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Butt plug guide:What is a Butt Plug and how to use it?

What is Butt Plug Means?

The butt plug is a sex toy that can be enjoyed by anyone with an anus, genitalia, gender. The silicone-made butt plug is common today and it is available in the market. This is a unique women's sex toy and lots of benefits. The butt plug can smooth your sex life solo or even with a partner. And you can get time to the patient and prepare properly for sexual intercourse.

The butt plug is used for girls anal. Men also are used this sex toy for their purposes. The important thing is that it has different shapes like a teardrop and has a wide base. So the main aim of the butt plug is to increase relaxation and pleasure. By using a butt plug you can get a comfortable, safe and sexy experience.

The Key Points about Butt Plug:

No more hesitation to use a butt plug because it has given lots of opportunities to enjoy and enhance your sex life. You can add pleasure in solo. This is the best side of using a butt plug. Your partner also can be thrilled with your sexual spot especially anal and genitalia. Here we showed some important key points of a butt plug.  

Increase Orgasm Time:

Although this is basically an anal sex toy, you still can get more pleasure and it stimulated your virginal side. It has different vibration modes which will create different pleasures at a time. You should just adjust any position and then put this vibration mode to enjoy better anal sex. So, however, this made your orgasm period smoother and pleasurable. 

Wear at Work time:

This is a unique side of the butt plug. You can normally wear it at work time. Due to its unique size and stable design, this is suitable for work time. And you can get more pleasure also at work time. The super small butt plugs are appropriate for work time. And it is an instant icebreaker also.

Make the pleasurable anal play:

The anal sex is really pleasurable and almost safe for girls (underage can’t do it). The butt plug can add extra pleasure from sexual intercourse when you wear it in your anus. It stimulates the anal and enhances sexual time more pleasurable.

How to Use a Butt Plug

The using technique is easy for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Here we showed how to use a butt plug.

Firstly you make sure that your butt starts feeling comfy with fingers. Then smear your butt plug in lubricant and slither it slowly inside you. Experts suggested that the doggy-style sexual intercourse position is the best for inserting a butt plug into your anus easily. Although there are different shaped butt plugs are available and everyone has a different choice as they choose their comfortable position. So, however, after inserting the butt plug you start its slow speed. When you are adjusting slow speed and get more pleasing in your anus, now increases the stress level of a butt plug. But if you feel still pain at a slow speed you should concentrate more and left took new speed. The butt plug is sometimes hurtful for skinny girls. If you are skinny, you should try a small-sized butt plug.

Besides, for the butt plug insertion, you could try different positions and find out which position is very much suitable for you. For the best relaxation and pleasure, you should be more gentle in inserting the butt plug.

How to Clean Butt Plug

Cleaning is a good matter during sexual intercourse. Before the using butt plug, you need to clean your device. Most butt plugs can be washed with antibacterial soap, lukewarm water, and other sex toy cleaner. But you should follow the package guidelines or doctor instructions.

After using the butt plug, follow the above instructions then take time to dry. Then store the butt plug in a bag or box.

Are the Butt Plugs Safe?

The anal sex toy butt plug has different activities and made up it safe sex toy materials. Experts show positive concerns about the butt plug. Some events are explained below-

1. Using lube: lube is an important material for the butt plug. The butt plug is basically soft and using lots of lube made it more comfortable in situations in your anal.

2. Proper handling: for risk-free use, you should be more concerned on clean the butt plugs. You should wash and disinfect the butt plug after and before use. Sexually transmitted infections are a major concern if the butt plug has not followed proper safety guidelines. So, using antibacterial soap, lukewarm water, and other things. This can make it body-safe all time. And follow the package guidelines.

3. Body Safe: before the use of the butt plug, go to the doctor's chamber or other health care center and make sure the safe sex toy materials.

How Long can Wear Butt Plug

This is the common question of who are especially new users of a butt plug. Don’t worry. The butt plug is quietly body safe. Here we showed more details about that question.

20-30 minutes is the perfect time for it then clean it with your suitable materials. This will be reduced the danger of risk.

Metal Butt Plug

The metal butt plug is basically small compact but it is perfect for beginners. And this stunning polished aluminum anal plug looks very beautiful with a crystal in the base. For that, it looks very luxurious also. The metal butt plug is formed with a tapered tip a smooth bulbous body and a slender neck. So inserting your butt plug in your anus is so easy and safe. The aluminum is also temperature responsive which means it is cold to the touch but it will warm up to body temperature very quickly. This type of butt plug also makes it suitable for temperature play which meaning is that you could pop this butt plug in the fridge for extra cool sensations during use or you could also pop this type of butt plug in warm water to enjoy extra-warm sensations during using these types of the butt plug. When using this type of butt plug you could use silicone-based lubricant for extra comfort during use. And make sure to clean the butt plug after every use. For cleaning, you can use dry cleaners or toy cleaners. You can also a mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. We suggest you some special metal butt plug here. You should just enter the hoenysx.com website and you can get more and more metal butt plug.

