelvic area after enjoying an intense orgasmic session. So, to avoid these, it is necessary to understand about qualities of the dildo you want.

1. Size of Dildo

We already mentioned earlier that the Dildos are bigger than vibrators and other sex toys so one thing is for sure. You sure will find your perfect size. You can easily find the dildos ranging in size from 5” to 12”. There are much larger sizes and you might see a 3-foot-width dildo too. But as a beginner, just don’t go for it. 5 to 6 inches in length and a grith size of 3 to 4 inches will be the best dildo for you. And then keep upgrading to a higher size once you are comfortable and using the dildos. If you are an experienced one, you can read how to choose a large size dildo.

There is no definite size guide when it comes to dildos. So, it is recommended to start with smaller and then keep going up to the point you want.

2. Shape of Dildo

After size the second most important thing is shape. As the dildos are made for penetrative purposes, most people think that they will mimic the look of real-penis. But that’s not the actual case. There are varieties of Dildo shapes available. From Animal Dildos, which included dildos that match animal dicks, to the funky-looking massive rod-like objects with multiple raised patterns, you have multiple options to choose your pleasure shape.

Some dildos are realistic which resemble the real penis in texture, bendability, flexibility, and erection. So, if you have a thing for real penises then grab a realistic dildo. Or if you want to try something new aside from traditional looking toys then grab something unique looking like Dragon Dildos which are massive in size and resemble the penis of dragons.

3. Material type

Two types of material made dildos are available in the market;

Body un-Safe Material Types

With the rising demands of dildos in the market, some of the lower brands took their workstations and started designing the body's un-safe material-made dildos. So, be cautious while purchasing from an online sex toy store or always read behind the packages about what material it is made of during physical shopping of dildos.

  • Dildos made of TPR/TPE, commonly known as Elastomer, are highly dangerous due to their porous feature. These pores can accumulate in the lube and the body fluids and can’t be cleaned properly which leads to the colonization of bacteria. This, later on, cause serious allergies and sometimes STIs.
  • Jelly-made dildos are demanding among dildo users. But it is highly toxic and porous as well so avoid it if you can.
  • Cheap Quality PVC and Latex-made dildos are other material types you should avoid using. The reason is the same that these are porous.
  • Lastly, the cyber skin made dildos look appealing due to their high resemblance to the human flesh but no material is dangerous than this is. It is highly porous and there are higher chances of getting infections in your pelvic area after its use.

Body Safe Material Types

Body Safe material types include;

  • ABS Plastic is highly recommended for those who have no high budget and they are non-toxic as well. So, it is a great option. But remember these are non-flexible and hard. So, forget about nay bendability during thrusting and it might get a little difficult for you to reach your pleasure.
  • Silicone is the perfect option and is even recommended by sex doctors and professionals. It is non-porous, flexible, bendable, and easy to clean. Most of the famous brands offer their dildos in the silicone material. Silicone-made dildos come at little bit higher prices, ranging from 100 – 200 $.
  • Wood, Glass, and Metal are also body-safe dildo materials as they are non-porous and easy to clean. These options are for fancy lovers and are a great way to glam up their sex toy collection. These materials offer different features like sensations, different temperatures for more aroused feeling, durometers, and sometimes vibrations.

Lube Up Your Dildo!

This is the most important thing you need to know for your best dildo. Your lube should be compatible with your dildo material type as well as safe for your body. You can also try different featured lubes like a lube which can heat things for a more sensual experience. And never use silicone-based lubed for silicone-made dildos. Use water-based lube for your silicone sex toys.

In short, adding lube ensures a smooth and sleek inserting experience.

How to Clean, Care, Storage the Best Dildo?

Want your best dildo to last for years? Then proper care and maintenance are a must. Always read and follow the care guidelines given behind packaging to avoid any mishaps. But here are a few points for proper care:

1. Right Choice of Lube

Always use right and dildo material compatible lube. Because using the wrong lube can damage your dildo beyond repair. So, search properly for the compatible lube. For wood, glass, steel, metal, and ABS plastic-made dildos you can use both silicone and water-based lube. But for silicone-made dildos, only water-based lubes are recommended.

2. Proper Cleaning

  • The second important you must consider is the proper cleaning. Silicone and ABS Plastic made dildos can be easily cleaned underwater and you can rub off the remains of lube and body fluid by scrubbing it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.
  • Stainless steel, metal, and wood-made dildos are easier to clean. Just throw them in boiling water and that’s it they will be properly sterilized.
  •  If you do have cyber-skin or Jelly material types, then you can wash them or clean them with a warm cloth as mentioned in their guidelines.
  • If you have a vibrating dildo (rechargeable), you can’t wash it directly underwater. So, just clean it with moisturized cloth and afterward sanitize it with body-safe sanitizers.
  • After washing, leave it on a dry surface for some time so that any moisture left behind can evaporate properly.

3. Store Your Dildos in a Safe Place

Last but not the least, store your dildos in a cool and dry place. Don’t store your dildos in direct sunlight or wet place. Also, keep it away from the reach of children.

Last Remarks

So, we would leave it here. You are all set to use your best dildo properly to fulfill your sex fetishes. With dildos, one thing is sure, you sure will get the penetrative pleasure you are looking for. Also, properly do your research and read reviews before settling for anyone dildo type. Because you wouldn’t want to waste your bucks, would you?


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