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Most important facts that you need to Know About the G Spot

We all know there are more benefits of orgasm. It's helpful to improve the skin, reduce stress, make you feel fresh. Anyway, for the female who has achieved through penetration, the orgasm could be just as elusive as the excellent G spot.

It's infrequent to see females doing orgasm only through intercourse. According to researches, only about 18% of women reach orgasm through penetration without the help of mouth, hands, or toys. Often, clitoral stimulation is needed as well as important when we talk about doing orgasm during sex.

 Anyway, though you haven’t done the vaginal orgasm, don't think that G spot stimulation is also impossible. More people believe that the G spot might be the main reason for women reaching orgasm within penetration.

Where does the G spot locate

When it comes to the G spot, it's also called the Gräfenberg spot. This was researched by Dr. Beverly Whipple, discovering that with the help of  a “come here” motion along the inside of the vagina made a physical stimulation in women. From her point of view, this part is the central part for women reaching orgasm when doing sex.

But this G spot is not a very distinct part of the body anatomy. Actually, according to the studies, researchers have tried to find the G spot only to come up empty-handed.

This G spot is part of the clitoral structures. Therefore if you try to stimulate the G spot, you’re stimulating the details of the clitoris. That is a bit larger than we are led to imagine. It turns out the pea-sized nub where the inner labia meet is only the tip of the clitoris and divides into two “roots” that can be about four inches long.

Another important thing is this region can be different from female to female, which explains why it could most of the time be challenging to locate. Anyway, when it is stimulated one time, the G spot can be a reason and support women achieve vaginal orgasm.

The way you can find it.

It would be a bit difficult to find the G spot. That is not really on any map of the body of humans. It doesn't mean that not practical. Instead of seeing it within the period of sexual activity, it’s effortless to place the G spot through self-searching.

When you need to find the G spot, begin with relaxing. Remember, you need to do what is an excellent suit for you. After you feel that you are ready, start touching finely the opening to the vagina. That should be done before entering the toys or your fingers.

After that, raised upward toward the umbilicus in a “come hither” movement. Here also you can use a sex toy for that. Remember, here you not going to press a characteristic button. What you are finding is the thing that makes best for you in that normal region.

Do it repeatedly. Let the sensation build. You will have to focus your attention on this area.

The desire can be different from person to person like other erogenous zones. These orgasms are not one-size-fits-al.  There’s no correct or wrong method to orgasm.

Not every female will get full of happiness from this G spot stimulation. Well, it's not a thing to be worried about. Make sure that masturbation is normal.   It could be the best part of any relationship. By searching your desires, you can use that fact to educate your partner about the best way to be happy.  

What are the best positions for G spot stimulation

When you are looking to get the G spot stimulation within sexual intercourse, some specific sex positions are there which work best. Search positions that let you a bit more manage over the movements. Then you would be able to figure out what types of stimulation you will be satisfied with more.

Doggy style

This is also another amazing method to get deeper penetration at the time of sex. But actually you can change the angle very easily to your G spot.

 If you really glad to try a changeable variation by keeping flat on your stomach using your legs with the help of the bed's edge off, letting your partner to be behind you and penetrate from there.


If your partner laid on their back and climb on top and straddle them, the cowgirl position let you complete manage over the rhythm, angle, and depth of penetration. Using this, you would be able to focus on finding the G spot.

It's good to try moving back and forth to stimulate the G spot part against your inner vaginal wall. Mixing it up can support it as well.  You don't need to be afraid to don’t be scared to test with various angles and speeds.

The position of closed missionary

 This position lets for excellent stimulation without the depth of penetration. You would begin off on your back in a missionary position before moving your legs together.

Here, the legs of your partner should straddle your legs, letting a tight squeeze. During this shallow penetration that may not hit as deep, it does make a more intimate sensation.  

Find your method

Well, this is a quick and effortless procedure. More often, women are led to think that sex is shameful. It can make it difficult to reach orgasm and the satisfaction of sexual.

It is unnecessary to be afraid to take charge of your sex life and check what you desire. What I meant is, if you find your G spot and stimulate it, essential for you too. If not? That's also amazing. There is no rule that a single way is there for orgasm. More often, it’s usual to prefer a combining of efforts. Realizing what suits you may take time. 

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