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Dildos 101:Everything You Know About Dildos

Dildos are considered as one of the earliest of Sex Toys, perfectly designed to provide sexual pleasures to all gender types. While other sex toys are designed for specific purposes like specific for vagina penetration, anal play, or clitoral stimulation, Dildos alone can be used for every kind of sexual activity.

Put it into Vagina, Anus, or, for a more intense experience with your partner, in the mouth to liven things up in the bed. Even if you have heard about Dildos, there are some chances that you might don’t know how to use Dildos properly to gain the intense pleasures of sex. So, here is an ultimate guide to Dildos to use this sex toy at its best.

What is a dildo?

Dildos are sex toys that are meant to work and feel like a penis. But it doesn't have to look like Penis. Dildos come in different kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs each with the same purpose; elevate your sexual pleasures.

Dildos are phallic-shaped sex toys that are meant to insert to provide intense orgasms to the user. These artificial penis-like toys can be inserted into the vagina and anus to experience the pleasures of sex. The best thing about Dildos is that they are not gender-specific and have erotic pleasures to offer to any gender type.

Types of dildos

Dildos are available in varieties of shapes, sizes, materials, designs, and weights. You can find;

  • Dildos Made with a Suction base to attach to the body
  • Dildos with a strap on to wear
  • Double-sided Dildos can be used by two partners at a time 
  • Dildos are designed exactly like Penis and even have artificial testicles to make the experience as realistic as it can be.

Here are different kinds of Dildos, to help you choose which can be a perfect option for you.

1. Vibrating Dildos

These dildos vibrate to provide more stimulation. Not all dildos are vibrating as their main aim is to penetrate. But now vibrating Dildos are also available which vibrate during penetration to fulfill the sex hunger more pleasingly.  
(click to Your Complete Guide To Buy a Vibrating Dildo)

2. Anal dildo

Rectal Dildos are just like normal dildos except that they are specifically designed to use for Anal play and Anal Penetration to help people enjoy the Anal sexual experience. The bigger misunderstanding sex-toys-users often have is that they can use regular Vaginal Dildos as Anal Dildos. But in reality, it is highly unadvisable by professionals. A real anal dildo has a slightly larger base to make handling easier.

Anal Dildos come in a variety of shapes including Penis to make the anal penetration realistic and more enjoyable. Beaded Anal Dildos are also available which help stimulate the anal beads to reach ecstasy.

3. Huge dildo

Huge Dildos are normal dildos but with a much larger size and shape. These are designed specifically for those seeking a more erotic sexual experience in their life.

4. Glass dildo

Even though the Glass Dildos do not have the bending ability to reach more inside, the Glass Dildos are still highly preferred by the divers. The main reason why people buy these is their beautiful design and material. The glass material is non-allergic, eco-friendly, and easy to clean which are other benefits users can enjoy.

For all those who love the rigidness and firmness during penetration then Glass Dildos are the best option for you. So, just go ahead and glam up your sex toys collection with the beautiful and erotic-looking Glass Dildos. Learn more about glass dildo

5. Realistic dildo

Want to feel the sensation of a real penis-like penetration? Then Realistic Dildo should be your ultimate choice. These are manufactured and designed with layers of silicone to make them look and feel like the real penis. Their texture seems super smooth and some brands even go to lengths to introduce vein-like structures to give a more realistic touch. Also, they are super flexible as much as a penis could be when erect.

6. Gay dildo

Finding the best dildos for gay men is a super daunting task to say less. Most of the easily find dildos are for women. And for gay men finding a dildo that is best for anal penetration is difficult. These Gay Dildos are designed differently from regular dildos in both shape and sizes. You can learn more about double dildo, which also applies to gay.

7. Squirting or Ejaculation dildo

It is not difficult nowadays to experience a real sexual experience without having sex with your partner. Most people like the sensation of ejaculation alongside manipulation, insertion, or stimulation. That’s why Sex professionals took to their working space and designed a Dildo that comes with an attached pump to ejaculate the liquid whenever you think you are close to your orgasm too.

These Dildos look and are made exactly like Realistic Dildos except that they have a pump attached to them to release the ejaculation.
(click to Squirting dildos 101: A Squirting dildo Buyers Guide)

8. Crystal dildo

These are the Stone Dildos and are made of different unique gemstones e.g., Crystal Quartz, the most commonly used stone in Sex toys. Crystal Dildos are used by two kinds of people. Those who belong to the majority and buy them for aesthetic reasons or to glam their sex toy collection.

Or those seeking the healing powers of stone and gaining pleasure from them. The belief is that using different crystal Dildos to gain pleasure can heal your soul and help you achieve spiritual peace.

9. Thrusting dildo

Like Ejaculating Dildos which can provide a real sex-like experience, the thrusting Dildos is another type that can be counted in the same category. Any Dildo needs the manhandling and you are open to thrust at your own pace which sometimes seems like tiring work.

That’s where Thrusting Dildos comes in. These are either attached with an attached motor, a remote to control the thrusts, or with an app to check and control the speed of thrusting. Those which come with remote or app have a structure inside them which when activated start moving forward and backward mimicking actual penis-like movements to satisfy your sexual desires.

