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What To Consider Before Wearing A Sex Toy in Public

If you think about it, the thought of having sex in a public place can be pretty exciting. Nothing beats the good old adventure of knowing that you might get caught. It’s the spontaneity and rush of it all.

You're wearing a little pleasurable secret that no one knows about, and that's the beauty of such adventures. You're not just spicing up your sex life in the bedroom; you're also exploring what you like and what sits comfortably with you, among other things.

Can you wear a sex toy in public?

Of course. Why wouldn't you? Society has made it seem taboo if you wore or used a sex toy in public. While it's not appropriate to have sex publicly, having a vibrator secretly tickling your folds isn't a crime. You can have a pleasurable moment out publicly- just don't involve the entire world while you're at it.

You need to consider several factors before stepping out of your home. You don't want to get caught by strangers moaning while a buzzing sound comes from between your thighs. That would be very embarrassing.

The whole point of having a sex toy publicly is to enjoy the forbidden sweetness that comes from bending the rules of society. It’s exciting knowing you have a dirty little secret slowly stroking some part of you. If anything, wearing a sex toy allows you to explore your sexual side.

What to consider before going out wearing a pleasure buddy

Now, before we go into the recommendations of what works in public places, maybe you should take into consideration a few things. You don't want to go and end up being the next sensation on the internet. Because in a real sense, if it's your first time, you might embarrass yourself in front of a few strangers.

However, that isn't and should never be the main focus of public play. Go out and have fun. And if you happen to embarrass yourself, it's okay too. Not everyone has it smooth on their first day. These sort of things happen, either way, so you better get used to it now.

  • Get comfortable first

Are you seriously considering going out with a toy you have no idea how it feels in you? Bad idea. The best thing is to continually test out your toy. How comfortable are you with it, and in what settings? Does it make too much noise? Are you okay with anal play or vaginal play? What works for you, silicone or metallic material? And so forth.

Now, many people would argue that it doesn't seem necessary, and spontaneity is always a winner when it comes to sexual pleasure, but I'd love to disagree. How are you going to enjoy your little secret if it's not a secret anymore? What if the Bluetooth connection isn't really working? What if the metal anal plugs you recently bought become too uncomfortable every time you walk or prepare to sit down?

There are so many factors to consider when going outside. It doesn't have to be a perfect experience, but the least you could do is cover all bases as much as you can. You should reduce the risk of embarrassing yourself, don't you think?

  • Location

Where are you hoping to experience this wild but pleasurable experience? Location really matters. Most times, it's better if you wear it to someplace informal or recreational. It could be the mall, by the beach, in a restaurant, at the movies, and so forth. Whichever the case, as long as you and your partner, if you have one, are comfortable, that's what really matters.

Look at places that are more familiar to you or closer to home. Such places give you a chance to rectify the situation if things get out of hand or something accidental happens. They also allow you to develop confidence in public sensual play. You can also choose dark rooms such as the movies. You never know who’s watching, right? It’s terrifyingly exciting.

Another setting you may choose to get comfortable with is your local restaurant. The sitting position is known to intensify a lot of the vibrational sensations that come from your vibrator. The restaurant manager can pop in at any time, a waiter or someone you know. It's an open environment but, at the same time, private enough to afford you some alone time with that pleasure buddy.

Also, to your rescue is a restroom nearby which obviously comes in handy if you need to take out your sex toy. There are many factors that come to your advantage at a restaurant. You have as much time as you can possibly need to enjoy yourself.

  • Lubrication

It's almost unheard of that anyone would choose to wear a sex toy without carefully lubing it to sit right. The human anatomy is unpredictable. You're not always going to stay lubricated, and a public setting might scare you out. Having a lubricant to make sure everything sits comfortably is very important.

Proper lubrication can make it a painless experience for you. Furthermore, in case you get very uncomfortable, the reapplication of lube should work in your favor. It eliminates all feelings of discomfort, and your evening doesn't have to end up an awkward one. Carry your lube in a bit of a container in case anything happens.

  • Recharge before stepping out

Imagine yourself seated and coming close to orgasm for the first time ever in a public place! How cool is that? And then the battery dies. Bummer, right? Not only is your night ruined, but also the first public play will go down in history as a failed attempt.

If you're going for an entire night of fun, maybe you should consider recharging your sex toy. A dead battery is such a buzzkill, especially if you were almost having an orgasm or if things were just getting interesting. Get new batteries if need be; carry extra batteries too if you want the night to keep going.

However, if you're opting for a sex toy that isn't battery-powered, that's fine too. You don't have to worry about charging your sex toy hours before your date.

  • Clean your sex toy

If you own a sex toy. Then you know how important it is to have it clean as often as possible. Preferably, clean it in between every use. A dirty toy can have you susceptible to infections and bacterial infestation.

If your sex toys are rechargeable, please stick to washing only the outsides only. Many sex toys say how waterproof they are but be warned, this doesn't necessarily mean the entire device is waterproof. You may insert it in water and end up damaging the whole toy. Stick to the outsides only whether your sex toy has its batteries removed or not.  

  • Observe sex toy safety

Most people quickly assume that all sex toys are open to experimentation. While there is room to experiment as much as you'd love to, it's crucial that all sex toys be used for precisely what they are meant to be used for. Keep in mind that you're in a public place. You don't want to end up in the ER with a very embarrassing injury because you decided to take the experimenting too far.

Toys such as the butt plugs should only be inserted as they should be. Inserting the wrong end may cause serious harm to you. And why would you go to such lengths? If you need a broader or kinkier toy, consider buying a new one. There are so many options out there. Don't get too crazy about exploring your kinky side.

Public play may pose new opportunities to get out and enjoy ourselves. Still, it should never be the reason why we end up in hospital. Adventures aren't supposed to be too wild. Just enough to keep the mystery and excitement going. If you're going to experiment with something, at least try it out when you're by yourself to see how well you adjust and respond to that situation.


Clearly, there's a lot to consider before stepping outside but don't overthink the entire situation. It's essential to stay safe and watch out; however, don't go overboard with the whole idea.

You can find more info on what toys to wear in our articles discussing about sex toys for public places. That way, you are now prepared for some public fun and you’d be wearing the right toy. The primary focus should be having a good time. So go on ahead and enjoy yourself. Be free to the idea of having a good time.

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