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A complete guide to the classification of sex toys


For modern people, the sex act has been much less purposeful and much more pleasurable, so honeysx today to explain about the classification of erotic toys.

What are sex toys?

Adult sex toys include many kinds, such as BDSM products, erotic underwear, vibrating eggs, fake penis, vibrator, delay cup, etc. It refers to the use of some auxiliary products to help adults get physiological assistance, which can not only add sexual interest and improve the quality of life but also bring positive effects on physical health.

SEX TOYS FOR MEN: Sex toys designed specifically to release male sexual desires, mostly imitating female lower body or female overall shape. The materials used are mostly silica gel, TPE, soft rubber, and other materials to achieve a real-life effect.

SEX TOYS FOR WOMEN: Sex toys are designed specifically to meet the sexual needs of women, mostly rods, such as simulated penis, vibrators, rotating bead rods, etc., with various materials.

SEX TOYS FOR COUPLES: Used as a flirting tool between couples to stimulate the sensitive points of the body and create a sexual atmosphere, such as vibrating eggs, bracelet foot buckles, leather whips, etc.

A complete guide to the classification of sex toys:

Erotic goods, literally easy to understand, to increase the interest of paraphernalia, including BDSM supplies, erotic lingerie, jumpers, dildos, vibrating apparatus, time-delay cups, condoms, lubricating fluid, etc. It has an improved effect for women suffering from sexual cold, men with dysfunction, or middle-aged couples who have difficult sex.

  1. Vibrator

The vibrator is a kind of adult sex toy, which can improve the quality of sexual life by massaging the sensitive parts of men and women to regulate the endocrine. The different physiological conditions of men and women often result in different times for men and women to reach orgasm. At this time, the vibrator can be used as a prelude or an assistive device for the other party after sex to synchronize sexual life as much as possible to achieve harmony and perfection, which can effectively improve the coldness of men and women. , Marital fatigue and so on. The vibrator is also suitable for couples living in two places, women with strong sexual desires, elderly men and women with weakened sexual function, and couples whose long-term irregular sexual life causes obstacles. You should know 19 types of vibrators for your sex toys list

  1. Dildo

Adult sex products can meet our physical needs for sex, and the artificial penis (dildo), which starts from the psychological and physical aspects, puts you in a state of complete satisfaction. This design, which is no different from a real person's lower body, provides you with a pleasant and unspeakable pleasure like a real person's insertion. The texture of the high-simulation works is prominent, which completely replicates the male penis. Although it is a dildo, it can effectively stimulate the G-spot when it is in and out of the vaginal wall, and some of it is electric design, which will produce a strong tingling pleasure, to accelerate the process of reaching the orgasm. Finding the best dildo is important.

  1. Kegel ball

Kegel ball, also known as Ben Wa ball, is a pelvic floor rehabilitation trainer. It is designed according to women's vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, used to exercise women's vaginal muscles, strengthen the function of pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organs, and prevent women's pelvic floor dysfunctional diseases. The use of the Kegel ball is relatively simple, every time you do Kegel exercise, put the Kegel ball into the vagina and follow the movement of pelvic floor muscles, then take it out after the exercise. Here is a detailed introduction of Kegel training ball.

  1. Egg Vibrator
A vibrating egg is a kind of sex toy. It uses a built-in or external battery to provide electric energy to drive the motor in the egg to produce a vibration effect. The sex vibrating egg is used for masturbation in the vagina. Because of its small size, it can be put into the vagina as a whole, or it can be used to stimulate the clitoris and nipples. The new wireless remote control vibrating egg can make women crammed in the street with little vibrating eggs, go to work, and have endless fun. Here is the cock ring guide.
  1. Sex Machine

In the world of female adult products, sex machines are a more unrestrained choice. They can generally take the place of men’s actions and tirelessly "go forward", and women don’t need to exert a little effort. This is more for the paralysis caused by orgasm. Good choice. So, they generally also have a remote-control function, you want the strength when to be fast when to slow, and when to stop, everything is under control. Sex machines are equipped with the detachable simulated penis, and some products can also simulate male ejaculation (water injection), which can bring you complete happiness and satisfaction.

    6. Couple Vibrator

Husband and wife twin vibrator is an adult device that men and women can use together during sex. Under its action, both men and women can get stimulation. For example, women can stimulate the clitoris or G-spot simultaneously, while men can make the penis firmer and feel better. sensitive. The use of male and female resonators can promote the harmony of husband-and-wife sex. Male and female resonators are generally expensive, but they are really worth the experience.

