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What is Chastity Device? How to Use Chastity Devices? : An overview of Chastity Devices

When a newcomer is introduced with a chastity device or chastity sexual intercourse, they are falling into confusing situations. The chastity device is a piece of old sex equipment that has a long historical background. But present day, manufacturers have been made up a new form for enjoying the best sexual relationships. This seems like punishment or something. This is not true at all times. It can bring sexual pleasure. The chastity device has a long history. The chastity ideology is primarily like patriarchal pedigreeism. When we are looking at the old societies and changes in the family system where the paternal-centered blood kinship system and family system were established, men took over economic power, and women were subordinated to men to play the role of lineage inheritance. Men restricted women from having sexual intercourse with men other than their husbands in order to preserve the purity of their lineage. Therefore, women had to be 'chastity' before marriage and keep 'chastity' after marriage. This is due to men's fear that a woman might give birth to another man's child and the child may inherit the property. This was the first story of chastity. But modern day, this is changed and chastity is used for sexual pleasure. It is used for making one kind of relationships like BDSM or submission relationships.

What is a chastity device?

If you are looking for distinct types of sexual experience, there are so many ways of fulfilling your demand. Sex styles guidelines and a sex toy can be your best choice to explore new flavors of sexual experience. For example, cock locking, vagina locking, BDSM play, and so on are unique events in the present time. In the Above showing events, chastity devices are used most popular to fulfill those demands. The chastity device is a unique sex toy that looks like a cage with a key or lock. It is used for locking the penis or other sensational organs to stop erection orgasm and foreplay within a short period. The chastity device is now a common thing in sexual relationships. The chastity device is well known in BDSM sex styles most. It has different sides for use. Some argue that the chastity device is a barbaric sex toy to control men and women to own purposes. But now it has been proven that chastity device has made a good way to enjoy sex for particular users.

Most people argued that it is a historical invention. In ancient Egypt, masters tied their slaves around their waists with ropes so that everyone could see their masters and belong to their masters. Another incident has occurred in Greece. In ancient Greece, two thongs were worn on slaves for the purpose of contraception due to unwanted pregnancy, one covering the waist and the other wearing the crotch. In the middle ages of civilization, the chastity device had used for punishment or controlling the birth rate. More myths are available in world history. For example, in the middle Ages, when brave knights went on wars, pilgrimages, and crusades, they wanted some device so that their wives or daughters could remain faithful in their absence.

Then, sex toy manufacturers have brought a change in using chastity devices and came to the chastity belt, made of metal, with small holes left for urination and excretion. The knight locks their wives' genitals and takes the key with them so that their wives don’t engage in sexual intercourse to any temptations during her absence.

So, now the history of chastity devices has fully changed and more people have taken these unique devices for their particular purposes.

No Sexual Freedom: Is it true for Chastity Device?

This is the big point for chastity or chastity device which has been practiced since long years ago. For the first time, it was used for controlling men and women to demotivate sexual intercourse. The master was the key controller and they put a lock when they were going outside. It was also a punishing method for someone. So, however, the previous use of the chastity device was a rude device in terms of the present situation. The wearer had no sexual freedom.

Besides, in modern times, chastity devices are used for different purposes. BDSM is a good style for chastity devices. Controlling birth and keeping fit penis or other sensational organs are important points to use different types of chastity devices. People are using it just for exploring new sexual experiences in different ways. Besides, it has medical issues which motivated them to use different chastity devices. None can force sex in the present time. And most of the people can choose their suitable sex styles. In BDSM, both partner or solo users have full awareness of chastity devices and they are choosing for their own purposes. So, the argument of no sexual freedom is not true in the present day.

Purposes of Chastity Devices

The chastity device is unique shapes and has lots of functions especially creating a relationship with dom-sub. It makes loyal and trust situations between the keyholder and wearer. Chastity devices are also used for improving premature ejaculations. Here we want to show varieties of purposes that make strong trust to use the chastity devices.

Controlling Orgasm

Chastity devices can train you to practice sexual relationships. This can prevent erection and you will be a good sub or dominant to your mistress or masters. In most cases, a chastity device can control orgasm, but you should choose the right size of chastity device. Some also argued that chastity devices can’t prevent erections.

