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19 Types of Vibrators for Your Sex Toys List

Vibrator is a unique sex toy which is used for masturbation or couple sex. There are different types of vibrators like eggs, bullets, dildos, rabbits, wands, massagers and etc. It is the most appealing sex toy ever to you. They have different qualities and benefits. The vibrator is looking great, different colors like rock color, and keep a button. It doesn't look like a penis at all - it looks very elegant. Vibrators have been discussed in England since the Victorian era. The vibrator was invented by doctors as an antidote to women's hysteria. Hysteria basically means 'suffering from anxiety or worry' but with it, there are some more symptoms in the patient. Doctors thought it could be treated with extreme sexual gratification. In earlier times the vibrator was a secret issue. But the day has changed. Most girls are using vibration for extreme orgasms and enjoy masturbation. This is also used in couple sex to stimulate female sexual organs. It was a very positive step in terms of sexual feelings. Experts provide some suggestions for the users for example, after masturbation, wash the vibrator well with antibiotic lotion so that no disease is spread. Follow the guidelines of the package. Enjoy your own sexual life grate way.

Why are There Different Types of Vibrators?

It depends on users' demand, ages, availability, sizes, shapes, etc. different users have different choices and want to share their experiences differently. Materials have a large impact on making different types of vibrators. Manufacturers are more concerned about the size of the vibrator. As a result, they try to produce different sizes of vibrators. Besides, new features have also impacted to make varieties types of the vibrator and these are very much available in the market. If you want the right vibrator don’t forget to click honeysx.com. Here you can get lots of collections of vibrators which can make your life more easy and comfortable.

How Do You Use the Vibrator?

The vibrator is a so much fun sex toy and an effective source of a girl’s orgasm sex toy ever at bedtime. Most of the time, girl uses it as a masturbation tool. It can stimulate the internal and external sides of the vagina and create an awesome orgasm. But the beginner often falls on a problem that how to use properly a vibrator and sometimes the misuse can bring extra risks in their life. Here some important techniques are described for a better understanding of vibrators.

1) Steady Pressure: don’t have too much excitement when you are ready to insert a vibrator. Just take time and then insert a vibrator in your vagina or anus steadily. After the adjustment of speed then take a long step. It is creating pleasure and pleasurable sensations.

2) Pulsating: keep in mind that pulsating can bring real sexual pleasure during masturbation or couple sex. Insert the vibrator in a pulsating manner.

3) Wandering Around: Moving the vibrator around your genital area makes a positive signal stay in different sensitive spots for a little bit longer. The vibrator is not just used for the vagina or anus. It can stimulate the other parts of the body like nipples, bum, neck, and other parts.

4) Circling and Spiraling: once you find real pleasure, and enjoy the stimulation of the vibrator, you can circle or spiral around the sensational areas. And then you can move away a little bit longer. This will also make the stimulation last longer.

5) Cleanliness: don’t forget to clean your vibrator before using it in your g-spot or other sensational areas. You should also clean your hands and other parts which protect your personal safety. For maximum pleasure in sex, don’t forget to use lubricant in your vibrator and your vagina or anus areas.

1、 Rose Vibrator

This is a nice adorable sex toy for women to make air stimulation. It is entirely silicone which means you need to use water-based lubricant with it. It has one button at the bottom. Rose vibrator has a charging system that allows you long-term sexual pleasure in every single use. You should charge it for almost 2.5 hours for enjoying 120 minutes experience. Then just connect your magnetic USB with the bottom of the rose vibrator. And enjoy a beautiful sexual life.


The shape of the rose vibrator is like a real rose and maximum rose vibrators are looking gorgeous colors. It is almost round in shape and one side is open to air stimulation in your vagina.


1) It has a unique design.

2) Charging facilities that provide long term sexual experience.

3) It has three levels of vibration such as low, medium, and high speed.

4) It is made up of silicone and that’s why it is easy to clean.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for women like beginners, intermediate and advanced.

2、Rabbit Vibrator

The US TV series "Sex and the City" was once popular all over the world. An episode was dedicated to the vibrator in 1996 for the purpose of a rabbit vibrator. Since then, there has been an uproar over this 'rabbit' sex toy. The rabbit vibrator is the most common type of vibrator. It allows stimulating more than other sex toys. You can easily be playing this awesome vibrator. It is used for the clitoris to stimulate internal organs. It brings optimum sexual pleasure while you are using it.  


