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The working principle and Recommended Brands of the Kegel ball

In terms of working principle, the current Kegel balls on the market can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Passive balls
  • Electric balls
  • Active balls

Passive ball

Passive ball is the most traditional type of Kegel ball, usually a set of two balls, each ball has a small metal ball wrapped in rubber. When a person is walking, running or other activities, these small ball will bounce and impact on the ball will be generated that will stimulate the muscle contraction to achieve the effect of exercise.

This is the working principle of the most traditional vaginal ball. The power comes from the user. Therefore, to use this kind of vaginal ball, you must "move". It is useless to lie down or sit.

Electric ball

As the name suggest electric ball generate electricity from the battery driving the motor to generate vibrations, causing muscle contraction. Compared with the passive ball, the electric vaginal ball can also complete the exercise when the person is "not moving", such as sitting still, reading a book, or watching TV. Electric balls usually have a built-in sensor to sense the force of the muscles to clamp the Kegel balls, and then automatically adjust the vibration amplitude.

On the surface, the electric ball looks like a vibrating egg, but the vibration strength is generally very weak, which will not cause discomfort and arouse wild desires.

Active ball

It is generally small in size, but not light in weight, and it is solid and does not vibrate. It is necessary for its users to actively control the muscles of their private parts to achieve the purpose of exercise. It is a bit similar to the "Jade Egg Gong" in ancient legends. Women put the appropriate size of jade into the body, adjust and control the position of the jade in the body through muscle contraction, and then exercise the pelvic floor muscles. There is no brand recommendation under this one. You can search for "Jade Egg Gong" directly from online.

Recommended Brands of Kegel ball

  1. LELO

At present, the most famous brand on the market are the Lelo Beads, also known as the Luna ball which are introduced along with other series of brand product by a Swedish company. There are two styles of Luna balls, one is passive Kegel balls i.e. Luna Beads and the other is electric Kegel balls i.e. Luna Smart Bead.

Luna Beads:

Luna Beads has a set of 4 small balls, which can be matched with 6 different combinations, suitable for different stages and gradual exercises. Users are advised to start exercise with 1 ball first, and then gradually increase according to the progress. Generally, the entire exercise process takes about 4 months.

The use of two balls of different quality in combination reduces the difficulty of getting started, makes the whole process easier to control, and facilitates the user. But the downside is that cleaning is a little troublesome, and the combination ball is fragile. If the ball falls to the ground and breaks, there is no separate ball on sale.

Luna Smart Bead

The Luna Smart Bead is slightly flat in appearance, a bit like a small banana, and its vibration is very weak and does not arouse desire at all. The characteristic of this product is that it is very smartly configured with automatic evaluation system. The system has built-in 5 levels of vibration mode. Each exercise lasts for 5 minutes. At the end, it will evaluate the current usage and automatically set the vibration before the next exercise mode. During exercise, the more pressure Luna Smart Bead feels, the greater the vibration intensity will be on the next round.

The advantage is that it does not need to be used with activities like Luna Beads, and you can enjoy the process of slowly tightening while lying in bed. The disadvantage is that the vibration intensity is uncontrollable and the exercise intensity cannot be adjusted freely. The duration of the exercise is also rigid, only 5 minutes. If you want to increase the exercise, it is not convenient to take it in and take it out.

  1. FUN Factory

Fun Factory is a popular and reputated brand in Germany and SmartBall Duo is there most popular product amongst all. FUN Factory's market positioning is similar to LELO, and there products are manufactured in Germany itself. SmartBall Duo is a passive shrinking ball, with three different colors shades to choose from, red and white, purple and white, black and red. The sphere and the drawstring are integrally formed. The upper sphere is slightly smaller and the head is slightly pointed. Compared with Luna's round design, it is easier to put into the body and easier to clean.


SVAKOM is an American sex brand. It entered the country in 2012. Although it has only been a few years, its popularity in China is still quite high. SVAKOM's Nova shrinking ball is similar to SmartBall Duo. It is a passive vaginal ball and is also formed in one piece, but the difference is that SVAKOM Nova's set of products has 3 or 4 different shapes, sizes, and weights for different stages of use.

  1. IMTOY

IMTOY is also from the United States, a brand established in 2012, it is estimated that many people have seen its product known as big banana. Its Candy shrink ball is an electric kegel ball like Luna Smart Bead, and has a velocity sensing function. Although the shrinking ball itself is somewhat shrinking and only has a single sphere, it is the most high-end product in this article, and of course the price is also a bit expensive.

IMTOY Candy not only has a corresponding APP to collect body data simultaneously, but it is also the only one on the market that comes with a UV disinfection chamber. Although it is an electric vaginal  ball, the whole ball adopts windless coupling technology, and the charging is magnetic (wireless) charging, without breaking the battery, which is relatively more hygienic. On the other hand, IMTOY Candy's exercise courses are completely customized according to the user's situation, which is more reasonable and caring.

Suggestions for the use of vaginal balls:

  • If you want to go out with the ball, especially if you wear it to work, be sure to familiarize yourself with the exercise process. In other words, you have to figure out how to use the ball, and then you have to pay attention to expression control, and you have to be able to not reflect the body's feelings on the expression, especially for sensitive girls, otherwise it will be very embarrassing. It is recommended that you do not use it for more than 4 hours continuously. If you need it, you can slightly increase the duration, but in any case, you must not wear it for a whole day.After all, the road is still very sensitive. It is not necessary to wear it overnight. On the contrary, it is dangerous to leave it for too long, and it is easy to cause abnormal leucorrhea and other conditions.
  • It is recommended to put it in for no more than 1 hour a day, and do proper static exercise to help promote muscle contraction. Static exercise refers to small-scale exercise, such as doing housework, such as small-scale yoga movements. For details on how to use it, click on "How to use the shrinking ball? Explain in detail the placement method of the shrinking ball, exercise tutorial, and the harm of incorrect use."
  • If you are buying a kit with different weight combinations to shrink the ball, remember to choose the most suitable weight. It is better to have a sense of weight in it. If you don’t feel it at all, build one and replace it with a pressure sensor.


  1. The first use of the product may feel a bit dry and slightly uncomfortable. It is recommended to use it with lubricating fluid. If you are not familiar with lubricating fluids, please refer to our article over the Lubricants.
  2. When you feel that you can't hold the ball and will fall down, use the method of standing still and not stopping to contract the genitals and buttocks.
  3. Due to the vaginal characteristics of Asian women, it is recommended not to do large-scale exercises such as running and jumping with Kegel ball.
  4. Do not exceed four hours each time, otherwise it will affect the health of the vaginal environment.


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