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Buying guide for Lubricants! Everything you need to know from selection, use, to precautions

Even in this modern world today people refrain themselves from using a Lubricant while having fun and always rely on some other products or liquid that could be harmful in the longer run. The thing when it comes to sexual fun, no matter what you enjoy, you can usually play by the rule: the wetter, the better. This logic works, well, fluidly when it comes to lube, because wetter is exactly what you’re getting.

You would be surprised to you know that Lubricants are not modern world invention. There is many historical documented evidences regarding the creation of jelly based water-soluble, gelatinous, and slippery substance —or in other words, a really great lub during the ancient Chinese and Japanese period.

No matter what your gender, age, or stage in life, with lubricant one get less friction, smoother skin, and an all-around better sex for higher and exciting experience.

Why do we need lubricants?

The sexual desire is different for everyone, you must have encountered events where your pleasure partner is not fully aroused or are stressed or tired, that would eventually lead to an insufficient arousal fluid production by the Vagina. And if you come across any such incident you must have a known the higher friction and pain leading to a unpleasurable night for your female partner.

Irrespective of physical need, lubricants are always used to reduce friction, making the sexual fun activity more durable and pleasurable. Moreover, many toys nowadays require the lubricating fluid to exert powerful impact during the fun hour.

However, one particular point that one should always kind in mind is that lubricant does not mean that you can enter into the vagina easily and especially for the first timer. The female body doesn’t work like your pocket pussy pumps apply use and done. There are more stronger muscles at the entry of vagina that should also be relaxed with the sufficient amount of lubricant and foreplay. So, your foreplay goes side by side with the lubricant to let your partner relax as much as possible and open up before the actual and more intense fun starts.

What kinds of lubricants are there?

Presently, lubricants are mainly categories into 3 types:

  • Oil-based,
  • Water-based, and
  • Silicon-based.

(What is the difference)

Generally, lubricants package specify which type they belong to, making it convenient for everyone to choose from the avail variety.

You must be thinking why there are different category of lubricants are there, Lub is Lub right. We understand you and to cover that let's talk about these all lubricants one by one.

Oil-based Lubricants

This type lubricant generally consists of various oil like mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbons, animal and vegetable oils, etc. This type of Lubricant is very rare on the market at present and is only used by the hospital for digital anal examinations. This category of lubricant is also not very famous among the fun hunter firstly due to its difficultly to clean it after use and secondly due to its compound property that have a property to dissolve latex condoms, risking the it to rupture and fall off. The user of oil-based lubricants also needs to consider that since this oil remain in the body it can cause infections and inflammations.

Mere advantage of this type of lubrication is its longer application, oil-based lubricants can be considered better than the water-based but inferior then silicon-based lubricants.

Water-based Lubricants

These lubricants are water-soluble products. The main ingredients of water-based lubricant are water, glycerin, cellulose ether, etc. They are very similar to water in form, usually colorless and transparent, and are currently the most commonly available on the market. These lubricants also do not harm since the acidity and viscosity are similar to the liquid secreted by the body, that’s feels more real.

The water-based lubricant is very easy to clean after application. The user can directly clean the lubricant with the water and a tissue paper. These lubricants do not feel greasy at all and do not leave any color on clothes as well. Moreover, it is proven and tested that these lubricants don’t cause allergies in-general, and are safe to use with condoms and small toys.

However, water-based lubricants are not without deficiencies. Although they are safe and convenient to use, and also easily vaporised. Therefore, the water-based lubrication application time is relatively shorter than any other lubricant available. The user should note that generally, the lubricating effect of water-based lubricant is lost in about 15 minutes, so you need to reapply in the middle of the event. Although water-based lubricants look like water, they are definitely not water.

Silicon-based Lubricants

The main component of silicon-based lubricants is silicone resin. Compared with water-based lubricants, it has higher viscosity, strong water resistance, and non-vaporising properties. Therefore, the lubricating effect of silicon-based lubricants is much longer, and safe to use with condoms. However, it is a bit of a task to clean it after use. You need to use soap, shower gel and other things to wash it off. Moreover, in terms of experience, it is actually inferior as compared to the water-based lubricants.