10. Hollow dildo

Hollow Strap-on Dildos are preferred by those partners looking for something to elevate the intimacy between them by reversing their roles. Hollow Dildos are also preferred by Gay men and lesbians to enjoy the pleasures of penetrative sex and spice things up with their partners.

These dildos come with a strap on that is worn or tied by one partner around the waist such that the Dildo is resting on their private part. With that, they can penetrate their partners with the dildo mimicking the actual sexual intercourse.

11. Animal Dildo

Sex fantasies vary from person to person. And there are people out there with crazy fantasies to experience something different and unique in their journey towards the destination of sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

You can find dozens of Animal Dildos out there both online or in your local Sex toy shop. Animal Dildos are designed to resemble the penis of different animals. For example, hound dildos, Kangaroo Dildos, Werewolf dildos, etc.

12. Dragon dildo

Dragon Dildos are fantasy-themed dildos that resemble the penis of a dragon. You can buy it if you want to try something animated looking and don’t want to go for a boring-looking dildo. The unique thing about Dragon Dildos is that they have different designs carved on the surface which helps in stimulation more sensually than the smooth surface or penis-like dildos do.

Also, the colors and their unique shapes and designs are other things that make them attractive and different from other regular dildos.

13. Suction Cup Dildo

Suction Cup Dildos are the exact copy of regular dildos except that they came with a suction cup at the base of the dildo with which you can attach it anywhere around your house. You can attach it to Furniture, Walls, Floors, Bathroom, showers, or any smooth surface where you fantasized about exploding your orgasm out.
(click to Ultimate guide To Using A Suction Cup Dildo)

14. Strapless Dildo

Strap-less Strap-on Dildos are often confused with strap-on straps. The word “strap-on” means it will be strapped to your body while the word strapless means it will be without any support to strap to your body. Still, confusing? More simply, the strapless strap-on dildos are without and harness and waistbands which are often used to tie around the human waist.
(click to Buying & Using The Perfect strapless dildo)

Materials used in Dildos Manufacturing

It is recommended to only buy Body-safe material made Sex Toys especially those with which you have to penetrate yourself. The safest materials you should buy Dildos in are Silicone, ABS-Plastic, Wood, Metal, and Glass.

Any other material including jelly, Latex, PVC, TPR/TPE, or Cyber-skin made Dildos can be highly contagious and cause allergies or infections due to their porous material. As pores can not be cleaner=d properly and bacteria can colonize in those pores.

How Do Dildos Work? 

The working of Dildos varies with each type. If you are looking forward to clitoral stimulation by using Dildos then it might come as a little disappointment to you as the Dildos do not have more to offer than an actual penis in clitoral stimulation.

But as a vulva owner, using Dildos can fulfill your sexual desires and gain sexual pleasures. You can rub the Dildos on your vulva and use a vibrator at the same time for clitoral stimulation. In this regard, vibrating Dildos can prove very helpful. You can use it for clitoral stimulation as well as used it to grind yourself by hitting G-spot and reaching the climax more intensely.

Anal Dildos are also available for those who have fetishes about anal penetration or anal play. The diverse range of sizes, kinds, designs, and shapes make the whole process of anal sex more pleasurable and intimate.

Shortly put, Dildos are not vibratory (except Vibrating Dildos) and one has to thrust and grind it as much as deeper they want to go and at their own pace. Dildos are perfect for G-spot, P-spot, A-spot, and vulva stimulation if you will do it properly. But do not forget about thrusting Dildos which you can control by just a single press of the remote button or single touch on your mobile screen.

How to use a Dildo?

Using Dildos might seem intimidating at first because you are your own controller if engage in Solo sexual pleasure. But in partner play, it all depends on your partner how he/she will turn you on with these artificial penises.

  1. When using the Dildos, the most important first step is to lubricate yourself.Use the material compatible Lube in a generous amount. Use the lube on your vaginal area as well as on the dildo to heighten the sensation and make the whole penetration process more comfortable and easier.
  2. When you are done with the lubrication, don’t directly thrust the Dildo inside the vagina as it will give you no pleasure but pain. Instead, start patiently with slow strokes. Rubbing the Dildo up and down your vulva before inserting it in can prove helpful and elevate the feeling of an orgasm building in the body.
  3. When you are naturally wet enough, the muscles of your vagina are now ready for the penetrative process. So, slowly start inserting the Dildos inside. Keep it slow at first and then you can build up your pace as much as you want.
  4. If you aim to get pleasure by anal penetration, always choose Anal Dildos because these have a slightly larger base at the end to hold it while stroking. Because unlike Vagina the butt hole has no ending and your dildo can get lost inside. Also, use lube in a generous amount on both the anal area and on Dildo. Keep the strokes slow initially and when you are stimulated enough you are free to increase the pace as much as you want.

How to Clean, Care, and Storage a Dildo?

After-play care is highly important in the case of Dildos as when not cleaned properly can cause STIs and genitals infection especially if these are in use of more than one person (Like two partners sharing the same Dildo).