  1. Wearable toys (Strap On toy)

Wearable sex toys are based on the principle of medical bionics, massage sensitive areas through massage and other functions, stimulate local nerves, promote local blood circulation and regulate endocrine, achieve the coexistence of physical therapy and healthy masturbation, and enjoy the purpose of high-quality life. It can regulate the endocrine and solve the lumps and stale skin caused by endocrine disorders from the root cause. After use, the complexion will be radiant and it will be an unexpected gain in beauty.

  1. Chastity belt

A prop with a lock designed to prevent the wearer from being "worn" during masturbation or sexual intercourse. Not only for women but also for men. Read an overview of Chastity Devices is helpful to you. It is mainly used for BDSM shame games. Mainly in the sexual abuse interaction, the other party can continue to stimulate the brain due to abstinence, and the sensitivity will be higher than usual after the release, and the outbreak of sexual desire will also increase instantly.

  1. Penis Pumps

The penis pump is the use of the negative pressure of the vessel to promote the filling of the blood sinus of the penis, to play a temporary role in thickening and enlarging. One is to expand the penis by creating a vacuum environment, and the other is to expand with the tactile sensation of sucking and stroking. The two ways look relatively similar, are composed of a cylinder that can be inserted into the penis, around the bottom with a gasket to close, when using the pump from the cylinder to exhaust the air to form a vacuum.  Check the complete guide to using the penis pump.

  1. Cock Ring (Penis Ring)

The cock ring is put on the root of the penis, and its function is to tighten the blood vessels, so that the blood continues to fill the penis, and can also delay ejaculation, so it is called the sperm lock ring. It is better to use the sperm lock ring outside the condom, that is, bring the condom first and then the lock sperm ring, but do not wear the sperm lock ring for too long. Although it can increase the taste, it will cause poor blood circulation and easy penile tissue if you wear it for too long. Hypoxia will hurt the penis! Here is cock ring guide for beginners and for couple

  1. Penis sleeves (Penis sleeves)

Penis sleeves are usually made of plastic or rubber, which can make the penis thick and long. And penis sleeves can also increase the interest between husband and wife and help improve erectile dysfunction. Penis sleeves can improve male erectile dysfunction. The use of penis sleeves can enhance penis stiffness and durability. Penis sleeves usually have a certain degree of hardness, so if you experience weakness, you can continue to have sex with your penis sleeves. Here is the ultimate guide to penis sleeves.

  1. Male Masturbation Cup

In the choice of male masturbation cup products, divided into manual masturbation cup and electric masturbation cup difference, which manual masturbation cup without any electronic accessories, is a more purely natural choice. The masturbation cup is the portable star of the male adult sex products, small size, light weight, with easy to collect, care, carry characteristics. The product itself is a soft gel inside the cup, with a high simulation of the cunt mouth anal three channel options, can simulate cunnilingus, oral sex, anal sex, gel soft internal simulation, with a high degree of realism. Different from the inverted mold, because the colloid is placed in the cup, it can cause a strong negative pressure when it is in and out, making you feel stronger. There are 6 types of male masturbation cup you should know

  1. Porn Star Masturbators (Porn Star Masturbators)

Female famous apparatus also called AV famous apparatus. Because of the popularity of Japanese AV, manufacturers use Japanese AV actress pro-endorsement full complete simulation of the real beauty of the pits on this produced AV famous apparatus. Top ten AV famous apparatus is also made by Japan's popular top ten female porn stars imitation. Female pornographer famous apparatus is divided into closing mouth purse type; sea anemone type; seal cage type; octopus pot type; herring roe type; front hanging type; turtle type; terraced type; octopus type; thousand earthworm type. The best-selling AV products in the country are high in the rankings of well-known brands such as Manmiao International, Japan's Nippori, Toysheart, Baile Famous Devices, FUNZONE and so on.

14、Hips chest inverted model

The human body contains a simulation of the inverted model of the ass and simulation of the chest inverted model. Simulation of pubic buttocks inverted mold made of real silicone inverted mold buttocks structure made very realistic. The vibration function is turned on and the experience is wonderful. The simulation breast model is made with imported virtual skin 3D stereoscopic female D mask. The 1:1 simulation breast model makes the jade breast so attractive. There is also a product design that combines the simulation of the female buttocks and the simulation of the chest. Let you help two treasures at the same time.

  1. Silicone doll

Adult physical dolls, also known as all-silicone dolls, are adult sex toys designed to imitate adult women and made in a 1:1 ratio. It can satisfy men who can experience real bed love orgasm without a female partner. Both Japanese physical dolls and Chinese simulated dolls simulate real human skin and are very elastic, and the skin is similar to the hands of real girls. The silicone doll is also easy to carry and clean and can be used repeatedly. Generally, high-simulation silicone dolls are made of German imported silicone parts, with a super-soft cloth. If you want white dolls, American physical dolls are a good choice for you.