In Europe and the United States, the sales of water-based lubricants are much huge, mainly because silicon-based lubricants are waterproof, so they are especially suitable for use in water-based sports. In addition, it has a long-lasting lubricating effect and strong friction that will not easily vaporise.

However, one needs follow a precautionary measure while using silicon-based lubricants is that they shall never be used with sex toys made of pure silicone, because pure silicone will be dissolved by it, that would be somewhat similar to the dissolving of condoms with oil-based lubricants.

Of course, under general circumstances, there will be no problems, because few adult toys on the market are made of pure silicone. Also, note that if the silicon-based lubricant gets on the clothes, it can be very difficult to clean it afterwards.

Pricing difference of Lubricants?

In terms of price, oil-based lubricants are generally the cheapest to use however they are no advisable for the fun activity; apart from it water-based lubricants are slightly more expensive then oil- based lubs, and silicon-based lubricants are most expensive lubricants amongst all the category. Also the silicon-based lubricant are mostly used by the by gay couples and some advanced users and not by everyone around the world.

Currently, in today’s market you need to spend around 20-30 Yuan for the right lubricant suitable for masturbation, and if you are buying it for sexual intercourse then you need to spend atleast 50 Yuan or more.

Also please note that it is always advisable to choose a regular brand for these products.

To add excitement in the life the manufacturers of the lubricant has evolved over time. You will find some lubricants will add some special ingredients to such as heat, cold, pepper, mint and so on to spice up the pleasurable movements. However, these lubricants are used according to the needs and preference of your partner. You can go for mint if you need really strong feelings and hot-cold for some what different feeling of fun.

Lubricants nowadays are also available in different fragrances, such as oranges, cherries, blueberries, banana and even jasmine. In addition, there is also an edible lubricant but most of them don't taste very good you need to be very particular will selecting for this kind of product.

Moreover, there are lubricant that helps to get you a stronger and durable erection. Although it feels very powerful, but you should not expect too much out of it. It is just an auxiliary function and you have to massage by yourself.

There are prenotions regarding the use of different product such as olive oil, petroleum jelly, baby oil, etc. instead of lubricants. However one should note that these product are not safe and could harm your body. User may not release the immediate effect in the change of pH value of their private part, but over time it will cause an infection and inflammation inside and you cannot imagine the consequence it would have on your left of your life. Further as mentioned above oil based lubricant are not safe to use with the condoms. And for the type of people who use saliva, which is really unusable to provide any lubrication, please acknowledge that you are not a water baby, you can't spit out so much water, and feel the bad impression to leave on the girls.

How to use Lubricant?

We really don’t feel that you need a lesson from us to guide you about its application if you and your partner are using it. Apply the lubricant whatever way you are comfortable with. However we will focus on how to use lubricants when using sex toys.

Pour the lubricant on the palm of your hand and rub it back and forth with the palm of your hand. When you feel in the rising temperature, apply it evenly on the sex toy. If you use something like an adult vibrator toy, remember to apply it on the entire part that touches the body, and finally it should look smooth and not dripping. But don't rub it too much, because it will dry out after a long time.

If you are lubricating a male masturbator or flashlight, you need to apply lubricant on the entrance edge and inside of the airplane cup. You cannot pour it in directly. Otherwise, if it is a penetrating male masturbator, it will go in from the top and go out from the bottom. Also, don't use too much, just make up as you use it.

With so many lubricants, how to choose the best one?

There are some big names out in the market from which you can select. Even though its for the external application please keep in mind how sensitive that part and should really take care of the same. Additionally, many of the small-brand products are also available in the market but they are not so good in quality, and they are not as good as the big-brand products in terms of touch or lubrication durability.

