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What Toys Can You Gift Your Loved Ones During The Holidays?

The holidays are here! And like tradition, we get to visit our loved ones and spend quality time with them. The best part about this time of the year, of course, are the gifts. I mean, who doesn’t like opening presents during this times of the year? I know I do. As much as it’s exciting getting new gifts, you don’t want to unwrap a boring gift. You want a gift that shows you how much you are valued and it’s even better if it’s personalized. It shows just how much thought was put into it.

The same should go for the gift we give. Nothing gives me joy than seeing a friend or loved one open a gift I just surprised her with. The smile on her face and the light in her eyes! It’s such a joy to gift the people we love. So this holiday, I bet you’re thinking of what to give your best friend. Ever thought of a sex toy?

The Perfect Gift

I know it may sound a bit out of the ordinary or a little too dramatic but trust me when I tell you, it just might be what you’re looking for. The thing about sex toys is that you should personalize the gift. How well do you know your friend? What do they like? It only works if you align the gift with their personality. It’s basically the 101 rule of gifting.

If you’re wondering how to gift him or her if they have a partner, worry not. There are literally hundreds of options to pick from especially toys that are best suited for couples. My favorite part about gifting friends with toys is the hundreds of options available. It’s also a subtle way of showing your friend how much you care about their happiness and why it’s so important to you that they remain happy.

So How Do I Pick The Right Gift?

To begin with, start by analyzing how close the two of you are. The closer you are, the better it will be for both of you once the time comes to unbox this gift. It’ll also be quite easy for you to go ahead and purchase the gift without the unnecessary doubts crisscrossing through your mind. If you’re just starting out as new friends, you may want to pause that button for later. Some people may take offense especially if you guys are just acquaintances.

What’s her personality like? Is she adventurous? How far can she go when it comes to exploring new ideas? Is she classy? Does she like all things shiny? Knowing who she is and what she likes will make the elimination process easy. After all, you don’t want to spend hours trying to find the perfect gift for them. My go-to resolution when I’m not sure what they prefer is either asking another close friend of theirs or calling them up myself. Such gifts need precision. You have got to hit the nail with this one.

Choose something they’ll like, not you. Gifting is about selfless giving. It’s not about what you think they should like, it’s about what you know they’ll like. It’s one of the gifting mistakes people make out there. Gifting is not about you, it’s about who you want to show love and care to. So find out what they like. Pay close attention to what she often talks about. How can you use that to your advantage?

Lastly, make it special and wrap it. Leave some little personality in the card or wrapping just to make the whole thing an experience. How else will they remember it was you who bought the gift? Okay, before you come at me, a little effort can’t hurt. I’m talking about the entire experience. I believe gifting should be a special occasion so make it special. What’s sticks with us more is the memory. Make it count. Select a gift wrapper that’s their best color, add a gift card on the side and a little something extra like roses, chocolate and wine. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to go all out.

What Gift Should I Get?

Now that you know how to select the gifts, what gifts should you get? Luckily for you, I categorized the gifts per personality. There are so many types of gifts to choose from and these are just some of them. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and get her something extraordinary. It’s those risks that actually become rewarding.

  • The beginner

You don’t want to go overboard with the whole gifting thing. They’re new to the idea so something subtle but packed with pleasure is the way to go. I would recommend a vibrator which doesn’t really look like a vibrator. During the first interaction with sex toys, most people find them nerve-wracking. If it looks like a live penis, chances are they won’t use it as much. In fact, they might go to great lengths to hide the toy. Some beginners might also find it embarrassing to have a sex toy so choose something that looks more like a decorative than the actual tool for the job.

  • For your reserved friend

If we’re being honest with each other, reserved people can be hard to gift particularly gifts such as sex toys! They don’t really let on much. However, it’s your friend we’re talking about so all hope isn’t lost. I honestly believe a wand is such a fantastic choice. You can add some silky lingerie to go with that. I’m not saying they haven’t explored enough but isn’t the whole point of gifting them these toys to get them break out of their cocoon and find that diva in themselves?

  • The standard user

They know what a vibrator is, and they use it from time to time. They don’t swear by them but use every now and then. If your friend is in this category, you can get them something different for a change. You can switch it up to something new exciting. Maybe the double massager can be great for a change. The two spinner massager is also a great choice if they’re into more size and functionality.

