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FUN FACTORY FUN CUP: Necessary For Women During Menstruation

FUN FACTORY is a leading brand in the world of creating devices and accessories that are used on the sexual organs, for pleasure or for the practicality of such products and under products for aiding women in making life easier is the production of the FUN CUP. The FUN CUP is an ergonomically designed menstrual cup made to satisfy the needs of a lot of women during their menstrual period. Made with medical grade soft and flexible silicon, this menstrual cup is designed to fit properly and sit comfortably to suit the size of the woman’s vaginal canal.

Menstrual cups are new inventions designed to provide a more comfortable means for women during the menstrual period. Unlike menstrual pads and tampons, which absorb the blood, during menstruation, you put the menstrual cup into the vagina as a menstrual hygiene item, and it holds in all the fluid that were supposed to come out. It is intended to gather menstrual fluid which, is made up of blood from the uterine lining mixed with other fluids accompanying it. Typically, the menstrual cup is made with flexible medical-grade silicone, latex, or a thermoplastic isomer, there would be a stem or ring and these devices are usually bell-shaped, I guess the reason for this shape can be guessed, but to be more explicit, the bell-shaped cup seals on the vaginal wall immediately below the cervix and collects menstrual fluid just as it is leaving the uterus, preventing the menstrual fluid from coming all the way down to the vagina. The stem of these cups is used for insertion and removal of the menstrual cup.

Specification of the FUN FACTORY FUN CUP

The FUN FACTORY FUN CUP is in two sizes, made to suit women of varied volume of menstrual fluid flow and also women with different sizes of the vaginal canal. There is the Size A which has the Dimensions; 5.3 cm by 4 cm and it has a capacity of 20ml. The size B is 5.8 cm by 4.3 cm and it has a capacity of 30ml. The size A weighs 41.4g while the Size B weighs 42.8g. Both sizes are made with nonporous medical grade silicon, strictly hypoallergenic.

How to use the FUN FACTORY FUN CUP

You can fix the FUN CUP easily to fit to your cervix opening. With the tip of the cup where it tapers off, ensure you lubricate the cup and then slide it in with a clean finger up till you feel it at your cervix opening. The silicon at the rim is made to b soft so that it will adjust to your body shape without creating a form of discomfort. Once the cup is well-fitted, you can go about your day without worries, as you are most likely not going to feel the cup once it is inside. The Explore kit presents you the two varied sizes of FUN FACTORY FUN CUP, this will allow you to select the size that suits you.

How to remove the FUN FACTORY FUN CUP

To remove the FUN CUP, feel for the tip of the fun cup and use this tip to pull it out. You can pull it out in the bathroom and easily dispose the fluid collected in the cup. Wash and rinse the cup with warm water and an unscented soap. An advantage of the FUN CUP is that your vagina is not dried out as tampons would do, nor left sticky as the pads would make it.


  • You can still engage in sexual activities while wearing the cup, only deep penetration is not permitted as this can dislodge the menstrual cup. Oral sex, fingering and other sex play that would not go past the G-spot are permitted when using the cup.
  • FUN FACTORY FUN CUP does not dry out the vagina, it in fact, enhances lubrication of the vaginal canal. Tampons work by absorbing the menstrual fluid, but in the process of doing this, it absorbs all fluid in the vagina, including those that are meant to keep the vagina moist as it should be, this can cause irritation. All these can be avoiding using menstrual cup.
  • Menstrual cup also prevents the blood from leaking out and staining your outfit.


  • The FUN FACTORY FUN CUP has the capacity to hold more than the tampons as it can hold about 5 times, what a tampon would hold.
  • The FUN CUP does not interfere with oral sex or any other non-penetrative sexual activities, while wearing it, you can also engage in sexual plays that do not involve penetration.
  • The silicon build is made to be comfortable and quite indulging of the body shape and size.
  • Fun cup is quite easy to put on, wash and reuse. It is made with non-porous material that prevent unwanted elements to hide in its crevices.
  • The use of menstrual cups is quite economical and helps you save a lot of money that could have gone with the purchase of tampons. FUN CUP can be used and reused for a long time as long as the cup is kept clean between use.
  • It can be worn overnight.


  • The tapered tip can be difficult for some women to work with, especially if they have short fingers.
  • The smallest size which is the 20ml capacity might be still more than some women needs due to their body size.

Alternative products to the FUN FACTORY FUN CUP

There are some other menstrual cup that are products by other brands, and I would like to share some of these with you. SATISFYER FEEL CONFIDENT is a menstrual cup from the SATISFYER brand, this cup is made from medical grade silicon with reusable qualities. The capacity of this menstrual cup comes in two sizes, the 15ml and 20ml for the light flow and heavy flow respectively. This is quite the major way In which this product defers from the FUN CUP, which has 20ml for the light flow and 30ml for the heavy flow.

SATISFYER also has another menstrual cup on their shelf, that I would like to share at this moment, the SATISFYER FEEL GOOD, this menstrual cup has an exquisite design. The tip of the cup that is used for inserting and removing the menstrual cup makes this cup unique in its own way. It is longer than that of the FEEL CONFIDENT and also FUN CUP, this would make it easier to insert and remove it. This cup, again, is also just 15ml and 20ml for light flow and heavy flow respectively.

Another SATISFYER menstrual cup is the SATISFYER FEEL SECURE, this menstrual cup really worth the name FEEL SECURE because of the fishtail design that the end of the tip has, this end makes for an easy insertion and removal from the vagina. It is made with 100% body safe silicon and make to sit comfortably in the woman’s body. This cup is made in the capacity of other menstrual cup that I have discussed earlier, it is also a capacity of 15ml for light flow and 20ml for the heavy flow. The fishtail is quite a lovely design though and makes for an aesthetically pleasing vibe for the cup. This cup is also reusable once it is kept well clean.


The invention of menstrual cups is a lifesaver for a lot of women, both economic wise and also in the freedom it gives during the menstrual cycle. There could be some menstrual cups produced by unrecognized brands that might be made with toxic materials, this needs to be watched out for as only menstrual cup made with 100% silicon is medically advisable as this will not cause tears in the woman’s vagina. It is also important that you let your doctor be aware when you are going to start using menstrual cup so that they can ascertain if this will suit you. FUN FACTORY FUN CUP is made with hypoallergenic material, but you still need to let your doctor, most especially a doctor that has your medical history so that they could give you the go-ahead to use it. However, the FUN CUP is made to suit women with different body sizes and also different intensity of flow, when you decide to use the FUN FACTORY FUN CUP, you will definitely find a cup size that suits your body and your flow.

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