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The FUN FACTORY brand, as the name implies, seeks to discover new ways to enhance the sexual play of the consumers. The JAZ LIMITED EDITION TRIO is a combination of three exquisitely designed product from the stable of FUN FACTORY, a trio that is designed to bring the orgasmic bliss to another level, from ordinary to the ultra, extra level that every couple deserves to enjoy in their sexual play. You and your partner will definitely benefit from this trio regardless of the level at which your sexual play is, this combo is undoubtedly what you need in the bedroom. The JAZ LIMITED EDITION TRIO is made up of the JAZ pillow,  BE.ONE couple’s toy and NÕS cock ring. I will be presenting these bundle of pleasure one after the other.

The JAZ pillow is a moisture resistant pillow that is made with materials that prevent it from getting scrunched up during lovemaking. Rather, it is quite soft and fluffy enough to hold the pressure of an ass resting on it without collapsing, the support is made even better due to the wedge shape of the pillow. This design ensures that the pillow can fit into any space in which it is needed during sex to provide the required support.

Features of JAZ pillow

  • It is moisture resistant, which means that it will not become wet easily, regardless of how long the fun lasts.
  • The wedge space give the balance needed during penetration when the pillow is placed against the ass to allow better access.


BE.ONE is a finger vibrator unlike any other finger vibrator. It is worn between the fingers, and it can be worn by anyone. This vibrator has two powerful motors that guarantee that it deliver strong vibe with every touch that your lover lays on you. The device is made with body safe materials that are non-porous as well, this build enable the vibration from the two motors bounce off each other, this in turn create a very strong effect on the body. With the four speeds built in and also a surprise pattern that is the combination of different vibration patterns, you and your partner can enjoy euphoric bliss filled with unending moans and grunts of pleasure.

The design of the BE.ONE vibrator makes it easy for a perfect fit for anyone, regardless of their body size and shape. It can also be used on all the erogenous zones of the body. It can also be placed in between the labia and held with the lips. In fact, the limit of this nifty product is only determined by the user. It can be used to as you rub your hands against the nipples of your partner, on their sex organ and while giving blow job to your partner, the BE.ONE vibrator can be rubbed against the perineum which is the space between the penis and the anus, this spot is very sensitive and placing the vibrator on that area can have an effect on the prostate as well.

Specifications of BE.ONE

The BE.ONE vibrating toy weighs 28 g and the dimensions are 7.2 cm by 2 cm. It can last for about 60 minutes of nonstop use. The battery is rechargeable and can be changed using a USB charging cable. The BE.ONE Vibrator has high quality waterproof capability. Which means it can be used in shower and pool without fear of it getting damaged.

BE.ONE really help couples be one as they pleasure each other.

Benefits of BE.ONE

  • The BE.ONE finger vibration has two powerful motors in its small body, and it produces strong vibe that is enough to trigger orgasm from stimulating the erogenous zones with the vibrator.
  • Quite lightweight and can be held and moved with the fingers without distracting from the actual lovemaking.
  • ONE is waterproof (IPX7), which means you can enjoy it in the shower and also, this makes it easy to wash and clean.


NÕS is a cock ring that is unlike several cock rings in the design and it’s functions. It is a cock ring that has not just one but two vibrating motors built in, in a way that while in use, it stimulates the penis as well as the clitoris of the woman. There is the cock ring that is not-so-circular, and this is because the penis is not really round all the way, at least for a majority of penises. The shape of the penis might look like it is round in girth, but this is not the case for most penis, hence the reason the shape of the NÕS cock ring is a mix of oval and circle, to create a shape that will be comfortable for all penises and still hold them firmly as a cock ring should.

In addition to the cock ring, there are two prongs at the top of the cock ring, inside the prongs lies motors that are designed in a way that let them stimulate the clitoris. As the clitoris is being stimulated, the vibration resonates and stimulate the penis as well. Create a steady and connected vibe between the couple. There are 4 different settings in the NÕS and also a surprise pattern. With a single button, you can manipulate the device and set it to how you want it. And you will be able to maintain the penis erection for as long as you desire.

You can use the NÕS during penis to vagina sex and both you and your partner will experience mutual orgasm from the stimulation from the dual motors. You can, as well wear your NÕS on the penis during blowjob, the vibrations will definitely bring the pleasure to the head. To be adventurous, you can as well, wear you NÕS on your fingers to pleasure the clitoris as the woman rides the penis. You simply have multiple options when using NÕS.

Features of NÕS

  • Dual stimulation of the clitoris and a resonance that runs through the device to stimulate the penis as well.
  • Comfortable cock ring that fit firmly around the penis and can accommodate penis of various sizes to provide a long-lasting erection
  • A simple interface with a single button to switch on the device and also access all the vibration patterns including the flirt mode.
  • Waterproof (IPX7) finishing that allows you to enjoy the toy in the shower or bath, there is no fear of damage from getting in contact with water.
  • It is quite easy to wash and store.

Specification of NÕS

NÕS weighs 35g and measures 8 cm in total length and 3.5 cm in diameter. The body of the device is made with silicon and ABS plastic. It uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 60 minutes after a full charge that takes between 1-2 hours depending on the level which battery when it was plugged in. NÕS comes in deep sea blue and black colors.

Benefits of combining sex toys in partnered or couple sex

You might perceive using more than one as being stressful and can be distracting. But, the benefits of employing more than one sex toy during sex are numerous, and one of the major ones is that combining sex toys during partnered sex makes it easy for both partners to participate and feel involved. Sometimes, a partner can feel out of sync with the other person when all they have to do is lie and receive whatever the other person is giving. This makes for a boring sex and can, in the end, cause a couple to lose interest in having sex with each other. But, when the couple is able to incorporate more than on sex toy in their sex, both of them will have a tool to participate in the sex easily, especially with the vibrating capabilities of these sex toys, even if it is just to rub the vibrator on the nipples or the neck while the other person is busy with other sexual activity, this makes for a more participatory and synchronized sexual experience.

Having both the BE.ONE and NÕS during sex can also unlock some sexual fantasy in both partners, both partners have the tools and only need to let their imagination go wide, so they can explore the tools that they have on their laps. You and your partner can unlock vibrations with intensities that will drive you both to powerful orgasm.


These three products are top-notch in their various strengths. Bringing the three together in the bathroom is bound to spring pleasures in places you never knew was possible, and also create a synergy between you and your partner. The BE.ONE and NÕS are best-selling products from FUN FACTORY and with the pillow, you get a combination that could be just the spice you need to switch the game and spice things up. With the BE.ONE vibrator in hand to stimulate any spot on your partner’s body, NÕS to stimulate both the penis and the clitoris during penetration, all you need is the JAZ pillow to serve as the support for the ass for deeper penetration and support for the neck while giving blowjob. I will say this is a well-balanced sexual experience.

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