If you have a guy friend, the prostate massager can be quite a fantastic choice. It’s excellent for its classical fit when it comes into functionality and reliability. Keep it simple by starting with baby steps. When purchasing an anal sex toy, since you’re not sure about how much exploring they have done before, you might want to start with the smaller sizes as you build rapport. Unless you’re really sure about how comfortable they are exploring, keep it to a minimum and with time, they’ll get used to it.

  • They like all things fancy

I have a friend who loves jewelry so much that I’ve lost count how much bling she has in her closet. If you have a friend like that, betting her the classy shiny vibrator can be such an aphrodisiac for them. They can use it as a decorative item in their bedroom, an accessory when dressing up or even part of their jewelry collection. Only thing is, it gives pleasure.

  • The couple

I know you’re wondering how you could possibly gift your friend who’s literally in a five-year relationship with her partner. Okay, doesn’t have to be five years but they’re committed to their relationship. There are great choices for couples and they come in handy when the couple wants to explore. It doesn’t have to be a toy that involves both of them. It may be the ring for the guy, and a couple’s vibrator for either one of them. It’s a great way to spice up their sex life and relationship in general. If you’re not sure what sex toy to gift them, maybe a bondage set might seal the deal.

  • The kinky friend

I would definitely go for something that gives an adventure. Most people who are thrill seekers enjoy the adrenaline rush of living on the edge of something new and adventurous. Giving them a vibrator that promises to deliver more than electric charges all over the body. A vibrator that is packed with bursts of orgasm should be quite the unforgettable experience.

  • The explorer

I call them explorers because they have tried and tested probably every sex toy you know and own. They might even have a collection of them and use different types depending on the occasion. If she’s knowledgeable with them this is going to be so easy getting them a gift, right? Well, it may not be as easy as you think. But I’ll help you figure it out.

Remember the rules I shared earlier on gifting? What to look out for before buying that gift? Well, simply put, all you need to know and find out is exactly who your friend is and what you think they might like. What does they talk about all the time? Find out their preference and just role with it. I found the tulip a great collection. Seems pricey but don’t forget the foundation of the art of gifting our loved ones is being selfless. Go all out, try and save up for it. I promise you it’ll be worth it.

  • Single and ready to…find that G-spot?

How single are they? There’s no pressure whatsoever when it comes to bouncing back to the dating scenes but don’t you thing a thrusting sex toy would be a great way to start? After all, you don’t want them to sleep with every person they come across just because they need some action in bed. Buy them that orgasm and let them explore a side of them they didn’t think existed. If you’re worried about them missing the feeling of having someone realistic around them, this dildo/vibrator gives off realistic pulses that mimic that of an actual penis.

  • The busy bee

The worst part about working for long hours is you get too tired to do anything else. If you have a friend who takes long shifts, getting them the speedy vibrator would be a great idea. Most people who are super busy don’t really have extra time on their hands and that’s where the speedy vibrator comes in. All they need to do is switch to the preferred settings and let the toy do the rest. All those excuses they had for not finding time to get some pleasure will be no more.

  • Long distance relationships

There’s nothing as hectic as trying to work on a relationship when you’re far away. The texting and video chats shouldn’t be the only things holding your relationship together. Thanks to technology and innovation, couples can now spice up their relationships. The remote controlled vibrator can help you explore your new sexual kinks regardless of how far apart you are. All you need to do is connect your sex toy to an app via Bluetooth or the respective app which helps your partner control the settings of the vibrator you’re using.

Now I know this gift isn’t your typical kind but trust me when I tell you that they’ll love it. To have the control over the level of pleasure your partner feels is intriguing, don’t you think? You can also choose to get the couple’s set and help your friend discover so much of themselves sexually.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the personalities standing out and just because I’ve given suggestions based on who I think they might be doesn’t mean that they are exactly going to love them. If you’re pretty close with each other, selecting a gift shouldn’t be a daunting task. All you need to make sure is that the gift aligns with who they are and what they actually like. There are so many options to choose from.

You can also include sex toy cleaning apparatus and edible lubes as part of the gift. Some lingerie would also go well as you present the gift. At this point, you’re looking to make the whole gifting an experience so be selfless about it and go all the way. What would you pick for your best friend and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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