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A Complete Guide To Anal Hook

Have you ever used anal hook? It will lock you and gave full control of your body to your partner, and bring you endless happiness. Have you heard it?right! The name of this device is anal hook.

What is an anal hook?

This is the most essential sex toy which is always present in all the specifically made toolboxes for sexual play. Most people do not want to discuss butt plugs but if your anal hook is caught by someone in your house. I am damn sure that you will go to say, oh! What’s that? Actually, it’s a stigma not to discuss openly sex toys. Even if you do some searching on the internet you will come to know that there are not that many articles about it. But it is equally important to discuss them.  People do not want to reveal something about their sexual life. But we are going to reveal all the details about anal hooks here.

They are present here from medieval times but at first anal hooks are only present in torture equipment as their essential parts. But as time passes by, they become less torturable and now they are used to seeking pleasure from sex. Anal hooks are designed differently. Some anal hooks are present in U shape and some are in J shape. From one of its sides, you can insert and that side contains a ball. From that ball, extra simulation can be done easily. On the second side, there is a ring on which a rope is present. It can be attached easily. To keep them clean, they are made up of steel which is stainless. Normally, anal hooks are used for anal but some people used it for the vagina too. But from the vagina, these hooks slip easily because they are not designed for the vagina.

With anal hooks, double penetration can be done but you have to be careful about its positioning. If you put it in the right position, then only you can get the actual pleasure out of it. People prefer to use anal hooks because of their steel which is hard as well as cold too. Anal hook always aids you to remain much active. Sometimes, there may arise a situation when you are not in a mood or situation to perform any sexual activity but by using this anal hook you will be able to involve yourself in such kinds of activities. And the rope attached to the anal hook will help you to seek more pleasure from the sexual activities you are doing.

Different types of the anal hook:

Many anal hooks look the same but some vary due to their design. Approximately, all of them have a U shape or J shape but another part depends on the creativity of the maker. The more creative the manufacturer, the more creative the appearance.

First of all, there comes an anal hook that has only a single ball that is present at the end of its insertion. You can also remove that ball. Even if you want to try with various size balls, you can do it. It totally depends on you. But proper care must be taken while you are screwing the ball. Because if the ball is not screwed up properly it may enter into the anal cavity.

Thirdly, there are some anal hooks that have no balls at all. They can be inserted from the empty end at the beginning point. They are good for newcomers because they can be easily fitted merely by stretching them. You must have a look at the tip to ensure that the tip must be in a round shape. If this is not so, then there might be a chance that you can get hurt by this anal hook.

Fourthly, if you want to feel differently, then you must buy the anal hook that has some twists or patterns on them. Because they’ll provide you with another kind of pleasure.

Fifthly, there are some anal hooks that are not meant only for insertion. Instead of insertion, they can be molded from the front. These anal hooks are called cock ring anal hooks. Usually, people wear cock rings while doing intercourse. They are designed in order to feel prostate orgasm.

Another kind of anal hook is cock cage. By using this anal hook, the penis can be locked up and all the power is shifted to the second person and he dominates. Nothing can be done without seeking the permission of the counterpart.

The last kind of anal hook is the best gadget for females. Just like the previous one, this device also gives all the power to the second person. This device is called a vaginal chastity device.

Secondly, there are some anal hooks that have various balls. These balls are all over the anal hook. Some anal hooks have all these balls together while in some hooks they are very far off. If you are jazz up for anal sex, then this anal hook will be a good choice for you.

How to choose the right anal hook?

For choosing the right anal hook, material plays a key role. The best material for an anal hook is steel which must be stainless. Because this kind of steel can be cleaned and sanitized easily. It would not be that much affected by the temperature. The price of this anal hook is almost 30 to 150 pounds.

Another important consideration about the anal hook is that its edges must not be sharp. Because sharp edges always hurt the person. Those anal hooks that have interchangeable balls are not the right ones because the balls will lose after some time and germs will appear. This is not safe. So, by the one whose balls cannot be interchanged.

You must know how you want to use the anal hook then you can easily choose the angle accordingly. Those anal hooks that have flat ends are not recommended because they are risky. One can use those that have bulb-like insertion ends. But proper care must be taken that the bulb should not be screwed easily. Some anal hook allows different sizes of bulbs that can be inserted easily at their insertion end. One must choose the size accordingly. Moreover, the shape of the ball in the anal hook matters a lot. If there are multiple balls on the anal hook, then they must be of different sizes. One of them should be the small, rest ones are the medium and the large. Commonly the diameter of the balls is 35, 40, and 45 mm. If you want the anal hook for bondage and normal play the same, then you must choose the one that is designed for both purposes.
The arrangement or sequence of balls on the anal hook matters a lot. To develop the interest, balls on the anal hook must be positioned correctly. The one that gives you excellent sensations is most important. You should buy that one. Once you start inserting the anal hook inside then it will hurt you a little bit but once you exert some pressure to remove then it will not cause pain. So, if you feel pain consistently then you must change your anal hook. And buy the one by keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind. Because its major purpose is to provide you immense pleasure, not pain.