  1. Inflatable doll

In Europe and America, as well as Japan, where the sex culture is developed, inflatable dolls are very popular, so it’s not surprising that you can always see the news of "falling in inflatable dolls", but in China, inflatable dolls are almost invisible to the light. But from the perspective of sexual release, inflatable dolls are undoubtedly a good choice for men to choose adult products, and it has nothing to do with masturbation. Inflatable dolls are generally made according to the ratio of 1:1 for girls, instead of real people to satisfy orgasm. Inflatable dolls are divided into several grades, but good inflatable dolls are not inflatable but made of solid silicone. The degree of simulation can even be fake.

  1. Prostate Massager

The prostate massager can meet the needs of men's masturbation, one is to achieve orgasm by stimulating the penis; the other is to achieve orgasm by stimulating the G-spot in the anus (that is, the prostate). The latter kind of appliance to be used is a prostate massager or a massage stick. Due to the physiological characteristics of male G-spot, general objects are not easy to stimulate. Therefore, the special G-spot prostate massager stimulation is a kind of treasure that satisfies men to explore the mysteries of their bodies. Stimulation and massage of the male prostate will also benefit the health of the prostate. Prostate orgasm is the greatest pleasure brought by prostate massager. Learn how to achieve prostate orgasm.

  1. Anal Plugs

The anal plug is relatively affordable, and the cheapest tens of dollars can be bought, so the anal plug is a common buttock toy for beginners. The price of the anal plug is generally determined by the brand and the selected materials. There are various shapes, textures, and colors. Some are wavy and some are threaded. Regardless of the price of the anal plug, the purpose is to help ass expand and brings a different sense of excitement. HONEYSX brings you the first experience of the ass, collecting a variety of anal plugs. Welcome to check the price comparison of the anal plug, how to play, and related information on the website. Check different type of anal plug.

  1. Anal Beads

Anal beads are a kind of sex toy. Anal beads are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass, or metal. The shape is mostly a soft rope connecting several beads of the same size or increasing from small to large. The number of beads is not limited. There is a ring or handle on the tail to prevent the Anal beads from completely entering the rectum and to facilitate pulling out. Some pull beads have a vibration function to enhance pleasure. When using, insert the beads one by one into the anus and then retain or pull them out. The anal pull beads are a very old and fashionable gadget. Most of them are massagers made up of multiple circles in series. They are one of the most popular adult toys. Here Is The Guide To Anal Beads:Everything To Know About Anal Beads

  1. Sex furniture

Sex furniture is an item of flirting furniture that men and women need in their sexual behaviors, which can make both men and women more relaxed in love. Even actions that cannot be done in ordinary times can be done by borrowing sex furniture, which allows women to receive more intense stimulation and pleasure, and allows men to reduce a lot of physical strength to help fight longer.Here Is 9 Types Of Sex Furniture For Your Sex Toys List.

   21, BDSM

Bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism, in fact, many people have a desire for BDSM in their hearts, and they are eager to try. However, many people are socially conservative and restrained on sexual concepts. It is easy to associate BDSM gameplay as a manifestation of perverted and abusive partners. In fact, BDSM culture is not like this. BDSM focuses on the communication between two people, negotiates in the process of dominance and abuse, and only conducts after mutual confirmation, which is a manifestation of mutual trust between the two parties. Recommendations of SM products help everyone experience fun in multiple ways and greatly enhance the excitement of sex.
Here is 11 Types Of BDSM TOYS For Your Sex Toys List.

Recommended series of common BDSM products:


Among many SM products, eye masks are a must-have choice. Seemingly ordinary erotic eye masks, in fact, the gameplay can push the fun of BDSM to the extreme. After wearing the eye masks, the visual senses will be deprived of, and other senses will become more sensitive and re-feel the pleasure that is neglected in daily sex.

Handcuffs & Restraints

Recommended BDSM supplies, handcuffs, and ankle cuffs are also very common. With handcuffs and ankle cuffs on, the abused person looks forward to an unknown experience, and the abuser gets a taste of the glory of dominating his partner.

Leather whips (Spankers & Ticklers)

To further experience the fun of BDSM, we recommend SM supplies in the world of leather whips can enhance each other's psychological and physical stimulation. Use SM whips to train each other, and the crisp whip sound, again and again, the gameplay is bloody.

Temperature candle

It is also recommended that low-temperature candles can warm up the BDSM experience. Unlike the candles we usually use, BDSM-specific candles are relatively cold and will not burn the skin. They are safety-oriented SM products.

Nipple Clamps & Gags

Couples playing small games occasionally is more conducive to couples flirting, using some nipple plugs can get insurmountable sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And it also has the effect of sexual arousal, which activates instinctive sexual interest.


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