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The Complete Sex Position Guide

There are many paths to orgasm, but the more you play and explore your body and your partner's body, the more intense that pleasure will be. After the touches, the caresses, and the wet kisses, the moment of penetration arrives and in case you still don't know which are the best (and most comfortable) positions for unforgettable sex, here we leave you a long list with details so that you don't lose anything and enjoy every moment of your romantic moment!

There is nothing that deteriorates a relationship more than falling into a routine. And this applies to the way you conquer, interact, and make your partner fall in love every day and of course, in sex. The main benefit of trying new sexual positions is that they allow relationships not to fall into monotony and give them a new air.  They are so many ways to experience new sensations, strengthen bonds, and unleash pleasure. Among the main reasons why a couple does not vary in bed are: little creativity and thinking that passion and desire stand on their own. This is definitely a mistake and a misconception. For the passion to be maintained, even for it to evolve, for things to improve and for the couple to reinvent themselves in the erotic aspect, it is necessary to work on this issue.

Couples practice different positions to have sex. However, in general, young people have the belief (from pornographic figures or videos) that sexual happiness comes from a kind of acrobatic game. Rather, each couple should research and find the best position in which the clitoris can be stimulated.

A lot of people want to know how to spice up their relationship. The fact is that a sexual position can help a lot to strengthen the intimacy of a couple. When the relationship goes well, life gets much better, lighter and happier.

Active sex life x healthy relationship

There are no rules restricting how much sex you  should have within a relationship. This depends a lot on the couple's communication and how well each party feels. A proof of love is showing your spouse that you empathize with their desires, wants and even tiredness. But it is a fact that having an active sex life helps to have a healthier life. Some of the benefits of sex are:

  • strengthens the bones
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • improves sleep
  • Improves the appearance of skin and hair
  • burn calories
  • Relieves body aches (including headaches)
  • help to live longer
  • Some mental health benefits of having sex regularly are:
  • Decreased stress
  • Improves memory and makes you smarter
  • Improves performance at work
  • Decreases anxiety and day-to-day tensions

In addition, psychological theories such as psychoanalysis support that the regular practice of sexual activity helps to control our impulses and live in greater balance.

Before sex, invest in foreplay

Want to have an amazing night of sex with her? So you need to invest in foreplay. You can try getting a massage oil to make your partner comfortable and much more apt to receive and give pleasure.

There are a multitude of massage oils, oral sex gels and even lubricants to facilitate penetration. The latter are indicated for kama sutra positions that provide greater depth of penetration.

If you're in a long-term relationship, you know that, in order not to fall into a routine, you need to surprise your cat in bed. In addition to spicing up the relationship, discovering new sexual positions favors and stimulates female pleasure much more.

For this, we have gathered the 30 best Sex positions. Try two or three a night and choose the one that gives you the most pleasure. Your relationship and partner will thank you!

1. 69

Lying on their sides, man and woman use their mouths to stimulate their partner with a long session of oral sex. Hands are free to caress.

2. The dominatrix

With the man underneath and lying down, the woman sits on top of him, controlling the situation. They feel more seductive and while the sex is going on, you have direct contact with their breasts.

3. Mastering the stallion

In the variant of the previous position, when she is on top the man flexes his legs. The position further stimulates the G-spot and the woman has more control over the pace and depth of penetration (making it possible to increase the chances of a vaginal orgasm). The man, with his hands guiding her hips, can also set the pace.

4. Sideways

Famous position among couples, it has a more romantic touch. The woman can control penetration and this position is not that deep. It's great if your partner is pregnant or first thing in the morning, or if you woke up with bad morning breath.

5. Puppy

One of the women's favorite positions, it allows for deep penetration. The partner leans on the bed or sofa and lifts her butt. From behind, you penetrate, holding by the hip. Try it on days when she wants more sex.

6. Embedded

He sits on the edge of the bed or chair while she, facing him, climbs up. Sitting positions are very good for reaching the G-spot and increasing contact with the clitoris. What's more, face-to-face sex allows for eye contact, increasing the partners' arousal.

  1. The Chairman

If you want a comfortable sex position, then this is for you. Here, the man sits on a chair or on the edge of a bed while the partner grinds on him steady while facing away

8. Forced landing

On the floor, with her lying on her back, he lies on top of her and initiates penetration. Take advantage of the situation to tease her with words in her ear.

9. Dance of the Butterfly

This position has a more romantic feel, where both involve their partner with their legs and exchange kisses and caresses during sex.

10. Erotic dream

A more fetishistic position. As she lies on her side and pretends to be asleep, he takes advantage of her vulnerability by penetrating her.

11. Princess Throne

She crouches with her legs closed and fits on top of the man, who is lying with his legs open.

12. Inverted “T”

With her legs positioned almost at 90 degrees, she receives the partner's penetration, in a very deep way.

13. Seat

Standing, he takes his partner in his lap and penetrates with vigor. Among the best positions in the kama sutra, it takes a lot of training on the part of the man to hold this position for a long time.

14. Sitting in a seated position

Sit on the edge of the bed and she, on her back, sits on your member. If she has her feet on the ground, she will handle it better. You two have your hands free to stimulate each other as you fuck. Plus, you're perfectly positioned to hit her G-spot and bring her to orgasm.

15. Intertwined

Kneeling, you cross her left leg as she bends her right leg alongside her body. The woman will feel the deep penetration, while the man can release her hands to caress and stimulate her. Since it's a relaxing position, this means better and easier orgasms for them. For the man it's a good position to do when he's tired or wants to take time to come.