How To Emotionally Prepare for Your First Anal Hook Experience?

If you feel a little bit scared at the beginning, then you must read a few introductory articles related to anal hooks. Because for the first time you will be frightened from their usage. This is not something that you are using every day so proper care must be taken for the first time. Start slowly. You must start with some simple anal toys. You can use an anal training kit at the beginning. You must ask somebody whom you trust to hook you with the anal hook.

Communication is the key so you must communicate with your partner during anal sex. You must protect yourself. If you really feel scary then you must start with the anal hook that has only a ball and the diameter of that ball must be 1 inch.

At the first anal hook session, you must set the limits or boundaries between you and your partner. It is necessary for you. You have to use some safe and sound words for the fair play. Once you have done it for the first time then you’ll get an experience and after it, you can do whatever you can.

You must care about lube at the first session. Lube is something that is extremely important. You should apply a lot of lube at the anal hook if it is made from stainless steel. If not, then it will slip down. If you want to apply the lube to your body, then you must read out the instructions related to it. If you do not want to apply the lube at your anal hook or at the body, then you can use candle wax instead of oil or lube. You can choose your body position carefully. Some people like to remain in the bondage position. So, if you want to tie your partner with this hook then you can do it easily. In this way, you are allowed to get access to your partner’s body holes that are not allowed to you earlier. You must ensure the proper emotional safety of your counterpart during your first anal sex session. Because at first, he or she may try to hide his or her emotions due to shyness. But you have to tell them to reveal all the emotions. Because proper understanding is a must. You must take your time to wear the hook properly.

How to clean storage and hook?

Cleanliness is that part of life that is not avoided. You must clean your private parts as well as your whole body. And cleaning your sex toys like butt plugs, anal hooks, etc. is equally important too. If you do not do so then you are exposed to germs, bacteria, and diseases. For this, you must know whether your sex toy is porous or not. If it’s porous, it means that it has small holes that allow bacteria to get into the toy so that toy needs to be properly cleaned on the other hand this is not the same in the case of non-porous toys. Normally, people use soap for that purpose. But you have to make sure that the soap must be organic. So, that it may not harm your body. For those toys, that have batteries in them, cannot be cleaned with soap, you can clean them by using the cloth.

Same in the case of the anal hook if the hook is made up of metal, then it will be easy to clean because it will be non-porous. Different kinds of toy cleaners are also available in the market. You can use them also. If you do not want to do this, then you can simply boil the water in the steel container or any other container. Then, you have to put your metal toy in it.

For the anal hook that has balls in it, you can simply remove all the balls, and then you have to clean your anal hook as well as the balls. Make sure to clean the holes present on the anal hook. For this, you have to unscrew both the ends of the anal hook. If there are some threads at the anal hook, then you have to clean them as well. If you drop your anal hook, then you may get dents on it. There are 10% solutions of bleach available in the market and they are good for cleaning the anal hook so you must use them. Rubbing alcohol is also a good method used for cleaning. You can go for it.


The major purpose of the anal hook is to shift the power from one person to another person. It helps in dominating one person over the other. It may expose one person in front of other. All this is done for the sake of pleasure only. The next question that may arise in your mind is about tying the anal hook. If your partner had enough long hair then you can tie the anal hook to them. It will remain in place.

The next trouble is about how to use that anal hook. For that, you must lube the anal hook from both ends. Then you have to put it inside the anus of the counterpart. It is our choice how deep you wanted. You must communicate with your partner during the whole session. Because this will be the main key. Once you have adjusted the position, then all you need is just press the ball present at the anal hook. If you feel that it is hurting you then you must stop and adjust it properly. Some people buy the anal hook with larger balls but it is not a good practice you must buy the one that is according to your size and the ones that you can use easily in your zone of comfort.

Never try to tie the anal hook forcefully because your partner may get hurt due to this. Do not share your anal hooks because they may get bacteria and germs which in turn may cause harm to you also. Try to sanitize them before and after every use. Do not rush. You should start doing the anal sex slowly to enjoy the pleasure through it.  If you want to use a harness you can use D-ring for that.


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