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How to Have A Better Anal Sex?

Sex is a very intimate moment especially if you are doing it with someone you love. You get lost in the moment, and you feel so peacefully laying in the arms of your partner. Sex doesn’t have to be boring the way people make it sound. You can always spice things up in the bedroom with your partner. Well, people do not talk about anal sex as much as we talk about the other ways of having sex, and for this reason, many people do not understand how best they can enjoy anal sex.

There are different studies that have been conducted around anal sex and one of the findings is that people who have anal sex tend to have orgasm rates that are actually higher as compared to having vaginal sex. At first, anal sex may feel off and uncomfortable for many people, just any other sexual experience, but with constant practice and communication between partners, you are guaranteed of having the best time of your life.

If you are thinking of some of the best way that you can use to explore this sexual experience then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will see some of the ways that can help you to have better anal sex.

1. Talk to your Partner

Communication is key to having the best anal sex. Tell your partner how you feel about having anal sex. Tell them if you are ready to do that, of if you feel you should wait. Voice out your concerns. This will make them know how to treat you and how to make the experience better, not only for you, but for them also. Remember, sex is only enjoyable if both parties are on the same page, and are comfortable with everything. One of the common anal sex anxieties that everyone has, especially if you are thinking of having anal sex for the first time, is that it is going to hurt. Speak those concerns to your partner so that they make love to passionately in terms of speed and how deep they go inside you.

2. Add sex toys to spice up things

Sex toys make sex much better and more enjoyable. Many people are ashamed to admit that they use sex toys in their relationship. Using sex toys does not mean that you will not feel your partner anymore, anytime you are having sex. Sex toys make you discover your body, and helps you know where you feel the pleasure. This can be the best time of knowing about what makes your partner feel good too. Talk to your partner and ask them if they feel comfortable using sex toys during this moment. If they are, then go for it. To get some of the best sex toys, you should go and check honeysx toys. They have some of the most amazing, and affordable sex toys of different sizes and shapes.

3. Don’t focus too much on what will Happen, instead focus on your Desires

One of the reasons why many people fear having anal sex is they focus too much on the butt. Make anal sex fun just the same way you make oral sex too. When having oral sex, you never pay too much attention to your partner’s vulva to make them aroused. This is the same thing that should apply to anal sex. Focus on the moment and making your partner and yourself feel amazing instead of having the picture of the butt in your mind.

In addition to that, avoid paying attention to the details like you are reading an instructional book on how-to guide. Focusing on doing it right will only kill the mood because your mind will want perfection when in reality there is no perfection. Focus on your desires and that of your partner and everything else will flow naturally.

4. Use a Lubricant

You definitely want this to be the best and memorable moment with your partner. Do not let pain and dryness make you hate anal sex. Just like vaginal sex, one needs to be wet so as to avoid feeling pain from the friction that is involved in making love. You want your partner’s dick to go inside your anus without feeling any sort of pain. Speak out and let him know that you can try using a lubricant. This will make the whole experience worthwhile and more enjoyable.

5. Try different positions

Most people think that the only way you can have anal sex is through doggy style position. As much as this position feels good when having sex, especially vaginal sex, it is not the only position that you can explore in the bedroom. Another position that makes anal sex enjoyable is missionary style. This allows you to connect more with your partner since you will be telling them exactly how you feel. You will also be able to tell them how deep they should go and what depth makes you feel good.

6. You need to trust each other

Another best way of having anal sex is to trust your partner. Make your partner feel like you trust them, and that you are comfortable with them. With anal sex, you need to trust your partner more than with vaginal sex. You will find that most people have a bad vaginal sex experience especially when you are still a virgin. You may find that the person who broke your virginity was very rough and did not care how you felt, especially since this is your first time. After that incident, you may be having a bad experience with having any sexual experience. Talk to your partner, and make them feel that you trust them with your vulnerability. Trust makes having anal sex better and more comfortable.

7. You are beautiful. Don’t be Ashamed

Well, your butt is probably your least favorite body part. You may be overthinking about how your butt looks and get worried over nothing. If you are going to have anal sex with your partner, relax and enjoy the moment. Stop overthinking about how everything looks from behind and just keep calm. You never know. Your partner may love it to an extent that they lick it and even penetrate it. Enjoy every moment.