Secret Pleasure

The chastity device is well known for experiencing BDSM sexual experience or dom-sub sexual intercourse. In those ways, both partners are looking for secret pleasure by doing new experiences. The chastity device is the key point for the above sexual experience. Mistress or masters can experience all the things by using chastity devices. This also introduces loyalty.

Stop Additional Masturbation

The chastity device is used on a long-term basis like one week or more days. As a result, wearer can’t get any option of masturbation. As a result, they are used to less masturbation.

Improve Sexual Focus

In the dom-sub relationship or BDSM, wearer and keyholder have close relationships with each other. Wearers are loyal to his/her masters or mistresses to obey any demands. The chastity device is made them more connected and comfortable situations. It has been making distinct sexual experiences.  And improve the sexual focus- mistress and sub relationship.

Main Types of Chastity Devices

When you are looking for a chastity device, you will get various types of chastity devices to choose from in the market. Before you are willing to buy a chastity device, go to the experts or doctors to know the actual size, use methods, and other essential things. We recommended that choose the right size of chastity device.

Fully Enclosed Chastity

In the fully enclosed chastity device, this can enclose the penis especially your sub penis, and increase extra pleasure in the user’s body control orgasm of sub. Most of the fully enclosed chastity devices are available for male users. These types of chastity devices are made up of stainless steel, plastics or rubber, and other body safe sex toy materials. This is a suitable chastity device for BDSM sexual experience. Though this is fully enclosed, the keyholders need permission from the partner or dominant. It has a unique design that allows long term wearing advantages. 

Open-Ended Cock Chastity

Open-ended cock chastity is another important type of chastity device. This type of chastity is different from a fully enclosed chastity device. It has penis exposed facilities which provide more safe and pleasurable situations when you are wearing. Besides, it is wrapped around the shaft instead. The important benefit of open-ended cock chastity is that it has peeing facilities on one side. So, if you are beginners you can also use open-ended cock chastity.

Modified Chastity

If you are looking for more extreme types of sexual intercourse, modified chastity devices are a suitable option for you. It has different additional features which can bring extra pleasure and sensations while you are using chastity devices. Modified chastity is a customized device model. For example, some modified chastity has a butt plug which brings double pleasure in one single time. Some chastity devices have covered the total balls of your penis. If you are enough aware of chastity sexual relationships you can use a modified chastity device. There are different types of modified chastity devices are available in the market. Online sources are also included to manage chastity devices.

Electroshock Chastity Devices

An electroshock Chastity device is quite different from any other type of chastity device. It has electric connections with a lock and provides some electric shock which made a pleasurable experience. Some of these devices are individually controllable. This type of chastity device can be a good choice for a mistress who wants to dominate her sub properly. But when you want to use this type of chastity device, you should maintain some caution. It has medical risks in some cases. But don’t worry about that. Good experience and cooperation can create awesome moments.

Main Material Types of Chastity Devices

The materials depend on the types of chastity devices. There are different types of materials used for making chastity devices,similar to ordinary toy materials. The most popular material is stainless steel. Here some important materials are described for your better understanding. Manufacturers also can follow these types of chemicals and materials to make chastity devices.


The most popular and best selling material of chastity devices is stainless steel which is more shiny, silver metal, and easy to clean as well as body safe sex toy materials. Different types of metals are using to make keys and other parts of chastity devices. Other metal materials are zinc alloy, glass, etc. Electric devices are the new inventions of chastity devices that can bring more facilitates and make a safe sexual relationship.


Silicone is a common material of chastity device which is soft and smooth like human skin. This is also used for creating different color types of chastity devices. Resin is another important sex toy material that is slightly harder, sturdier, and more durable material. It is an alternative to silicone.

Manual or automatic

Automatic chastity devices are good for any user. The electroshock chastity device is a good example of an Automatic device in which you can get so much extra benefits like a short electric shock, lightweight, and so on. On the other side, there are some manual devices available. But these are making risks for new users and even damage blood circulation. So we recommended buying the latest chastity devices. And enjoy your new sexual relationship.

How To Use Chastity Devices?

Chastity devices are used for male partners or dominant for different purposes. The using technique is easy for all key holders or women who want to dominate sub-male. So before using the chastity device, clean this and sanitize you and your partner or dominant in each play. Basically, these unique devices are suitable for professionals or experts who are willing to enjoy distinct sexual relationships.   Here some prominent techniques are shared that how to use a chastity device or cage.

1)    Choose a proper active ring and then put a TPE-protected sleeve on the joint of the chastity cage.