The rabbit vibrator is specifically designed to blend internal and external stimulation. It has different shapes and colors which are unique features and brings exciting memories of your sex life. It has a motor system which can bring extra pleasure in long term.


1) It has a super powerful motor to stimulate the inside and outside of the vagina.

2) Rabbit vibrator has a speed controlling system also.

3) Wash the vibrator with antibiotic lotion after use.

4) Can stimulate the clitoris.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for beginners to advanced users. Before using this vibrator, wash and sanitize it.

3、 Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrator is a rechargeable sex toy with remote control access. It has different buttons which are bringing more attention to sexual experience. It has a USB cable that is connected with the main parts of the bullet vibrator. You can change the vibrating pattern depending on what are you feeling.  This is very much soft and smooth. You can easily get access to sexual pleasure. Before using a bullet vibrator, you need to use lubricant inside of the toy and also use your vagina. So, try the first basis!


The Bullet vibrator looks like a bullet vibe. It looks round in shape and comparatively small vibration product.


1) It is a rechargeable bullet.

2) It has ten different vibration modes and six intensity levels.

3) It is a handy sex toy.

4) Waterproof vibrator

Be suitable for the crowd

Advanced users can use it smoothly. Beginners also can use it for sexual pleasure.

4、 Remote Vibrator

The small remote control vibrator provides versatility and convenience that transcends time and place. Remote control vibrators are available in different designs and shapes. Most remote vibrators are Bluetooth enabled, with Wi-Fi connectivity and other tech facilities. These are easy to use and clean. Don’t fear about price. You can enjoy it step by step with the remote control system. It's time to say goodbye to cheap remote vibrators that break as soon as you receive them.


The remote control measures 3.4 cm in width and 5.5 cm in height, making it a size that fits comfortably in one hand.


1) Most remote vibrators are waterproof

2) Easy to use any type of lubricant.

3) Charging facilities

4) Medical grade materials like silicone, ABS, and other tech devices.

Be suitable for the crowd

The remote vibrator is suitable for beginner to advanced users. But you should check the sex materials and other health issues. Safety is the first priority. Know the best sex toy material.

5、 Sucking Vibrator

The sucking vibrator has a sucking "small mouth", which is very suitable for clitoral stimulation. There are serval different speeds and vibration patterns to suit any mood. Whether you use it internally or externally, it definitely does the job. It is also very quiet. You can share it with your partner. It is rechargeable, so there is no additional cost to purchase a battery and use long term in one single charge. Cleaning is very easy too. Just wash and dry them and put them in an inconspicuous place.


It is a powerful multifaceted vibrator designed to suck and vibrate to stimulate your most sensational zones. Silicone ring cup is one of the features of sucking vibrator which brings sensations.


1) It is a curved, ergonomic shaft with dual motors.

2) Different vibration patterns.

3) It is a phthalates-free and latex-free vibrator.

4) Rechargeable and waterproof vibrator.

5) Simultaneous suction and vibration.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is women friendly vibrator. Before using this vibrator, just check the user guidelines of the package and follow the doctor’s advice.

6、 Bluetooth Vibrator

This is a couple vibrator with extra features. Bluetooth connection of mobile device can bring new flavors to enjoy sexual intercourse. Most Bluetooth vibration devices have been made for stimulating inside and outside of the vagina. It is good for g-spot stimulation. You can use manual mode too if you don’t want to use it with the app or Bluetooth. You can use again the vibrator remote app and it has also an internet control system.  This will help you make it more exciting. It is a very much flexible, soft, and great quality vibrator.


It has a unique structure and blended size.  It is a light device. It has a button in one end which controls this device. Bluetooth vibrator has four modes of pulsation.


1) Silicone-made body.

2) Can control the phone.

3) You can use water-based lubricant.

4) You can control rhythms from your mobile app.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for couples.

7、 Clit Vibrator

You can use clit vibrator solo with your partner and pretty much like every time. It is comparatively small in size and easy to use and clean. If you want to do any kind of internal play this toy will be your best option during sex. This clit vibrator is easy to hold and easy to maneuver. It has different vibrational patterns and you can increase and decrease the speed of clit vibrator because it has the best controlling system.


It is made from silky smooth, medical grade silicone and other body safe sex toy materials.


1) It has high power suction

2) It has an ergonomic shape.

3) Long term sexual stimulation facilities.

4) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is a women friendly vibrator.

8、 Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrator is a big sizes vibrator and looks like a tennis ball shape of heads with a little bit long size. It has a powerful motor which opened a great experience just for you. It is used for intense vibrations in external stimulation to the clitoris. It can bring deep, intense vibration in sex life. You can use it for masturbation excitingly and suitable for beginners. You can share it with your partner and can be used on different zones of your body like the nipples, testicles and etc. there are different types of wand vibrators are available in the market. You should choose the best suitable wand vibrator for getting maximum sexual pleasure.


It is a big size of vibrator with an awesome design. Motor connected and the rechargeable system included in the structure.


1) Rechargeable.

2) 100% safe medical grade silicone and other body safe sex toy materials.

3) Super flexible and cordless vibrator.

4) Waterproof vibrator.

Be suitable for the crowd

Yes. This type of vibrator is suitable for women.

9、 Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrator is a unique category of vibration product ever. It is almost lime size, had a cord that connected egg vibrator to battery or controlling system. Most egg vibrators are wireless and three to five inches tall. You can use it in different parts of your body like nipples, outside of the bum, clitoris, g-spot. It is suitable for solo or couple. If you want to couple sex, you can g-spot stimulation your partner.


Egg vibrator is unique for its structure. It looks like small egg shaped with different vibrating modes.


1) Waterproof

2) Medical grade silicone

3) Non porous

4) Wireless remote

5) Easy to use and clean

Be suitable for the crowd

Body safe vibrator and good for women in solo or couple experiences.

10、G spot Vibrator

It is a rechargeable clitoral vibrator for women. It is used to hit the elusive spot. It’s really an alternative to penetration. You can get reliable orgasm and deep stimulation from g spot vibration. It can also stimulate the clitoris. It has more classic designs like dual stimulation design which can fulfill your requirements of sexual pleasure.  So we suggest these types of vibrators for long term sexual experience.


It is designed for stimulating g spot. G spot vibrator is generally long and slightly curved. It is easy to use and clean.  


1) Medical silicone

2) Easy to use and clean

3) Rechargeable

4) Waterproof

Be suitable for the crowd

It is good for women masturbation

11、Finger Vibrator

A Finger vibrator is a masturbation sex toy for women which is made up of different medical grade materials. You should just attach it to your hand and celebrate your solo sexual experience. It has a small size that's why you can easily attach it to your hand.  It has a powerful motor that brought strong vibration. It can hit the g spot and makes you reach the pleasure orgasm in sex. Finger vibrators are especially suitable for adding clitoral stimulation. Before using a finger vibrator, just add any water based lubricant which can help you fit the device around the finger. It is also suitable for foreplay.


It is finger shaped in most cases with different vibration patterns.


1) Waterproof

2) Easy to control

3) Beginners’ friendly vibrator

4) Rechargeable facilities

5) Super soft silicone

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for women. Don’t use an unfitted finger vibrator. Use lube in your device and your vaginal areas.

12、Wireless Vibrator

Due to tech advancement, the sex toy industry has been flourished and day by day manufacturing techniques are changing for user demands. The remote control system in vibration devices is a unique side of recent sex toys. A wireless vibrator is such type of device that can open new experiences for the users. This will be the best option for reliable masturbation sexual intercourse. You can get hands free sexual experience with different tech like Bluetooth, apps, and other touchless toys to achieve a quick and better orgasm. This unique device is suitable for also nipples, neck, and butt. It has a remote control system which brings more fun in sex life.  


Different shapes of wireless vibrators are available in the market. Most wireless vibrators are app controlled.


1) App controlled

2) Bluetooth connection

3) Multifaceted device

4) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for couple foreplay.

13、Anal Vibrator

If you want to enjoy a versatile sexual experience, you should grab anal vibration just now. It can excite your full body regardless of your gender. An anal vibrator is made of silicone, metal, or glass overall body safe sex toy materials. It is used for vibrating or rotating. An anal vibrator is suitable for male or Cisgender men. There is a wide range of anal vibrator available in the market.


Different sizes and shapes of anal vibrators are available in the market. It has a USB cable.


1) Suitable for any gender

2) Using medical grade silicone and other body safe sex toy materials.

3) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for men and women. But experts highly suggested that beginners should not use an anal vibrator.