8. Take it slow

Remember, this is a new experience that you are trying. Take it slow. Anal sex requires more patience than vaginal sex. Avoid thrusting in once in your partner’s butt. This may cause pain to the partner on the receiving end, and may make them have a negative attitude towards anal sex. Take it slow, and be gentle with your partner. If you like it now, then you may consider doing that again. If something does not feelgood, then you can always stop and start over again when you feel comfortable.

9. Start shallow before going deep

If your butt has never been touched, then you should consider telling your partner to start shallow before going in deep. This gives you time to experience the whole scenario, and helps you determine if you are enjoying it or not. Consequently, starting shallow helps in opening up the anal area, which in turn reduces pain during anal sex. Starting shallow slowly opens up the anus, and by the time your partner’s dick or sex toy is going fully in, you will be ready to receive them fully without any discomforts.

10. Don’t have expectations

Having expectations will only kill the vibe during anal sex. It will make you to expect your partner to treat you in a certain way when in real sense they cannot be perfect the way you want them to be. Let nature takes its course and do not expect anything extra ordinary from your partner. Also, you need to psychologically be prepared for anything. This moment can turn messy than you expected. Therefore, to make every single minute count, stop having high expectations about having anal sex with your partner.

11.  Take a hot bath

Some studies have confirmed that taking a hot bath before having anal sex helps in loosening tight muscles. In addition to that, it also increases the flow of blood to the body. When taking you bath, this is also the time that you can take care of your butt, by washing it clean. Show it some love so that when your partner decided to lick it, he enjoys every bit of it, and you also feel comfortable. This will be a win-win for both you and your partner.

12. Get in the Mood

If either of you is not in the mood then anal sex is not going to be the best experience for any of you. Ensure that you are both on the same page and that and that you are in the mood. Some of the ways of helping you get in the mood is to use your hands, or butt plug or even let your partner lick your butt. All of these methods will keep you aroused and ready to get into the act.

13. Ask for permission from your Partner

Make sure that you are asking for permission from your partner before you penetrate them. If you have always planned on doing this then let them know that you want to do that, before getting inside them. Some may be hesitant but it shows some form of trust, respect and safety. Your partner will feel special in that you include them in everything that you do, and that you value their feedback. When you do this, your partner will feel like giving it a try even when they did not see it coming.

14. Try anal foreplay when on your periods

Your periods should not deter you from having sex. However, if you feel any kinds of discomfort then you can substitute vaginal sex with anal sex when you are on your periods. In fact, many women have reported having extreme pleasure doing anal sex while they are on their periods. Wearing a menstrual cap on your vagina should not prevent you from having anal sex.

15. Stimulate the area around the anal opening first

Internal stimulation is a great way to have pleasure, however, this does not mean that you cannot have the best anal pleasure without inserting anything in your anus. Tell your partner to massage or lick around the anus before inserting his dick or a sex toy. The anus is full of nerve endings which are responsible for giving you too much pleasure without going inside the anus. You can start from that if you are still unsure of letting an object or your partner’s dick inside you.

16. Try it on your own first

The only way that you can enjoy anal sex with anyone is if you try it on your own first. Use toys in there on your own first. This allows you to explore your own body and for you to determine what gives you much pleasure. Once you know what you like during anal sex, it becomes much easier to voice out the same to your partner, for both of you to enjoy the moment. You will be surprised how good you feel if you do it on your own first, then try it with your partner later.

17. Be creative

Sex should not be done on the bed only. Be creative to make this moment worthwhile. You really want this time to be the best of all, and for that reason, you must be willing to go extra miles for this. Why not try having anal sex with your partner when you are showing together, or when you are both chilling in the bathtub? This makes it even more spicy and amazing.

In summary, anal sex does not have to be as boring, or painful as people make it seem. With all the points above, you will have the best anal sex of your life, that you will want more of that. Therefore, anal sex is the best when two people give their consent to doing it.

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