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Is it addictive to use a sex toy?

A question that pops up now and then frequently while discussing sex toys. Various studies have been done. The problem has always been that people think of it as a taboo subject and there is no solid proof among the common mass to certify that it could lead to addiction. Because sex is seen as something sensual and porn addiction is already popular, sex toys addiction is feared. But is it so or it is just a myth?

Sexologist Nikki Goldstein defers from asserting that sex-toy addiction is something tangible. She confirms that it is a myth. She defines addiction as something that causes withdrawal symptoms that are negative on health. In the case of sex toys, yes, people have found that sex life has become rich and better but there have not been any cases of withdrawal symptoms as of now.

The main fear is among men in this category. They fear once women find out that they can orgasm without them, they will be replaced. But what they forget is that a human body can’t be replaced in terms of experience. Yes, sex toys can help in reaching orgasm but that is not always the goal. Right? Using a vibrator or any other sex toy helps in reaching an orgasm but it isn’t addictive. What feels good is the sensations it provides. It can be derived from the human body too. So what’s the difference? Nothing, if you as a male member can deliver the same level of sensations to her, there wouldn’t be a need for sex toys. And don't take it on your ego too.

While having sex, the use of sex toys has been recommended by various sexologists in the last few years. Scientifically proven, sex toys increase the level of intimacy, and use of them doesn't lead to addiction. Sex toys are just tools that are used to reach specific places and stimulate particular spots on the female body. They don’t lead to addiction. You can even use any other sex toy to reach similar spots and if you have a partner to deliver that stimulation, then well and good. There won’t be any withdrawal symptoms, right? You want sensations.

Ian Kerner is a sex therapist and she cites that addiction causes structural changes in the brain which leads to habitual use of something and negative withdrawal symptoms. Now relating it to the vibrator use, she says, yes, use of a vibrator can teach the body to have an orgasm when it is facilitated by a sex toy but it does not necessarily mean that body will demand a vibrator every time it is going to have sex. No, it will demand stimulation and it is possible with the right partner.

So fear not my comrade in arms. You are not going to get addicted to this wonderful invention called a sex toy. It is helping you live a healthy life where you are satisfied every time. Enjoy and be worry-free from any kind of thought leading to addiction.

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