14、Long Distance Vibrator

Long distance vibrator is an app-based vibrator.  It is perfect for males and females who want to enjoy external and internal stimulation in sex. Apps will be able to control the speed of vibration and you can enjoy your adjusted speed. This vibrator has twenty different speed patterns. These types of vibrators are completely waterproof and made of body safe sex toy materials. Different types of long distance vibrators are available in the market. You can follow this link for getting more information about products honeysx.com.  


It is app controlled vibrator for couples. The most vibrator has Bluetooth connection and rechargeable facilities.


1) It has long distance control facilities.

2) Magnetic charging port.

3) Sound activated vibrations

4) Unlimited vibration patterns

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for couples to interact remotely.

15、Thrusting Vibrator

The thrusting vibrator is a great sex toy for women. It looks like a male penis and the unique feature of the thrusting vibrator is the moving system. It can bring a thrusting motion when you insert your vagina. It has powerful rabbit ears and is made up of premium soft silicone. It has different vibrating patterns which made your sexual life more interesting and pleasurable and also has seven thrusting modes for the rabbit arm. You can invest in thrusting a vibrator for getting sexual pleasure.


It looks like a rabbit and anyone can use who loves powerful G spot thrusting.


1) Different vibration modes.

2) Powerful thrusting shaft

3) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator.

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for women.

16、Panty Vibrator

This is an entirely female toy for beginners to advanced users. The high tech makes it comfortable and convenient for women friendly which can be brought outside the place also. Some called it vibrating underwear. It can stimulate the clitoris. It has an ergonomic design and can fit with underwear. It has a different vibration pattern.


It is made to adjust underwear. Small in size,


1) Easy to carry in any place.

2) Different vibration modes.

3) Easy to wear and long time using facilities,

4) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator.

Be suitable for the crowd

Very much suitable for women wearable.

17、Tongue Vibrator

If you are looking for the most exciting vibrator, you can invest in a tongue vibrator. A tongue vibrator is an oral sex toy that is suitable for women. It is made of silicone and other body safe sex toy materials. You can use it for multiple purposes like tongue vibrating tool, nipple vibrating, clit vibrating, and so on. It has a USB connection with a powerful battery which will ensure long term use. But before using the tongue vibrator, you should clean the vibrator.  


This vibrator is shape in small size and easy to use for licking. It is well known for licking tongue massager. Tongue vibrator is moderately soft and suitable for licking different sensitive organs like nipples, vagina, and etc. 


1. Powerful high frequency vibration.

2. Multifaceted vibrator.

3. Curved design for stimulating better.

4. Different modes and used for g-spot mainly.

5. Licking vibrator type.s

Be suitable for the crowd

Tongue vibrator is suitable for couple sex. Women can use properly this device in lesbo sex.

18、Couples Vibrator

Most couple vibrators are bendable and flexible enough. You can fold to adjust your position what you want. It allows both partners to enjoy sexual pleasure together. These types of vibrators can make a couple's sex life more pleasant and exciting. It brings enhancement that ensures quick orgasm for female users. It has external stimulation capacity and is pleasurable to insert. These couple vibrators offer dual stimulation for male and female partners. It is best for foreplay and has the best clitoral stimulation capabilities.


It is a quite bendable and flexible vibrator.


1) Best for clitoral stimulation

2) It is very much flexible.

3) It is suitable for beginners.

4) Hands free

5) Waterproof and rechargeable vibrator

Be suitable for the crowd

It is suitable for couples.

19、Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Ball is a women friendly device that is basically used for exercise and sexual pleasure. The ben wa ball is made of advanced liquid silicone and other body safe sex toy materials. It is a safe and durable sex toy. It has lots of benefits. It can remove stress in different periods like after childbirth recovery. It can improve pelvic floor blood circulation and maintain the lasting effect of the pelvic floor.


It has a unique structure with the remote control system.


1) Waterproof

2) Body safe materials like silicone

3) Rechargeable system

Be suitable for the crowd

It is very much effective for women, especially those who are just recovered from the childbirth period. But you should consult your doctor and then use this amazing device.


So let’s go to discover the real stimulation and sexual pleasure by vibrator. Above mentioned vibrators list can increase your happiness of sex. The vibrator is a crazy sex toy that can hit your g-spot quickly after inserting. Lots of vibrators are available in the market. We suggested that choose the body-safe vibrator. Before purchasing a vibrator, check your doctor’s advice or expert's opinions. Honeysx.com can be your best option to choose the right vibrator.

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