16. Puppy with support

The woman lies down with a pillow or two on her stomach so he can get in from behind. With the added support, the lower back won't hurt and penetration improves. This is a deeper position for them and one in which the man with the smaller limb has an advantage.

17. Indra's Wife

The woman, lying down, lifts her legs and the man, on his knees, penetrates. He supports her feet with his abdomen. In this position, the woman may experience lower back pain over time.

18. Scissors open

One of her legs is stretched out while the other crosses his chest and leans on his shoulder. The man fits and penetrates. One of the best positions in the kama sutra, it requires some flexibility from women.

19. The bridge

With the woman on all fours, the man lies on top of her and rests his arms on the ground, penetrating her. The man must make firm movements, being accompanied by the woman, who moves in the opposite direction.

20. Tree

The man slightly spreads his legs and takes one of the woman's legs, which should rest on his waist. He lifts the woman up a little, still holding her by the leg, and begins penetration. The penis is fully introduced and withdrawn with each thrust. Kissing and caressing should start slowly and increase in intensity until reaching a wild stage.

21. The Queen's Sublime Pleasure

With her feathers flexed, she brings her feet together on his chest, which penetrates her to her knees. Do a "warm up" first.

22. Crouching Ballerina

Kama Sutra position hard level. He lies down with his legs bent and she, on tiptoe, squats, wrapping his penis.

23. Thigh brace

With her shoulders resting on the bed or sofa, she holds the man between her legs. He penetrates and stimulates the clitoris with one hand. It takes balance to do this position, as a slip can be fatal.

24. Overlap fitting

With you lying down, she sits on top, penetrating. The position requires some acrobatics and a lot of masculine physical preparation to do it.

25. Seesaw

In this position, the coming and going of the erotic seesaw is controlled by the woman, with feet and hands well supported.

26. Scorpion Sting

The two begin lying on their backs, he under her. She leans on her knees on her back while her lover hugs her and caresses her seals and stimulates her clit. When both are very excited, the penis enters the vagina and penetration begins in a frantic and intense way. If the two aren't too hasty in foreplay, orgasm comes quickly.

27. Warrior's Club

She lies with her legs in the air and he comes on all fours, with his hands supported, to conquer his territory.

28. Deep Stallion

The woman spreads her legs out or back, shortening the vaginal distance, while the man penetrates deeper. Although it is a more difficult position for women to reach orgasm, it serves as a variation on hotter sex days, to provoke men, who come easier with her.

29. The Marquise

This pose forms an “M” between your bodies and should be practiced on a hard, stable surface. Sitting, the woman leans back, resting her hands on the floor while her legs extend over the man's chest and her heels over the partner's shoulders. The man sits under it, with his legs crossed and his arms also facing backwards, acting as if it were a scale. In this position, he initiates penetration, in a posture that allows for a very intense sex.

30. Reverse Flexion

One of the best positions in the kama sutra and one of the most difficult to do. She gets on the bottom with her legs up and he penetrates doing a push-up.

5 sex positions to improve intimacy for two

1) Roast chicken sex position

With a very suggestive name, this sexual position is successful for the pleasure it can generate and for the ease of practicing it.

In the sexual position, roast chicken, lie on your back on the bed, with your legs in the air, while the other person fits.

2) Sexual Position 69

There are several types of sexual positions 69. They all involve mutual and simultaneous oral sex. From the simplest, this position can give a new life to the sex of the couple.

After all, it is easy to make and greatly strengthens the complicity and union of the two, since one gives pleasure to the other simultaneously.

Simultaneous oral sex makes intercourse unusual and brings more emotion to the moment. But to ensure that the experience is intense in a positive way, it's important to pay attention to the weight we place on the person underneath.

Because if the person on the top puts all the weight on the chest of the person on the bottom, the quality of the oral will decrease and the person pressed will feel quite uncomfortable.

3) Sex position on all fours

The all-fours sex position is one of the favorite types of many couples. However, it is not monotonous, because it can make possible a series of possible variations that certainly generate new experiences in the couple's sexuality.

For example, one of the people can put their face on the mattress with their butt high. In addition, the sexual position on all fours known as “forced landing” can be used, as there is great contact between the bodies, skin to skin, as the man lies on the woman.

For the more adventurous, you can perform the sex position on all fours in its “wheelbarrow” variation.

4) Riding sexual position

This sexual position is one of the most versatile there is. After all, in it the person on top can control the pace and pressure of penetration.

One can opt for the social position of horseback riding called “cowgirl”, in which one person is on top of the other. This option offers great eye contact and even allows kissing and touching. 

All this strengthens the couple's relationship.

An interesting variation of the more common riding position is the "reversed cowgirl" in which the woman lies on her back on top of the man.

In addition to an incredible sight, the man can caress and lightly scratch the woman's back, which adds to the excitement of the position.

5) Kangaroo sex position

The kangaroo sex position, which has a funny name, can also be quite comical in practice as well.

In fact, this sexual position can bring a lightness that makes intercourse even better.

It is performed with both standing and in it, one of the people lifts one of the legs to the other's shoulder while the other performs penetration.

This position requires balance and flexibility.

In conclusion, there are more types of sexual positions that couples can enjoy. However, we couldn’t cover all of them here. Ideally, you should seek specialized help through sex therapy or even hire sexologists not only to guide you on the best sexual positions to strengthen your relationship but also to indicate other measures that bring a couple closer.

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