Silicone Butt Plug

This is a very much colorful and effective butt plug for you. These butt plugs are perfect for anyone who wants to discover annals stimulation. Besides, these butt plugs are perfect for beginners as well. The silicone butt plug is divided into three ranges from small size to large size. So you can staff off with the smallest plug just. These butt plugs are made up of body-safe silicone. So it is very smooth and soft to touch. You will feel amazing on your skin. It also has a pointed tip to insert easily and is slightly flexible. The flat bottom ensures safe use. And it has a beautiful crystal in the base which gives it a luxurious appearance. When using these butt plugs, you need to focus on cleaning. You can use a water-based lubricant for that types of butt plugs. And make sure after using this cleaning. You can use a dishwasher and soup and cleaner materials.

Round Butt Plug

This is another common butt plug. It has three different sizes also -small, medium, and large. The round butt plug is for those who are perhaps looking to progress to the next level of anal sexual intercourse. It has a very nice point tip option for easy insertion. The round butt plugs are made up of silicone and that’s why it is safe for the body. It is very soft and smooth to the touch. And it is very amazing when you use it. It is firm and slightly flexible. It has a plain flat structure so you can put it down and use it in your comfort zone. When using the round butt plugs you should use a water-based lubricant for better comfort. Be careful and make sure you the clean round butt plug after using. You can use soap and lukewarm water.

Crystal Butt Plug

Butt plugs are sparkle type and more delightful in shapes. This is a very beautiful butt plug. It is in shattered resistance glass also. This type of butt plug is a fun type. It has a beautiful thicker neck that gives you a more little bit of stability. Besides, the side of the end of this butt plug has a beautiful little crystal that shines and the glass goes over to the edge of the crystal. It is a very cheap metal butt plug also and you can buy it easily. This butt plug is very friendly for beginners. It holds also temperature. So you can use it in any situation. After using it you should clean up this butt plug.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This is a very unique butt plug ever. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. It is an absolutely fantastic butt plug. If you want anal sex with a toy, the bunny tail butt plug would be your best option. It is like a bunny’s fur shaped in the inside part. This is a shatterproof glass on the outside also. It is very thick and sturdy. This butt plug is also environmentally friendly. So you could use it any time and get the flavor of anal sex. Trying lubricant add also new features in your butt plug. And mind it you’re cleaning up activities after using the butt plug.

Anal Training Kit:

The anal training kit is a great beginner butt plug. It has small, medium and large sizes. They have got all the same features and are made of PVC and softened cups. It is simple to use. And easy to use its great features. It is very soft. And you can add lubricant to your choice. There are many types of shapes. It has lovely tapered tips and is soft. So it glides in really easy and then you can get hit with these lovely ridges. It has small, medium and large sizes and you should choose on your comfort zone especially considering your age, weight.

Before Purchasing Guide:

Sex toy buying sometimes seems to be more complicated and absurd. But don’t worry about that. Sex toy manufacturers use body-safe sex toy materials and their core concern is producing body-safe sex toys. Here we suggested some things which will be helped you.

1. Check your comfortable size

2. Concentrate on sex toys materials

3. Chose temperature friendly butt plug

4. Consult your doctor or health care center

5. Buying also cleaning materials

The different types of butt plugs are used for both medical and mental satisfaction purposes. For the first time, the butt plug was just used for medical purposes. After the butt plug was introduced as a unique sex toy for anal. It brings maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. We suggested that this sex toy can be your best option and it is body-safe sex toy.


What is a butt plug?

The butt plug is an anal sex toy that is used for anal purposes. It creates pleasurable pressure in the anal and creates stimulation. The butt plug is basically used for P-spot. But plugs also can stimulate the other internal parts of the clitoris and G-spot.

How long can a butt plug be worn safely?

There are no scientific experiences on the longevity of using a butt plug. But for using a butt plug you keep some consideration   

1. Pay attention to your body.

2. Do not use numbering products.

3. You use a silicone butt plug preferably.

4. Use silicone lubricant before the starting of doing it.

5. Use body-safe butt plug, for example, silicone butt plug, metal butt plug,

6. Use silicone lubricant.

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