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How To Choose & Use Plus-Size Dildos?

Dildos are great. They have been the female’s best friend for ages. What men couldn’t dildos can. They are there when you need them most, whatever the situation. They work as per your demand and they can satisfy you immensely. Then there is variety. You can arrange them in any way and compare them and use them and they won’t feel bad about the other. They will be happy to serve you.

But, women have special feelings for plus-size dildos. They say extreme is not good, but not in the case of dildos. As big as they get, they can deliver pretty high performance.

But let’s have a deeper look at plus-size dildos. The first question is –

Why Do People Use Plus-Size Dildos?

The longer the dildo, the deeper it goes and penetrates areas that normal humans can’t. We are not saying that real-life sex is not good, but sometimes we want some more. These needs can only be fulfilled by long dildos. They are different in use and they deliver awesome performance. These are the words of a user of a plus-size dildo. You can see that it is about the length of the dildo. The same thing goes for the width.

Since this is a toy, women want something extreme with these things. There is no real-life skin to hold, so something mind-blasting should be there, otherwise what would be the difference. So the plus-size dildos provide the performance and experience that is worth replacing my man, from time to time for sure. This is said by another user of a plus-size dildo.

Many plus-size women prefer plus-size dildos because they can fit them effectively. This is a great concern for them. Plus size toys are like a boon for them. They can derive sensual pleasure from these toys. Also, they accept their body without cribbing about it. So that’s another major factor.

How To Choose the Best One?

Choosing the plus size dildo depends upon preference. The market for sex toys has grown tremendously. With the rise in demand, the suppliers have used many tricks to sell their products. Now not only you will be able to get plus-size dildos, but with varied features. Some come in hentai-type textures, weird shapes. Some have electric motors while others will be double-ended. The metal ones are preferred sometimes, while some like silicone ones. As you want, as you will get. But how to choose?

So first is preference. The basic questions which you need to ask yourself are-

How long do I want it to be?

The longer the size of the dildo, the deeper it will go. There are varied sizes of dildos available in the market. You can get it delivered straight to your home. But what if you don’t need an extra-long end sticking out of your vagina? So choosing the perfect size for your big dildo is depending upon preference. Some like to play with their lesbian partners, so you need extra as much as you can handle.

Width is a major factor!!

Okay, long enough is good but how wide do you want it. After all, length and width both are important. The wider the dildo, the more it will stretch the muscles and the more pleasure it will give. Some dildos exceed the normal girth limit but a woman likes them.

Quality of Material

Do you want flexibility or roughness? This is a good question. Because apart from rubbery silicone which can move anywhere, there come the metal ones which are rigid but they provide an altogether different experience. How do you choose? Well, you must start with small ones. Try metal ones and then see how you feel about them. Then chose.

Need Extra features?

Extra features like vibration facility, heating elements, and more are available in plus-size dildos. This can be used by the user depending upon the preference. So what extra features do you need? Do you want your big dildo to vibrate once it’s inside? Do you want it to feel warm enough or cool enough inside the vagina? It all depends upon what you need from your masturbation partner.


Are you fond of using dildos in water? Then you need the one which has the waterproof ability. This is a major deciding factor in terms of choosing dildos. Use in shower and bathtub decides major choices.


If it’s vibrating, you don’t always want it to be connected to a cord. USB rechargeable dildos in plus-size are much preferred. But then again, it depends upon your understanding. So chose it.

How to Use Plus-size Dildos?

Are you asking about the procedure of using plus-size dildos? Well, they are the same as any other dildos, they just differ in size. But there are some rules. Rules like if you are feeling uncomfortable during their use, be patient. Don’t push yourself. It can harm you. Choose the size you can bear. Going to the extreme is good but only if you are doing it in the right way.

Using lubricant is a must. Since it is having such a large size, you need to have proper lubrication which is thoroughly applied to a dildo. Without lubrication don’t use it. It will make things easier for you and also, you will enjoy it immensely. There are many good lubricants in the market and also, you can read the manual which specifies which kind of lubricant you can use with a particular dildo.


Plus-size dildos are like anything else. You are just there for having fun. They are great in functionality. They provide pleasure immensely. They look good, feel good. When used with the right instruction, they are great friends. You can use them with your partner. It is all about what you are comfortable with. There are tons of plus-size dildos in the market with varied features. If you are thinking about using one, start slow and steady. Sex is fun and you should keep it like a game where you explore your possibilities.

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