Some practical tips while using Lubricants

  • When using water-based lubricants, you can pour a little water in for more lubrication.
  • If you use lubricant in the summer, you can put the lubricant in the refrigerator and freeze it for a while, and then take it out to use. We advise you not to taste it.
  • Lubricant is easy to absorb dust in the air, so remember to seal it when it is used up.
  • Using edible lubricants when biting, sounds like it will affect the taste, but in fact, lubricants can provide enough humidity to make girls' jaws less tired.

Common small questions about Lubricants

  1. Can lubricants be eaten?

Human body lubricants are different from mechanical lubricants. A small amount of accidental ingestion will generally not cause discomfort to the body, except for oil-based lubricants. If you really need a lubricant that you can touch with your mouth during play, it is recommended to choose a food-grade lubricant. There are different flavors to choose from, but the taste is generally not delicious, and it will general do not create any problem if you eat it. But edible lubricants are also available in high-end products. Shunga has a chocolate flavor and tastes very good.

  1. Is the lubricant harmful to the human body?

Water-based and silicon-based lubricating fluids are generally safe for external use, and there will be almost no adverse reactions, but it is not ruled out that some people will be allergic to them. Although it is safe, there are still points that need to be paid attention to. Some lubricants will add antiseptic and disinfectant ingredient N-9 (full name nonoxynol-9, Chinese name nonoxynol-9), an antibacterial agent, against 3 kinds of lactic acid bacteria It has a lethal effect and can destroy the epithelial cells of the boulevard and rectum. So if you see such a substance in the composition of the lubricant, put it back on the shelf.

  1. Can I use lubricant if I am preparing for pregnancy?

Although many people suggest not to use lubricants for pregnancy, in fact, most lubricants on the market do not contain spermicides. Some manufacturers have tried to add spermicides to lubricants before, but the actual effect is worrying. Therefore, the general use of lubricating fluid does not affect the pregnancy. If you are not at ease, try to choose a big-brand, colorless and odorless water-based lubricant.

  1. Can lubricants be used during breastfeeding?

During the postpartum lactation period, the female estrogen level is low, the avenue wall is thin, the elasticity is poor, the secretion is less, and it is more prone to dryness; in addition, the perineum is cut during childbirth, and the wound has not fully healed. If the first sexual life is more violent, it can cause damage to the vagina, and some can even cause wounds to split and even hemorrhage. Therefore, lubricants should be used as much as possible. In addition, it is advisable to return to your sexual life after 42 days from delivery therefor you should pay attention to the timing, and don't rush up the things. Also is advisable to go to the hospital for examination and return to normal.

  1. What is the difference between massage oil and lubricant?

Generally, massage oil is used outside the private parts and cannot be used as a lubricant. On the contrary, if the lubricant is used, it is only used in the private parts. Although it can be applied to other places, it has no application effect. However, there is also a lubricant that integrates massage and lubrication functions. The viscosity is between massage oil and water-based lubricant. It can be used for massage or private parts lubrication. The actual effect is very good, but some people feel that it is sticky after use. In fact, just wash it. In addition, there are edible lubricants and edible massage oils.

  1. Do girls need to rinse the inside after using lubricant?

Not only is it unnecessary, but try not to wash the inside, just wash the outside.

  1. Is it true that some lubricants claim to add certain ingredients to avoid sexually transmitted diseases?

Please don’t believe such claims. They are obsoletely bogus.

  1. Is long-term use of lubricants harmful to the body?

Under normal circumstances, it is not possible, of course, the premise is not to use fake lubrication.

  1. Can lubricant be taken on the plane?

Yes, you can take up with you.

  1. Is it okay not to wash the lubricant?

If you are using a water-based lubricant, you can wipe it off. Generally speaking, water-based lubricants are mostly bought on the market due to its easy cleaning process.

  1. Does lubricant affect the contraceptive effect of contraceptive suppository?

No. In fact, in terms of contraception, condoms are more recommended. Spermicide itself cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, there will be discomfort such as burning sensation during use, and there is a certain probability of causing allergies or urinary system infections.

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