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The Best Sex Toys For Women Make Your Clitoirs Excited To Ascend To Heaven

There are several toys these days for various purposes and if you are a woman that want to get her first sex toy but is not willing to explore yet and simply want the best sex toys available to women. This list will get you faster through your search. A collation of some of the best sex toys for women. With these wonderful products in hand, orgasms are not far away, all you need to do is lie down and feel the sensation rippling through you. Clitoral stimulation is one of the ways by which a woman can find release and climax hard, these products are carefully selected to give you exactly that. 

Every woman has her preference, the form of stimulation that gets her off, that exact part of their body that requires more stimulation and massage to get her to the point of orgasm which is the aim of masturbation and sex, masturbation or sex without orgasm can be like starting a car, revving it and then switching off the engine and locking up the car, if the car has an emotion at that moment, it will be similar to someone that experienced sex or masturbation without orgasm. This is where sex toys come in to play, you can pleasure yourself as long as you require, to achieve an orgasm. With different technologies, the world of sex toys has something for you regardless of your age, body shape and orientation, you will definitely find a toy that suits your needs. Without further delay, dive into the list that has been curated just for you.

Lelo Enigma Cruise


Dual stimulation is so exciting, cool and quite blissful. As a woman, you should experience the stimulation of both your clitoris and G-spot. You may think that achieving this is not possible at the same time and that why I present to you, ENIGMA CRUISE. A dual stimulation sonic massager. A vibrator on one end and a clitoral stimulator on the other end. It is ergonomically designed to fit any body shape, once set in place, you can start to fill the resonance going in and deeper into your body. It is a stimulation like you have never experienced. The silicon build of the device helps transmit the resonance from the sonic waves and send them Into your body, this way all the pulsing energy goes right back into you. Simply, a whole new level of stimulation. This device has another important feature that gives it the name ENIGMA CRUISE, it is the cruise technology that is embedded in the device. This technology makes it that when the device is held strongly against the body, instead of the motor inside to power down, the technology enables this toy to store about 20% power and at the instance when the device held tightly on the body, this 20% kicks in, and gets the motor going as intense as it was going before the action, this way you do not lose the sensation, you go on to a climax like you have never experienced before.  This device is made with 100% body safe Silicon, ABS plastic and it is also waterproof. Get yours too, ENIGMA CRUISE is quite an invention.


If you are looking to get your clitoris titillated to that point where you are screaming and squeezing the sheets in the orgasmic bliss, the SATISFYER PRO 2+ is exactly that toy that can do it for you. It is an upgrade of the SATISFYER PRO 2, I can assure you that it is an upgrade that is worth every cent. This sex toy is built with two stellar technologies that have become the bed rock of the best of the sex toys we have today. The use of pressure waves and vibration, a combination of energies in the best package. Another notable feature of this product is that these two features, the pressure waves and vibration, can be controlled and regulated separately. Separate button for each. There are 11 pressure waves levels and 10 vibration levels. If you tried to imagine how much pleasure you stand to get from these features, I am sure you that will be shocked by what you imagined, now multiply these thoughts by some more figures, you probably still have touched it, the bliss in this nifty invention. Another one is SATISFYER PRO 2+ waterproof, this means you can take your toy into the shower with you and continue enjoying the waves and waves of pleasure rippling through you. It is powered by two powerful motors that are quiet and will not make distracting noise. You can easily charge it with the USB charging cable that comes with it in the package. SATISFYER PRO 2+ is a definite game changer. It is easy to use, easy to wash and keep clean.


WOMANIZER is a brand that has some top tiers sex toy for women, and it is no wonder that one of the brand’s product makes the list. WOMANIZER STARLET 3 is a product that was designed and engineered to simply bring pleasure to women. A clitoral stimulator, it uses air pressure to stimulate the clitoris touching it directly, using a form of air suction and massage, it takes your clitoris through a spin of ecstasy with it 6 different levels of intensities. This air technology is just a full package, from soft and soothing to strong and raging, it is simply a discovery. You would think that a powerful device as this will be huge? No, it is not, it is quite ergonomically designed in a way that It fits right into the palm of the hand. This way, you can always have your toy with you whenever you go on a trip. WOMANIZER STARLET 3 is simply a dream to behold, it is waterproof as well, a randy moment under the shower will not hurt the device in any way, you can stay as long as you want under the shower, while the water hits you from the top, your WOMANIZER STARLET 3 hit you at the bottom with it air pressure technology in it different levels of intensities. This is an exquisite product that is worth it’s spot on this list as one of the best sex toys for women.