  • To properly clean your Dildo, nothing is a better choice than an anti-bacterial soap or lathers especially made for Sex Toy cleaning.If your Dildo can be washed directly under water then don’t hesitate in doing so. Rub and Scrub the toy thoroughly underwater and also clean it with soap or whatever lather you have.
  • If using battery-powered Dildos,you can’t wash it directly underwater, you can use Sex Toy cleaning Sprays or use the wet cloth to clean the excess after usage.
  • Drying is most important. So, tap dry your Dildos with a dry toweland leave them on a dry surface to further let the moisture evaporate from the toy.
  • When completely cleaned and dried, store the Dildo carefully in the packaging it comes in or in a dry safe place where it is inaccessible to anyone, especially children.

How to choose the best Dildo for you? 

Choosing the right sex toy is always difficult as lots and lots of options can confuse you and search through them seems like a daunting task. That’s why it is important to talk with your partner about things before purchasing one.

1. Think about your needs and desires

Think about what you want? What kind of pleasure you are looking forward to experiencing with the Dildo you are going to purchase?

2. Looking forward to Anal Stimulation?

If yes, then always go for Dildos with a slightly pointed end and a larger base to make the handling easy during penetration.

3. Do you want the Dildo to feel like a real Penis or it doesn’t concern you?

Are you the kind of person who wants a realistic touch to the sex toy you are using? Then shop for Realistic Dildos available in different sizes. These look like a real penis and resemble them a lot as it comes with a pair of testicles and veins popping underneath the skin.

If you just want something to just penetrate yourself with a penis-like toy, a little stretchy but still hard, and “Realistic” is something you don’t care about then go for Silicone-made Dildos. As the Silicone material will give the firmness and softness just like penises.

4. Want all hard and Smooth penetration?

Then opt for Glass or Metal made dildos as they are completely firm and hard. Some people find this hardness a turn-on. So, if you are one of them, don’t hesitate and buy these luxurious-looking Glasses and Metal made dildos.

5. Want to handle the Dildo yourself or a strap-on or Thrusting motor is necessary?

Also, decide the handling of Dildo! Do you want to thrust the dildo on your own? If yes then go ahead and buy regular dildos but if no, then there is always a choice of Thrusting dildos for you which comes with the in-built motor to mimic the real penis strokes during penetration.

In partner play, using a harness or strap-on can be a major turn-on for your partner. Or if you want your partner to use Strap-on then you have multiple options available on the internet as well as in your sex toys shop to opt for your desired one.

6. Want Vibrations for clitoral stimulation too?

Vibrating Dildos is like a two in one blessing for those seeking intense sexual pleasures during masturbation. Its vibratory powers help stimulate the clitoral nerve endings too which can further elevate the sensuality and stroking with a vibrating dildo can give you the most intense of orgasms.

7. Start Small

When using the first time, don’t buy huge dildos. Always buy small dildos first to get used to the feeling and usage of these sex toys. When you are comfortable and knowledgeable enough about using Dildos, upgrade to the larger size and keep fulfilling your sexual fantasies.

Safety precautions for using a Dildo

  • Don’t go harsh and fast in partner play especially when you are not at the receiving end. Keep communicating with your partner and ask them if they are comfortable with the pace and depths of the strokes.
  • Don’t use Porous material made-Dildos like Latex, PVS, TPR, etc. as it can accumulate bacteria and cause serious infections to your genital and anal area.
  • Don’t use Dildos without the material compatible lube. And apply the lube in a generous amount. Because the wetter it would be down there, the easier, comfortable, and pleasing it would be to experience the Dildos penetration.
  • Don’t use huge dildos if you are a beginner.
  • Don’t forget to clean your Dildo before and after usage to prevent any kind of infections to occur
  • Don't use the non-anal dildos for Anal penetration as the proper base is necessary for proper hold on anal dildos. Otherwise, it can go all inside because the anuses have no ending like vaginas.

Homemade & DIY a Dildo and Safety Considerations

If it's clean and safe to use material, then a homemade Dildo is safe to use. There are kits available on the internet which you can use to mold your own Dildo. This can be a creative way to explore your sexual fantasies and satisfy your sexual desires.

But don’t use any non-sterile material as a makeshift Dildo because you don’t know what kind of germs the surface of that object holds. Even when cleaned properly, you never know if the material is compatible and safe enough to go inside your body. 

Like we always said, anything which feels like it can fit inside your vagina doesn’t mean it is meant to go inside your vagina!

But again, your imagination is the limit in case of gaining sexual pleasures and you are allowed to explore your body and desires. If you do want to use homemade items as Dildos, don’t grab something sharp, pointed, and which has surface pointers. Grab a smooth and non-porous object and make sure it is properly cleaned before use.

Bottom Line

Welp, that’s it for now. Here is a complete guideline about different kinds of Dildos and their usage. Now it's all on you and your imagination to get benefits and pleasures from these magical little sex toys. We hope our article here helps you in choosing your perfect dildo for a solo sexual experience or to spice things up with your partner. Shortly put, with a diverse kind of dildos and with so many uses for dildos it is safe to say that Dildos will be a pleasing addition to your sex toys collection. Or better, start it!

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