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Anal Sex Toy Guide: The Different Anal Toy Increase Your Pleasure

Do you wanna shop some anal sex toys to add some spice to your sex life? If yes, then this article is for you.

What is an anal sex toy?

To feel the better experience while doing sex, the anal sex toys provide an effective role. They help to prolongate the timings of sex. The usage of these anal sex toys encourages the sore point in the body. For males, usage of such sex toys is helpful to stay in the same state. For females, it is helpful to apply pressure at the ends of the sensitive parts (or a point located at the end of vagina which is named as A-spot). Moreover, anal sex toys assist you while doing intercourse. It is also helpful if you are lonely playing and also if you want to add more fun during intercourse. While masturbating, anal sex toys provide more pleasure to you. Their safe usage will help you a lot. Furthermore, they will assist a lot in prolonging the time for sex.

What kinds of Anal Sex toys are there?

It doesn’t matter which kind of sex you are doing; their sole purpose is to give you unimaginable pleasure. Playing with anal has always remained a pleasing activity. That’s why there are various kinds of anal sex toys but the most amazing one is butt stuff.

Then comes the plugs. Plugs are also available in different shapes. One can buy according to one’s own choice. Many people love to buy beads too. Due to their shape only. Every sphere in or around the bead results in increasing the size. 

How can Dildos leave behind? Most of them are made for the penetration of anal but some are made for stimulation too. For anal pleasure, wand attachments are also necessary. You can buy them if you are not going any anal vibrating ty.

One should must try hooks, tail plugs and tunnel plugs too for getting immense pleasure. Starter kits and training kits are best options for beginners.

As everyone knows that vagina is self-lubricating but anus does not do so. That is why lubes are used. Depending upon the usage of condoms, different lubes are there. You can use them as per your requirements.

Anal Beads:

No matter you are doing solo sex or you are doing it with you partner, anal beads are best for you. They are helpful for increasing orgasm. This sex toy is made of small circles or spheres appear at the rope which has a holding point at the end. It is easy to use because of this holding point. Using these anal beads, energize the nerves present at the beginning of anus, which is a pleasure some activity. Some beads are smaller in size while others are larger. You can buy them according to your choice by keeping in mind the process of anal penetration.

Many sex therapists recommend the use of these anal sex beads because they keep the same level of energy throughout the duration of doing sex as it urges both the partners to stay physically and emotionally active. One thing must be kept in mind that you have to sanitize them every time you use them. Take deep breath when you are trying to remove them. It is essential because it will help in relaxing your body. Try to buy the ones that are soft and not have pores one them. Learn how to use anal beads

Butt Plug:

This anal sex toy is the best fit for beginners. The shape of butt plug is closer at the start and then opened covering a larger area and then closer again. This sex toy goes inside anus. But this toy stays at one place. It does not move just like dildos. The main purpose of this sex toy is to provide sufficient energy to the anus. And many people usually do this. It can be done only due to its pointed area which is located near the male and female g-spot. It is really helpful for human glands too. The experience of people regarding this toy emerges too be applaudable. Some of the butt plugs are designed in order to access towards the prostate too. The use of butt plug is also helpful for seeking pleasure through anus as well as vagina too.

After using butt plug, make sure to wash it. You can do this putting in dish washer too. This is done in order to make the toy germs free. you have to repeat the process after every use. Then you should know how to choose butt plug

Anal Dildo:

The best anal dildo is the one which has balls with it. This one is easy to insert. Its end point is designed in such a way that it provides you a feeling of relaxation. Whereas the one with curved shape is also better because it fits so nicely. This one is so flexible. One can use it without touching it again and again. If you want to fix it at any place, you can do it easily. 

Another anal dildo comes with a jelly like substance is also beneficial if its base is not made of rubber. It has a little bit weird smell but not that much bad. It is for beginners. There are some dildos that are made up of glass. Users that do not want to play with plastic ones can buy them. They do not break easily so nothing to worry about them. One can use them safely. Even they can survive if heated at large temperature or even if placed at minimum temperature. Some people like anal dildos that are made up of silicon. They are easy to clean because you can boil them whenever you want. This is the Ultimate Guide To Using A Anal Dildo, which will give you a complete understanding of anal dildo.