2)    Wear the cock cage and make sure the lock cylinder aligns to active rings.

3)    Insert the lock into the cage and rotate to lock.

4)    Lubricate your chastity devices.

5))   Be careful about the time and size of the ring.

6)    Lock the chastity devices after adjustment and hand the key over to your mistress or partner.

7)    Choose a suitable cuff ring.

8)    Follow your doctor's or expert's opinion. Most chastity devices have a good guideline that how to use chastity devices.

How to Clean, Care Storage?

You should keep your first priority on cleaning chastity devices. Different cleaning materials are available in the market. You can follow our instructions also.


Cleaning is mandatory to do BDSM or chest sex play. For cleaning your device, use rubbing alcohol and wash it with warm water. Use soap and be sure that you clean up inside and outside of the device.


Put it in the safe zone where there are no bacteria. After using the chastity device, clean the device and dry it properly. Follow the package guidelines or experts' opinions to ensure safety.


After drying out the chastity device, you should store it in a safe place. Remember that when you want to use this again, follow the same instructions.

Benefits of Using Chastity Devices

In the first time, we say that chastity devices are used for submission and orgasm issues. But these arguments are not true all time. Manufacturers have been making different types of useful chastity devices for enjoying the best sexual relationships. Here some prominent benefits are shown for your better understanding of using chastity devices.

1)    Men can enjoy the real sexual experience in a safe way.

2)    Most chastity devices can help with premature ejaculation.

3)    Mistress or masters can give stimulation to wearers.

4)    Wearer can large amounts of control by using a chastity device.

5)    It can bring less punishment with sexual pleasure.

6)    If you use a chastity device for long term basis, this will help you keep strong and strengthen the muscles which are connected with orgasm.

7)    It can build a strong relationship like a dom-sub relationship.

8)    It brings over control of the penis in front of your mistress or masters.

9)    When you are ready to put your penis in a chastity device, this also means the trust of your mistress or keyholder.

10)  You can get extreme sexual pleasure.

Safety Precautions for Using Chastity Devices

Preparation before putting on the chastity devices you should maintain some rules and techniques which brings safe sexual experience in your life.

1)    Wearing tightened underwear to fit the chastity device outside.

2)    Don’t try unfit sizable chastity

3)    Ensure before and after cleaning of the chastity device.

4)    For the beginner, a light chastity device is suitable to use.

5)    If you chose the right size of a chastity device, this will definitely be safe to wear.

6)    If you want to wear chastity device for long time you should took off it every couples of week and then use again.

7)    Don’t buy a small size of chastity device if do you have a large size of penis.

8)    Measured your penis size and then buy the right size of chastity device.

9)    If you feel any pain or problem you should switch the chastity device from penis. Take time and then enjoy the most sensational sexual experience.

10)  Be careful with the blood circulation of your body. Take doctor's advice and follow packages guidelines.

Homemade & DIY Chastity Devices and Safety Considerations?

Here some tips or steps of making homemade and DIY chastity devices are described.

1)    First you should bind the shoelace around the shaft of your penis. It will do as a penis ring. Keep your eyes on the size of the ring. Experts suggest that you should not choose a tight ring.

2)    Second fold the nylon in two, it can make it stronger.

3)    Third, you need to position your flaccid penis downwards. Cover the penis with nylon.

4)    Finally, pull the nylon at the bottom to make it tighter.

The chastity device is quite different from other sex toys and quite tough to use. Anyone can make it in their house but experts argued that homemade chastity device has health risks in most cases. When you make sex toys in your home, this can damage your body, especially your penis. As you will be wearing a homemade chastity device for a long time, this can be extremely dangerous.We recommended that you should buy it from reliable sources like honeysx.com.


Chastity is a device that made you more realistic in sexual life. There are different myths that make different sense, but now many experts provided a positive view to use chastity devices. The chastity device is made of different body safe sex toy materials like steel, plastic, etc. you keep your chastity under lock and key. For example, cock cages can be worn for just a few hours or long term duration. The length of time that what is the demand of your mistress or wearer capabilities to put chastity device in their penis depends on types of chastity devices. You can show your dedication to your mistress or masters. It is a challenging sex toy ever that has lots of benefits. For example, it can help with premature ejaculation. Chastity is often an important part of BDSM relationships. Now chastity is practiced all around the world and becoming more popular among different people.


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