We vibe melt

This is another super device, it was designed with an advanced technology. A pressure air technology, it works on the clitoris, sending waves and suction, all without making direct contact with the clitoris. There is another feature which I like in sex toys these days, that is the sex toy having features to connect it to the smartphone. You can connect your WE VIBE MELT to your smartphone and control it right from there. This is a brand that moves with the trends, although, this device is designed to be for you couples, but you can enjoy it alone, that proves the versatility of this product. It is as well waterproof, it can be used in the shower. The charging is not a stress, the battery built-in the device can run up to 2 hours, you can definitely get a lot of pleasure from this device, it is quite flexible and will not take much place allowing you to use it even when there is a penis inside you. You do not have to worry about the size, it is made to fit various body types easily. Whether for your solo masturbation or penis-in-vagina sex, WE VIBE MELT is exactly that product that will serve you. ME VIBE MELT comes in two colors, they are peach pink and midnight blue.  

Lelo ORA3

Ora 3 is one of those brands that is quite popular and has several amazing products. ORA 3 is a product designed to give the feeling of a human tongue on the clitoris. This device is designed to give you the best clitoral stimulation, if you are someone that has never enjoy oral sex before or simply love a concentration on the clitoris for a change, this toy is the perfect for you, you get to control how your clitoris is being pleasured. Rather than having the regular vibration buzz of most clitoral stimulation, this toy uses a circular motion kind of vibration that makes it feel like a tongue is circling and pleasing your clit in this most amazing way. This device is fully waterproof, this means that you can also enjoy in the shower. The added pressure from the water can even give you a separate feel of the little device all together. With each to reach control right on the body of the product to change to different settings available, ORA 3 is simply what you need for that clitoral orgasm. It is available in three colors; aqua, deep rose and midnight blue. It is built with silicon with a gold detailing. I love the fact that this ORA 3 does not give itself away as a vibrator. You can have it right there on the table and a visitor will not think it is a vibrator at all, they would even admire it for it lovely design.

Womanizer premium 2

WOMANIZER PREMIUM 2 is an exquisite toy that is made for pure, unadulterated pleasure. As common with products from WOMANIZER brand, it makes use of the air pressure technology. This invention is made to pleasure you with a mind of its own, an Auto-pilot feature. This device can alternative itself from one setting to another without stress. Having to focus on controlling sex toys can be a bit methodical for most people, if you prefer to just lie down and enjoy the sensation, this toy is good for you, just activate the setting, lie back and enjoy. Another feature of this device is the double stimulator heads available, you can either take your pick or just use the heads alternatingly, it is your choice. WOMANIZER PREMIUM 2 also features a smart silence setting that makes it know when to start working, it does not start working unless it has made contact with the skin and one it is placed aside, it switches to standby mode. With 14 different levels of intensities, you cannot get bored with this device, it is simply heaven, sending pulse after pulse of pleasure straight into you. WOMANIZER loves to give product with vibrant colors, PREMIUM 2 is not exempted as well, it comes in 5 different colors; blueberry, bordeaux, black, raspberry and warm gray. I just love these colours with their exquisite names. 

Magic wand mini

In the world of sex toys, there are no several vibrators that packs a punch like this product, MAGIC WAND MINI. Created after the MAGIC WAND, a vibrator that has been the love of several women over the years, quite powerful and effective in sending women into orgasmic bliss, this product was quite the wave because of the strength of its motor, a lot of women got their first clitoral orgasm because of this product, it was simply wonderful. Now we have MAGIC WAND MINI, a smaller version of this device that has been made to fit it into smaller places and just like it predecessor, it packs a lot of power in it miniature form. With a rotating motor that goes about 6000 revolution per minute, you cannot hold back the intense stimulation and orgasm that will come your way. This is simply a powerhouse. It is built with a soft silicon head that is flexible in a way that allows you the manipulation you need to concentrate that head on the part of yourself that you want to stimulate. With the buttons to regulate the intensity, this is just wonderful. MAGIC WAND MINI is the answer to a lot of women, it is  rechargeable and can last for about 60 minutes, you are simply in for bliss. The device comes in the blue and white color combination just like the MAGIC WAND. This toy is simply magic.


Clitoral and G-spot Stimulation is a need for several women, sex toys can help you reach that height of pleasure that you have always dreamt of. And now they are within your grasp. All the toys are top tiers and have features that are top-notch. You can use them in combination or select a special one. Either way, you are definitely going to enjoy using them. For the purpose of your careful selection, the features of each of them have been laid out above, all that is left is for you to do, is to choose the ones that suit your sexual needs and get one.

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