Prostate massager:

The prostate massager is such a toy that gives an empty sensation to your prostate by eradicating all the extra fluid that is present inside your body. It has too much benefits regarding your health. Actually, near your penis there locates a gland which is known as prostate and the function of this gland is to produce a liquid. If that area near your penis was empty, then you may feel relaxation and comfort every time. This process does not require that much time.

A case study on it has revealed that this toy also helps in cleaning the duct. It also helps in the reduction of the swelling.

As we all know that the excess of anything is not good for everyone. So, proper care should be taken while using prostate massager during massage. Especially if you wanna use the electric one, then you should get enough skill on how to use it. Know more about prostate massager orgasm

Anal Hook:

This sex toy is very helpful for penetration. It’s shape is just like the hook of fish. Generally, it is made up of steel which is stainless. Proper care should be taken about its usage. If you do not care about it, you can get yourself an injury. Anal hook has two ends. You can use one for the insertion while another end is used for some extra vibration or stimulation. They can be sanitized or cleaned easily because the steel used in them is stainless. Some people use these hooks for vagina too. Many people use it for double penetration. It’s a good option to use them with butt plug or anal dildos. If you use a hook then there are more chances for you to free yourself from your sex partner if he is creating a scene or bondage play.

Some anal hooks are available with more than one ball. And some do not have balls on them. Some or twisted or rolled on. In short, they have various patterns. You can buy according to your choice. Care should be taken while storing them. Simple soap water is required to clean these anal hooks. Want to learn more about anal hook, here is a complete guide to teach you how to use anal hook.

Tail Plug:

Some people really want to play with something that is cuddling. Tail plug is the best option for them. It is made of fur and it gives horny look to its users. This toy is attached at the end of butt. Some people use this sex toy for pet play also. People are so conscious about the fur used in the tail. A few are made from original fur while others are made from artificial fur. Faux is the name of that artificial fur.

Some types of tail plug are:

Fox tail, Rabbit tail, Bunny tail, Dog tail, Devil tail, Pony tail, Racoon tail and Wolf tail etc. The base of these tail plugs is of different shapes and sizes. However, the manufacturing material is also differing in quality. If you wanted to use or wear the tail plug for a long time, then T-bar base will be the best fit for you. Round bases are popular now-a-days. Whichever the base you are using, just make sure that your base should remain fixed and it does not try to move with the anus or with the liquid coming out of your body.

Anal Douche:

This is a sex toy which is helpful for eradicating the thin fluid from the rectum. Some people use this toy for cleaning purposes. To initiate the process, you can clean the beginning point just to remove the germs. Then, you can use the hot water to eradicate the mucous. You can use enema mixture too. After it, you can begin by inserting the anal douche. Once you have done the whole process, do not forget to take the shower. 

Anal toys for Men:

If you are trying to buy anal toys for the very first time, then the toy with rings would be the perfect choice for you. Many experts suggest to use toy with rings because these toys would provide vibrations.

Anal toys for Women:

If you are doing solo, even though the best vibrator is necessary. For women, who are living in the long-distance relationship, there always remain a need of sex toys that provides pleasure.

Are you ready to buy and play an anal sex toy?

If you are ready to invest few bucks for seeking pleasure through sex toys then following site would be the best for you. You can find many toys for male and female respectively.


You can find here all the toys at very affordable price here. You can also find toys of various brands.

Safety precautions for using Anal toys:

Before buying anal toys, you must know that from which material it has been manufactured. Washing and sanitizing the toys after every use is also equally important. One should use the condom to reduce the risk. One should switch to sex toys instead of household items like cucumber, brinjal and banana. Because these things carry bacteria and several germs. And may result in infectious diseases. Do not use electric toothbrushes in place of vibrators. Because they are not safe to use for sex. Sex toys should be bought from a trusted source or your supplier must be trusted. One should better read all the instructions properly before using the toy.

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