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What Toys Can You Use in Public Places?

Have you ever thought of wearing a sex toy in a public place? Can you wear one? The mere thought of having an orgasm out in the open instead of the safely confined walls of your room is scary, right? And that's totally understandable. Especially if it's your first time.

Well, if you read our previous article on what to consider before taking your toys out to play, this article should add more info to what you already know. It’s crucial that you prepare in advance before choosing what you’re going to wear.

So Public Places: Hit or Miss?

We already established that sex isn’t limited to indoors. It’s an activity that should be enjoyed just anywhere you please. However, the dilemma to go out and have fun still persists so it wouldn’t be uncommon that people are still afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Typically, public places demand that we look our best and be on our best behavior. So it would be unthinkable to have a sex toy in a public place, right?

You’re wrong. Sex toys can be won anywhere at any particular time. You just need suitable toys to get comfortable. Since you don't want to attract any negative attention, stay low-key. Your pleasure publicly is your secret. No one has to know. No one should anyway.  

You should enjoy pleasure whenever and however you want regardless of how public the place is. If we're being honest with ourselves, having or wearing sex toys isn’t a taboo in this day and age. So why behave as though it is?

How do you know what to wear?

Before we look through an entire list of suggestions, you need to check in with yourself. Some preparation before actually going out there is key. You don’t want to end up with a disaster in your hands, now do you?

The first thing is to ensure that you are comfortable with the idea of wearing a sex toy. Test out your preference while you're at home to make sure you're comfortable. It may not be as comfortable at first, but the more you practice wearing it, the easier it gets to wear one.

Once the groundwork is done, you can now proceed to select what toy you'll be using. The secret to selecting a toy is quite simple, really.

  • Preference

Start with identifying what really turns you on. Not everyone is turned on by the same type of toys. Some people prefer vibrators, others nipple clamps. It's your pick, really. And let's face it, you're never going to find out precisely what you're into unless you actually get to try out as many toys as you can.

Don’t be embarrassed to attend conventions that educate the public on using sex toys safely. If you’re using one with your partner, allow them to explore with you. Options are limitless in this day and age. It would be unfortunate if you forced yourself to only use one particular toy that may not really spark some much-needed fireworks for you.

  • How many people would be involved?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to use a sex toy with your partner. As a matter of fact, you don’t need a partner to enjoy the experience. Be willing to go ahead and have your own personal experience before inviting someone else to join the bandwagon.

And if you still think that you need a partner, remember there are hands-free sex toys that only require only insertion, and you're good to go. Look over options that seem to work for you in this section, and go ahead and enjoy your public date.

  • To penetrate or not to penetrate

Not everyone likes the idea of penetration. Some people enjoy simple clitoral stimulation. Or having their breasts fondled with. A great sexual experience doesn’t have to involve penetration. However, now that you’re hoping to enjoy some public play, what you choose should be able to see to it that you enjoy yourself regardless.

For this, we have different options, such as panties that vibrate. If you were to go shopping, you'd soon find exactly what you're looking for. There are thousands of sex toys to choose from. Depending on what you find comfortable, you're allowed to wear absolutely anything.

What are the most preferable sex toys for public play?

With those factors in consideration, it's now easier to select precisely what is wearable outdoor. Keep in mind not all these suggestions work for everyone, so it's only safer if you pick what works for you while you're in a public place. It's also important to consider what pleasure you're aiming to get out of your little (or not so little) pleasurable buddy.

  • Vibrators

Nothing beats the good old vibrator. They're easy to gain access to and can promise a lot of intense sexual pleasure. For a public place, they can certainly generate a lot of adventure; if you're wearing a suitable toy for you, of course. They vary in intensity, noise production, and so forth. For a public place, going for something less noisy and barely audible is always the preferred choice.

If you're trying this out with your partner, a remote-controllable device should do the trick for you. Look out for other features, too, such as a rotational feature, ability to heat up, and shape of the head for easy penetration. Also, are you trying out anal play or vaginal play? Not all vibrators can be inserted at either point of entry. As mentioned earlier, it's important to consider sex toy safety.

There are several types of vibrators that aren’t as obvious to spot or get quickly noticed.

The necklace: It looks like jewelry, I promise. Before anyone gets to know precisely what you're wearing, they'd be quick to assume it's just a neckpiece you've brought with you. A quick bathroom break and you're already on your way to paradise.

Panties: You’ve probably seen it in movies such as ‘The Ugly Truth’ where the lady wears this remarkable set of undies that get intense as the evening proceeds. They are remote-controllable, making it fun for your partner. Different settings, of course, come with varying levels of intensity.

Mini vibrators: Mini vibrators can also have a sucking feature. You're sure your privacy is well protected throughout your adventure. They are designed especially for the female anatomy. The best thing about them is that they are discrete, and no one would suspect a thing. Are they wearable? Most certainly.

Anal vibrators: Just as they are spelled out, they are for anal play. If your male partner is into kinky and fun adventures, the anal vibrator promises so much pleasure. Can they handle it in a public place? Can you handle the pleasure while cutting through stake or watching a movie? Try this and find out. It just might be the missing ingredient to your bedroom romance.

  • Anal plugs and beads

The two are different from each other. However, they achieve one goal, anal pleasure. They're not all battery-powered. You can choose to go with these for public pleasure, and after adequately lubricating them, walkabout while minding your business. The pleasure comes as they adjust by themselves with every movement. You can't really control how they move, making it even more exciting.

They are perfect for very public places such as events. You may attend a function wearing one of these, and no one would notice you have a quiet moment of pleasure all by yourself. Suppose you prefer the long distance ones for some vibrational sensations. In that case, the options are available, and they come with a remote as well.

Before going out with these, you must recharge them, wear them cleaned and as they should be used. A lubricant is also essential when you're away from home. Our anal canals are not self-lubricated organs; therefore, carrying some extra lube to reapply every now and then just to make sure you're comfortable is critical.

The Take-Away

Public pleasure is very stimulating and is worth the adventure. You have to be willing to try out what really works for you. A failed attempt shouldn't discourage you from trying more options. Knowing that you may get noticed by one or two bystanders can give you such an adrenaline rush, but that shouldn't push you to go out of your comfort zone to try insane stunts.

Public pleasure is not taboo. Own it and be brave about it. Also, consider the less apparent toys that no one will quickly notice. There's so much from such an experience, and you should definitely give it a try, yes? Good luck!

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